Dressing the part

Registering Pirouette's first .GMO slot.


In lieu of there being a formal uniform standard for her to conform to, Pirouette has elected to design her own clearly visible police uniform to wear when she is doing work as a representative of the Net Police. It is her hope that a further push can be made to more easily ensure that NP members adopt at last some kind of visible identifier, but for now she attempts to set a good example.

The uniform begins with a narrow-profile peaked cap. The body of the cap is white, while the sides and brim are a dark blue. A broad band of checkered white and blue circles the body of the cap and an emblem representing the NP sits proud in the front centre. When worn, it covers her bun without discomfort — Pirouette still keeps her hair pinned back in this uniform.

Below this, she wears a white collared dress shirt with a feminine tailored fit, underneath a blue blazer, with front breast pockets, the left of which displays a silver-worked badge on a black backing, also of the NP logo. Once again, a white and blue checkered strip is present, running down the length of the blazer, on the side opposite the badge. The back of both of these pieces are tailored specifically to create space for her wings to move freely; when removing or donning the blazer, Pirouette must unfasten two clips, hidden away securely under the back of the collar, to release the middle section and allow the jacket to be slid off comfortably. The blouse has a similar design. Chest wear is also supplied in the female version of this outfit, in the form of a minimal bralette that offers a broad, elasticated band with soft under-support demi-cups. Women of notably large endowment would likely find this unsuitable and would need to tend to their own support requirements.

A belt at the waist is functional and supports attachment points at easy access for a pocket book, a truncheon, a radio and a set of cuffs. While these may be largely cosmetic in the digital world, the attachment points function perfectly well for items of more serious equivalence, such as functional virtucuffs.

Down from the waist, a pencil skirt in the same blue as the rest of the uniform's theme goes only as far as the upper thigh, and might be criticised as too short. Normally more reserved about such things, Pirouette's reasoning here dates back to older Sharo police trends, which she accepts as 'proper'. Opaque white stockings cover her legs and keep the shortness of the skirt from being too questionable, and the outfit is completed with a set of dark blue flats.