Warm Weather Clothing

Registering Lyntael's Level 5 .GMO slot


This outfit is at base a very simple one designed by Lyntael, by her usual standards, and is made for sunny and beach weather. Rather than a complex design on the garment itself, she instead used this GMO to fill out a variety of accessories and space for carrying other things with her as part of it.

The dress itself is in her own yellow colour and the material is thin and gauzy, light and loose. It isn't quite sheer enough to see through, but looks like it might be fairly close to that line — her figure is clearly visible beneath the dress, and the wrong angle or lighting would probably tease at more than it seems. It's a largely untailored full-length dress with slim shoulders and no sleeves, and doesn't appear to have any zips or buttons anywhere; it functions as a single piece that is most easily pulled over the head, and which would also simply drop to the ground if she deliberately pushed it off her shoulders — this isn't something that is likely to happen by accident however.

The cut is modest, with the front 'V' only dipping low enough to show her emblem, and lacking any other tailoring it simply drapes over her slender figure and the lower half billows in even a small breeze. The dress itself is long enough that this shouldn't cause any problems, ideally. Lyntael has included a simple, plain set of pale yellow underwear with this garment, having learned from previous mistakes of forgetting such things, but as per the norm for her, this doesn't include chest wear.

The outfit comes barefoot, but also provides a broad sun hat and a shoulder bag. The bag is a matching yellow with white straps and by default contains a rolled up beach towel, thin and large, for placing on the sand, and a thicker, fluffier drying towel. Both of these have a print of her emblem as the central image. As well as the towels, the bag contains a bottle of sunscreen, a pair of tinted shade glasses, a rub-on skeeter repellent lotion and a water bottle.

Inside the rolled up drying towel, there is also a bathing suite for her to change into if she wants to swim. Unlike the swim-wear that comes with one of her crosses, this one is not meant for particularly dangerous aquatic activity or deep-sea exploration. It's just a fairly simple two piece bikini. The top covers the essentials with triangular panels, connected by a thin string at the base and rising to a halter top with a tie behind the neck. The material panels would look small on someone with a pronounced bust, but on Lyntael they are decent enough, given that they don't have to support or cover a great deal. The lower half matches the top with full, if slightly low-riding, front and back panels, and string side-ties that leave the hips mostly bare.

There is also room in the shoulder bag for an additional change of clothes, and possibly a few other items that she might pack with her, such as a personal vanity or toiletries bag, if necessary.