Fresh New Look

New outfits for the new hot date in Electown Net, courtesy of a yet-to-be-seen shop and its proprietor!


Slot 3: Knight of Infinity
This override transforms Eternalis entirely into a fair-skinned human male that appears to be in his mid-20s, with long flowing blue-colored hair that is parted down the middle. In this form, he is clad in gleaming iron plate armor. His top half is covered with a breastplate that has a modified version of the Ezarith emblem on its chest, which is a blue hollow circle with part of its bottom half missing, surrounded by five lines radiating outwards at regular intervals and a horizontal stroke inside the hollow circle. His right side is equipped with a gauntlet and pauldron, while his left side is covered by a large cream-colored cape that flows down to about his knees, with the modified Ezarith emblem on it. Under the cape, his slimy left arm is maintained in its original blue countenance.

Further below, faulds and greaves cover his waist and legs respectively. Some of the plate armor's edges, as well as his shoulder cape, are decorated with a brilliant blue trim. At his side, a blue scabbard holds a one-handed sword, its hilt shaped into a four-pointed star that closely mirrors that of his emblem, crowned with a sapphire in the middle. The blade of the sword is a translucent blue and only mimics the shape of a blade. In truth, it is part of his original slime body, and can be manipulated freely as such. Reference.

Slot 4: Slime Summer
Eternalis's body loses most of its uncontrollable attributes that usually present him as a sloppy mess, instead hardening into a body type that looks more muscular and chiseled. However, he is still able to modify his body shapes as he usually does. Losing the entirety of his armor, he gains a pair of orange swimming trunks that has a colorful fruity motif printed on them in return. On top of his head, a translucent orange sun visor frames his face well. A pair of bright orange swimming armbands ring his upper arms, though their functionality as flotation devices are usually eschewed, since Eternalis himself is able to swim; they are easily discarded at will. In this state, many of his armaments take on a beach toy-themed shape as well.


Slot 3: Sage of Infinity
Aurora's usual blue armor is purged from her body, and her cream-white bodysuit is reduced in size into a low-cut leotard, and her midsection is no longer fluctuating between matter states, being perfectly stable in its solid form. Two orange lines run down the front from her collarbones down to the waist of the suit, from which a translucent skirt fans out, its material constantly shifting its appearance with a kaleidoscope of colors. The flanks of her leotard, as well as the part below her waist down to her legs, are overlaid with segmented golden trimming.

Atop her shoulders, a cream-colored capelet with orange trim splits above her right shoulder and connects to an upturned collar. The capelet sports a modified version of the Ezarith emblem on its left side -- a hollow orange circle with part of its bottom half missing, surrounded by five lines radiating outwards at regular intervals and a horizontal stroke inside the hollow circle. A pair of free-floating sashes of the same kaleidoscopic material as her skirt wrap around her upper arm, extending outwards freely before reattaching to her index, middle and ring fingers on both hands. A smaller version of the sashes are also tightly wound around her forearms as well.

Going further below, her legs are clad in a pair of snugly fitting kneesocks that go up almost all the way up her thigh, leaving only a relatively modest length of thigh between her leotard and the top of the socks of about a quarter of the total. Below that, solid-looking cream-colored boots complete the design, with an orange hinge-like gap just at ankle height terminated by circular insets on the front. Reference.

Slot 4: Borealis Bikini
In this form, Aurora eschews nearly her entire outfit, becoming clad in only a modest two-piece swimsuit. The top half is a halter bikini top with thin straps and a modestly high neck that covers up to her armpits, while the bottom half is a standard bikini bottom, half-covered by a long sarong that is tied on her left side. Both pieces of the swimsuit have a base black color, but the real eye-catching part is the green aurora borealis pattern depicted on both the sarong and the bikini top, constantly shifting as if reflecting the actual night sky. Her long white hair is partly swept to the side over her shoulder. Somehow, her hair keeps its place there even when disturbed, and her top looks somehow fuller... Both of these quirks are quite noticeable, but would instantly be dismissed upon questioning. Any weaponry materialized in this form take on a beach toy-themed shape as well.
Nyeh heh heh.


Slot 5: Second Skin

This override can only be used when equipped onto Aurora.EXE's base model, and deactivates into the base model when this condition is not met at any moment. In this form, Eternalis's body is reduced into a thin membrane that covers Aurora's entire body from the neck down, underneath her usual bodysuit. Her unstable midsection is intermingled with Eternalis's, tinting it a deep blue. His circular eyes appear on the outside of Aurora's blue visor, from which he is able to view the same things as she does, though this does not obstruct her own vision in any way.

By becoming a hidden protective layer, this form allows Eternalis to protect Aurora from any non-piercing attacks that do not target her head. The recessed cylinders that are normally inset into Aurora's back are replaced with reservoirs of blue slime, from which Eternalis's arms can sprout out, in order to provide Aurora with extra limbs for combat support. He can also augment Aurora's movement, allowing her to perform rapid movements that would normally be beyond her ability, as well as take over the movement on his own, should she become incapacitated herself. The one tradeoff is that Aurora no longer has access to her camouflage processes.
Kinky. Also sweet. I approve!