Rox and Heroman.EXE

Name:Rox Ronoa
Appearance: Rox wears a black jacket with a white line going through the middle of it. He wears white shors that have a black line going down ths side.His shoes are casual everyday sneakers and his hair is black with some white on the tips of his bangs. He has a fierce complexion. His face always looks serious. He has a scar under his left eye that is shaped like a cross.

Personality:Rox is a very calm kid. He has had many problems in his past but he didn't let it stop him. He keeps going with an intense belief in beating bad guys because of what happened to his whole family during the family reunion. He meets Heroman and they work together to beat all the bad guys.

PET Modifications: Emblem on the corner of the pet. The color is White and Black with a gold trimming.


Element: Normal
Type: Sword

Personality:Heroman is the same as Rox in every way. But he was created by his dad. It was given to him before he died. Heroman is designed to destroy evil. His personality makes him seem like a hero and he is so conspicous he can be noticed easily.

Appearance:Heroman wears black tinted glasses that cover his eyes. He has a bsttlr srmor on that fits a large black cape on. His body is white mainly and the details of his armor is black.

Custom Weapon:HeroBlade: This weapon is a glowing blade that has the same range as a longsword.

Signature Attack: Hero Slash: Heroman slashes his HeroBlade with extended range making it longer. 70 Dmg 2 turn cooldown
-You're not allowed to lift pictures of existing characters in popular media to use as your Operator or Navi's appearance. Plus, you must include a written description as well as a picture.

-A custom weapon can't be the same as an existing chip (ex. Herosword), and it deals exactly the same amount of damage: Attack x Rapid + 5.

-Cooldown is 1 turn per 40 damage. It changed somewhat recently.

-Describe what your Signature Attack looks like when it's executed.

-And remember that spaces come after periods!
So Heroman is just a clone of Rox?
no he acts like Rox but he has different eyes,hair and attire
Max Sig damage should be 70 for a starting sig. Cool down is still 2.
Copying a chip? Not really the most original, but I suppose I'll let it go--with a few questions.

1. Are we talking exactly like a StepSword, now? As in, moves in, slashes, hits up to 3 targets? Because here, StepSword works differently from the game.
2. If it hits up to 3 targets, that needs to be noted. And then the Sig needs to be adjusted accordingly. The 70 damage applies to one target only.


Quote ()

HeroBlade: This weapon is a glowing blade that has the same range as a longsword.

As long as it can only hit one target at a time, I'll let it go.

Also, I still have no idea what your dude looks like.
ok...i added to the description and changed make signature attack.
Sigh, okay. Approved.

GET CHIP: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun
GET NCP: Attack+1, Charge+1, Rapid+1, Undershirt

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