Even I can make sig moves, ya know

Former Total Points: 60/60
Process Upgrade Points: 280 (from 7 upgrades)
Current Total Points: 60/340
Damage Cap: 140 (LV 11)

Changes to Current Sig Moves:

Water Splash: 60 power, Aqua, 2 cooldown
Changes: +80 power, 2 cooldown
New Water Splash: 140 power, Aqua, 4 cooldown

Aside from the power boost and longer cooldown, it's the same ol' Water Splash.

New Sig moves:

Aqua Ram: 110 power + Impact (20) + Knockback (10), Aqua, 4 cooldown
Attack Description: The bottom of SplashMan's cannons open up, which then release a torrential amount of water from both ends. Using the water, SplashMan launches himself forward like a missile, nailing a single enemy with both the water from the front of his cannons, and himself. Since the water blast is short range, it only registers as one hit.

Current Total Points: 60/340
Water Splash's New Total Points: 140
Aqua Ram's Total Points: 140
New Total Points: 280/340

All right, I THINK I covered everything I needed to. If not, well, I imagine you guys will let me know about it.
The 140 cap cover both damage and effects together. As such, Aqua Ram is 30 points over your cap.

Water Splash is okay, though.
What?! There will be hell to pay for whoever told me otherwise! (smacks self) Ow...never mind...

But anyway, edited and reduced Aqua Ram's damage from 140 to 110. That should give it the 140 cap that we can all agree on.
MagicCereal made short work of his devilish errors with a swift and elegant series of backspaces, followed by a fluid replacement of words...


GET: Two Simple SigAtks!

(aka, Approved)