Canto Sevo & RinTin

Name: Canto Sevo
Age: 17
Gender: M
Appearance:He usually has a red shirt and jeans on.His hair is blood red. His shoes are black, with no laces or Velcro. He wears a set of brown gloves, as well.

Personality: Canto has a desire to know everything. He loves secrets, and when he feels something is being held from him he won stop until he knows what he wants too. He does not steal, unless its notes, e-mails, or other written material. Other than that he is quite friendly, but is shy around people who seem hateful/mysterious. He will ask a lot of questions, to the point he gets annoying. He's not too brave on his own.

PET Modifications: The PET is light gray with a silver trim, and has a camera attached to the side, and a secondary cable inside of the other side, that can roll out so the PET can send camera feed to a laptop or other device.

Name: RinTin.exe
Gender: M
Element: Normal
Type: Sword

Appearance: RinTin is a short, dog-like humanoid. If you had no other way to describe him as a cross between a halfling and a dog. He does not wear a helmet, and wears silver body armor. His ears are bent and his fur is light gray. His eyes are a light green with a golden ring around him.

Personality: RinTin is a respectable, and knightly navi. He keeps to himself unless engaged in conversation. He is nice, often too nice and is somewhat of a pushover. While he does not like snooping around he does it anyways at his operator's request. He has a strange liking for tacos.

Custom Weapon: Dog Knight sword (ancient like markings)

Signature Attack: Dog Shield (passive). Dog shield is either in effect for the entire battle or not. Dog shield held in RinTin's other hand. He can still do regular actions as normal. Any action that would normally take 2 hands and 1 action (crossbow does not count) now require an extra action to complete. Dog shield may block 1 attack per turn. It can only block for RinTin, but RinTin can risk being hit by taking a blow for an ally, if he so wishes.

Sig Summary:
Can be canceled out for a battle (Will stay canceled for entire battle)
Blocks 1 attack per turn, for RinTin only.


How do you know about something so old. Even better, how do I know about something so old.

Anyways, you can only have one custom weapon. Either a sword or a crossbow.

Sig is iffy. Ask Demon or Twi or someone.
Sword:Main Weapon

Crossbow:Secondary weapon

Quote (Leon)

Anyways, you can only have one custom weapon. Either a sword or a crossbow.


Pick one.

And, I'm thinking no on your sig, as it has a whole bunch of stuff that really doesn't matter. Well, Like Leon said, Twi or Demon should be able to give a for sure yes or no.

Lame sig attack is lame. You tried to do it up in a way that's reliant on RP scenarios, and I'll give you props for that, but otherwise it's lame. Try something simple, like...

'Dog Shield: Every turn, RinTin creates a 1-hit barrier around himself. These may stack, but they don't carry over between battles. (Makes 1-hit barrier every turn on RinTin only, Passive.)'

As for the weapon...



...Pick a sword or a crossbow. Not both.

I would like to pick JUST ONE but I cant SHOOT with a sword. Im not going to rip the FF8 gunblades, as that is obviously against the rules. I would rather be a sword type, I dont see how much sense it would make to a swor navi without a sword. I also dont see what sense to make of "My sword navi points his sword at the enemy and shoots at them". If you can explain it so that you can convince me otherwise, I would rather keep both. A knight is always prepared for multiple stuations, correct?

Now, let me change the signature so you understand:

The Effects of my signature move
1. Any action that would require two hands by the navi (besides shooting) take an extra turn to complete, due to the fact the shield is in the way.

2. The shield can be turned on/off at the beginning of each battle, first turn, before anything is done.

3. Shield blocks 1 attack per turn. This does THIS DOES NOT STACK
Guess what? You can only have one Custom weapon. It's either long range or short. It doesn't limit the chips you can use.


Now your sig attack.

1.) We don't count handedness for actions, short of holding a sword or similar weapon. There aren't any 'two handed' things for a Navi to really do. So, this part is stupid.

2.) Passive signatures, (Yes, that's what you're trying to make.) CAN'T BE TURNED ON OR OFF. They're always on. Period.

3.)This part is okay. A passive sig that states, "At the beginning of each turn, if RinTin does not have any barriers on, he creates a one hit barrier around him." is acceptable. It is possible it's overpowered for your current sig pool, though. Twi or Demon could tell you that.
I pick the sword then.

Ya happy now?

Your sig is still wrong. Passive sigs CAN'T BE TURNED OFF. Read the rules.
Screw all of you.

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