Cyclone.exe and Christina

Name: Christina Falcon
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Appearance: Very rowdy looking, Christina looks like she was just kicked out of a back alley. She wears a shredded white tank top, which barely covers her, as she is quite busty. She has bright blue eyes, and long, black hair. On her head is a light blue bandana with black lines going through it. On her legs she wears typical roughed-up jeans; too baggy at the ankles and with numerous tears. Her black-and-white sneakers are almost always undone, the laces trailing. Lastly, to complete the image, she is constantly chewing gum and blowing bubbles with it.

Personality: She is a total tom-boy, loving to roughhouse, spar, and argue. (She is very good at martial arts) She also often acts rather suggestive, but is always joking, no matter what she does. She is an excellent liar, able to make up plausible excuses on the spot, and this gets her out of the many troubles she finds herself in. Despite her prickly utside though, deep inside her heart is a true person with a heart of gold. Her motto is as such; "Who said a little mischief is evil?"

PET Modifications: Her PET is strapped to her arm with a velcro strap, which can easily come off when need be.

Name: Cyclone.Exe (YES)
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Wind

Appearance: He stands at about the typical navi height, but just a little shorter than such. He always hovers just a bit off the ground though, making up for the lack of height. He has armor on his upper torso, lower arms, and lower legs. Under the armor is a normal, black jumpsuit. On the armor on his limbs, there are 3 wave-like jags coming out on the outer sides of the arms and the backs of the legs. On his back, there is a turbine connected to his back right between the shoulder blades. Branching off of the turbine's sides are two wings, resembling an airplane's. They are each about 2 feet long. His helmet is a bit different than the conventional one. Instead of being just round, it has two fin-like things on the top, sort of two wave shapes on his head above his ear-area. They gradually increase in height too, going from small at the start to about 3 inches where the "crest" of a wave would be. In between the waves is smooth and black helmet, and where the ears would be there is his crest, a thick line zig zaggin back and forth in the formation of a tornado. He has a bit of spikey white hair showning about of the back of his helmet, and has green eyes.

Personality: Cyclone is very calm most of the time, rarely getting frustrated with himself or others around him. The are only two things that DO annoy him are as follows: His operator, and threats to his freinds. When his Op gets into trouble, or starts doing mean things to others, Cyclone loses his cool, and steps in. Now, when its evil guys threatening his friends' safety, it's a whole new Cyclone. Instead of the normal, cool Cyclone he usually is, he becomes a rage-filled monster, with the furiosity of a storm. He doesn't change physically at all, but the mein changes entirely. When he's like this, he doesn't stop for anyone. He just keeps on fighting, until he wins or loses. Similar... to a hurracaine; never stopping until it destroys its target or dissapears.

Custom Weapon: Cyclone usually fights with his hands and feet, landing strong blows and strikes from the air.
Charge: Cyclone centers a ball of air into his hand, and launches in as a projectile.

Signature Attack: Tornado Combo- Cyclone rushs the enemy at supersonic speed, and smashes then into the air with a devastating kick. While the opponent is airborne, Cyclone delivers a mach-speed combo, then sends them back to the ground with a mighty drop kick.
(70 dmg, 2 turn cooldown)
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I want to keeps my stuff cause.... uh.... cause my previous Op dropped all my previous stuff and my new one picked it up???
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