Sylk's new moves

200 more sig points.

existing sig edits-

Blazing Fang: Melee type - take aim + 50 drain fire + knockback + self slow - 3 TCD ( 80 points + 40 nerf)

Changing to:

Bite of Retribution: Trap (Damage dealing attack):(Teleport) then (50 drain fire + knockback + self slow) - 5 TCD (150 points + 40 nerf)

130 sig points left:

New active Sig moves -

Spider's senses: accuracy enhancement + dodge - 2 TCD (80 sig points)

Sylk uses all 8 of her eyes simultaneously to monitor and track everything going on in the net around her. Not only does this allow her to more accurately focus on her enemies but it keeps her more aware of her surroundings, allowing Sylk to evade an oncoming attack easily.

50 sig points left:

New passive Sig moves -

Web Shot : Passive Pull (40 sig points)

Sylk fires a stream of webbing at her target which she uses to grab and pull them closer, using the strength of all 6 of her arms. On larger objects she uses this to pull herself closer , if the situation calls for it.

10 Sig points left.
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