Sig attack 1 edit/nerf/buff

well, aim sugested that my sig attack could be changed a bit,'s a little something that we could do, could i decrease the cool down to two and lose 10 or 20 attack points, keep the chance to stun, and maybe enhance dodges for the turn it is used. if you want varifacation, ask aim, he'll tell you.
You can leave the damage as is, keep the stun, and leave the dodges as regular for a 2 turn cooldown.

What say ye?
ok about we get rid of the whole dodges thing and maybe increase the attack by 10 for two turn cool down, if not acceptable, i could always just get rid of the stun all together.

Your cap is 70. Stun counts for 20, so you can have 50 damage max. Anymore and you're breaking the cap. The dodge part of the sig doesn't really have any effect, as you could either dodge afterwards on your own, or just use it as the last action.
i'll just remove the dodges thing all together then, they do nothing to realy help out.
So, 50 damage + stun? 2TC?

If so, then you're golden.