Gender: Female
Element: Null
Subtype: Team

Background: Magistrate began life as an administration program for DragonierMan's operator, Destin Obscura, and ran the day-to-day operations on the NET. This included running the shop and interfacing with DragonierMan in the field. Later, after the success of Suzume and Aya in the field, a suitable SP core was found for Magistrate. Given additional functionality, Magistrate was linked to DragonierMan's core data, and became a fully-fledged SP to further help DragonierMan in the field.

Personality: As she is considerably older than Suzume and Aya, she considers herself the elder sister of the three. Because she was originally created as an administrator and go-between, and not as a servant of DragonierMan, she does not share the same mentality towards DragonierMan that Suzume and Aya hold. She views DragonierMan as a partner and co-worker, nothing more. She is a staunch ally to DragonierMan, but her loyalty is foremost to their operator. She also continues to exercise her independent mindset to the navi she is now linked. And similarly to when she administrated DragonierMan and now linked by their cores, she can telepathically communicate with all those linked to DragonierMan, including Suzume and Aya.

Suzume and Aya continue to be terrified of Magistrate due to past experiences with her and her administrative functions. Having been manipulated like puppets on occasion. Magistrate possesses an administrative and analytical mind, but not a benevolent one. Her primary purpose is to further her operator's goals, regardless of whether someone becomes uncomfortable with the process. As such, she can tend to rub people the wrong way. Attaching an SP core to her and linking her to DragonierMan, and by extension Suzume and Aya, has changed her personality slightly and lightened her up. However, though she will admit now that sometimes care must be taken to achieve one's goals, she still remains mission driven over any humanitarian efforts.

Appearance: As the elder sister to Suzume and Aya, she retains the golden hair, gray eyes, and a fair Netopian skin tone with just the hint of a tan. Her nose however is a bit more pronounced and hawkish. She is more broad-shouldered than Suzume and Aya, with similar strong musculature, and a larger c-cup bust. Long, toned limbs with small, sharp nails at their ends round out the package. Moving from administrative to a front-line fighter, she sports similar armor to DragonierMan. Wearing full scaled plate with chain mail underneath. Her armor combines aspects of all three of her allies and tends toward the more ostentatious display. She even wears her hair up in a bun with large, ornamental-looking, sharp steel needles that she can use as weapons. She also has DragonierMan's stone tower Navi symbol emblazoned on her chestplate.

Custom Weapon: Magistrate's primary weapon is her own body. In melee she use her arms, hands, legs, and feet (i.e. punching, clawing, kicking, striking with their elbows and knees, etc.). She is proficient with all the weapons that DragonierMan is proficient in, including the ability to draw on his Battlechips. She has also inherited his signature dragon breath.
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