Name: ParaMet.SP
Element/Subtype: Normal/Recovery (Medical Mastery | IV)
Level: 0
HP: 40
Attack: 10
Actions: 1

As the name suggests, ParaMet has a general resemblance to the Metool family of viruses, and very similar dimensions. Standing a mere 2" tall, it's mostly a helmet with feet. Unlike it's viral brethren, its helmet looks more akin to a lightweight ballistic helmet than a simple dome-shaped hard hat. The helmet is painted in a similar shade of gray to the ANGEL, and has two "cutouts" where the Met's ears would be, which are covered by what appears to be a low-profile tactical headset. The left earpiece has a small, black mic stalk that extends and curls towards where the ParaMet's unseen mouth would be. The right earpiece has a small antenna that extends up and back at around a 30degree angle, and extends only couple inches above the top of its helmet.

Its eyes are the same as the standard Metool, but they're partially obscured by an angular protective visor with nearly zero tint to its scratch and smudge-resistant surface. It doesn't enhance ParaMet's sight, but the myriad of mounting rails and brackets on its helmet gives it plenty of room to mount night vision tech, targeting lasers, flashlights, etc.

It's comically large feet, common for a Met, appear slightly more armored than normal, as if it was wearing "boots," complete with cleated soles. It gives the SP a waddling gait when "walking", but it doesn't seem to slow it down much in a full sprint. It can scuttle over the ground with surprising speed, which is quite useful in a firefight.

Typically it'll enter the battlefield riding on the ANGEL, from which it will then jump or fast-line down to the ground. It's equipped with a gray medical pack mounted to the back of its helmet, which extends further down than a normal hard-hat, for providing combat first aid. Since the ParaMet support program is designed fight its way in and defend its patient, it foregoes the standard mattock for a rifle. Well, it doesn't really look like one due to its deformed proportions, more like a machine pistol or micro SMG. Its slightly curved magazine extending down from the back of the rifle and large barrel shroud suggests it's a suppressed bull-pup design. Like the ParaMet's helmet, the rifle is also decked out with mounting rails, allowing for easy customization.

Personality: Though it's more advanced than its viral counterparts, its vocabulary is still limited to the word "meep." Its voice is high pitched and somewhat squeaky, like a standard Met, but it also has the electronic crackle and graininess of a voice transmitted over radio. As expected for something designed for/by the military, ParaMets follow their "commanders" without question or hesitation. It's capable of limited creativity and "outside-the-box thinking," but that's simply to allow commanders to simply give it an objective, without having to detail every action it must take to achieve said objective.

When not in combat, ParaMet either remains stowed on the ANGEL, or follows ResQ in cautious silence. Unsurprisingly it's not designed for socialization, and even less so for small-talk. ResQ is quite fond of that particular trait. Until one of its "commanders" identifies another program as an ally or neutral party, it has a tendency to keep them under watch. However; once established as a "friendly," the ParaMet won't hesitate to move to his/her/its aid, even while under heavy fire.
Cute, approved.