Ageless Time Force

Let's keep this train a movin'.

1180 points total, 940 used, 240 available. (80 with Resolute Steel Force)

Haste (40) + Accuracy Enhancement (40)


240-80=160 points remaining. (0 with Resolute Steel Force)

Quote ()

DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Ageless Time Force: This is DruidMan's Time Domain magic, and as such, his eyes change color to a pure white to reflect that. After a quick chant, DruidMan yells "AGELESS TIME FORCE!!!" DruidMan falls out of sync with normal time, and exists in a flow of time that moves at a different speed than those around him, allowing his greatly improved dodging reflexes and attack accuracy for a single turn. After re-syncing with normal time, DruidMan requires two turns to use the Time Domain again.

Ageless Time Force - Causes Haste and Accuracy Enhancement with altered time flow. (2TC)

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