Glitch sig edits

Error: Enigma uses his fluctuating abilities to screw things up either for himself or for something else. He (or anyone else) won't know what will happen until it does. All he can do is hope for the best. [Glitch x1, 1TCD]


Virus: Enigma further applies his abilities to create a glitch of an even larger magnitude. Hopefully it'll help him and not hurt him. [Glitch x2, 1TCD]


Fatal Error: Enigma, well, shuts down some programs in the Net, causing some major chaos. [Glitch x3, 2TCD]


There. Hoping there's no issue with these.
Well, this is just me, but since you only have three (free) glitches to play around with, in order to make a passive, you'd need to use up four of them, which you don't have enough of.

That may be just me, though. I'd think we'd need more opinions here.
Note: you never wrote the rule down anywhere. That I could find, at least.
What? That IS the rule.

A passive costs 4 times as much as an active. Bug types get one free instance every five levels. If you have to pay for four times of an active Glitch, I'd say that you could be able to use three of your glitches to pay for 3 of that 4 times cost.

Passive glitch doesn't mean you get to multiply zero by four. It means you have to pay for four instances of Glitch. You can use some of those instances of free Glitch to reduce the cost, but you can't use one free Glitch to get the same value of four Glitches.

My ruling; Bug types get a free instance of Glitch once every five levels. each instance covers 20 points, so you'd have to use 80 points for a passive. You can use free stuff to cover those, but each only covers 20 points. The effect itself, regardless of what a Bug type pays for it, is still a 20 point effect, so if you had 3 instances of Glitch on a sig (60 points of effects) then you'd still have to have a cooldown for 60 points of effects (2TC) even though you didn't pay anything. The points are still there, you just don't have to pay for them as a Bug type.
Sorry, I meant the rule I sort-of suggested, not the passive one. Again, me and clarifying things.

Edited, by the way.
Speaking of edits... Hiko, did you get a Process Edit to do this? Last time I checked, we have those for a reason. XD
Well, the first two are in existence already, thanks to the last reg. Since I'm not scrapping anything, I'm just registering a free sig, no, I don't think I do.
Denied. You only have 3 instances of free Glitch. Unless you pay for the rest, no dice. Those free Glitches are in total, not per sig. >_>