With my latest Process Upgrade I am editing a couple of my Sigs, including some of my Cross Sigs. I have 980/1020 points before the changes.
I am removing these Sigs:

Fire Art - Heatwave Slash
Djinni's cape splits in two halves and wraps around her hands in order to form spear points after which Djinni crouches in an offensive pose. A moment later she vanishes and dashes at and through the enemy, a wave of warmth following her every step. Only when she reappears the enemy will feel the strike of her weapons in a cross-shaped mark if she hit at all.
Teleport (80)
60 FIRE (60)
Slashing (0)

Desert Art - Petrification
The sand of Szand's left hand joins together to form a sturdy yet immobile version of the hand. After two hits the sand becomes loose again and becomes Szand's usual hand again.
2-hit Shield (40)
Szand.SP Only

This frees up 180 points, so I am at 800/1020.
Replacing these Sigs is the following:

Mythical Art - Qarin
In their stories, the Qarin is a genie that accompanies every human through their life but primarily tries to make it worse for them. With use of Djinni's abilities, she can communicate through whispers with the unseen genies of viruses and cause a temporary stun.
Stun (30)
Passive (90)

And being upgraded with 20 points:

Mythical Art - Deceitful Whispers
As is told in myths, genies are the reason mankind performs evil deeds. Djinni accepts this myth and channels the whispers of evil deeds into a barrier that will swallow anyone, and those surrounding, who tampers with it.
20 HP Barrier (20)
When broken: Nova 3 Glitch (60) > When broken: Nova 4 Glitch (80)

I am now at 940/1020. This leaves 80 free points, which will be used for new Sigs after my upcoming subplot.
I am editing the following 2 Cross Sigs:

Cross Art - Unleashed Chi
Due to the influence of the Cross and Djinni's nature of being a malevolent genie, Djinni's 'true' abilities have been locked away from her. But with sheer willpower, she can make the spell undone for a short period and unleash her true potential. After a moment, the spell returns to its original strength and Djinni returns to normal again.
40 Strengthen (40)
Haste (40)

Cross Art - Mesmerizing Steps
Vents on Djinni's back, elbows and heels open and start to glow red with energy. Djinni then starts taking steps across the battlefield, eventually switching to running/floating/jumping as she goes while the vents leave behind a red trail wherever she goes. However, these energy trails are only visible for one opponent which in turn confuses their thought pattern as Djinni keeps moving and leaving behind the energy. However, all that moving around makes her own aiming a bit hard.
Confusion (80)
2x Movement (40)
Nerf: Off-Target (40 > Points)

I'm also editing the names of my other Cross Sigs:
Mecha Art - Towering Topaz > Cross Art - Towering Topaz
Mecha Art - Death Satellite > Cross Art - Death Satellite
Jiggle Art - Luscious Embracement > Cross Art - Luscious Embracement
[Genie nod, snaps fingers]