Djinni's New Sigs

Sig Edit bought at Suitachi.

Flowing Sand Barrier. (80)
Djinni generates a very thin layer of sand that moves all around her body constantly, just slightly above her skin and outfit. With this layer she can sense attacks reaching her, and the attack's direction, before they connect and dodge them with minimal effort.
- 2 Dodge. (80)
- 2 TCD.

Fire Tornado Dance. (160+60)
Djinni turns her two weapons into flamethrowers and starts to spin around. The flamethrowers will then expulse fire around Djinni as she continues to spin, causing a giant orb of fire to appear from her position. Due to the spinning motions and fire, it'll become harder to hit her somewhat.
- 60 Fire Damage + Nova 3 (180)
- Dodge (40)
- 2 Charge Burner (+60)
- 6 TCD.

Volcanic Bazooka. (110+30)
Changing one of the weapons she wields into a bazooka, Djinni loads it up with a missile and then shoots at the target. Due to its immense power, Djinni herself gets forced back as well.
- 120 Fire Damage (120)
- Knockback (10)
- Knockback on self (10)
- 1 Charge Burner (+30)
- 4 TCD.

Prominence Bullet. (80+30)
Djinni fuses her two guns with each other to form a long version of the two guns which, in the end, looks like a rifle. She loads it with an explosive bullet and fires at the enemy. The impact caused by the bullet can shake the programming of whatever it hits and causes the loss of a program.
- 50 Fire Damage (50)
- NC Uninstall (60)
- 1 Charge Burner (+30)
- 3 TCD.

Flare Burst (130)
Instead of immediately forcing chip data through to the point of attack, Djinni lets it pass through the program generating the attack data for her offensive Signature programs and with it improve the original chip data.
- Imbue Fire (20)
- Take Aim (10)
- 100 Strengthen (100)
- 4 TCD

Red Moon. (100)
A bright shining red moon appears in the sky which illuminates the ground with the light's reflection. The dark energy the light is made from turns the panels into liquid lava.
- Lava Panels. (Stage Change) (100)
- 3TCD.
Everything seems to be in order. Approved.