Layla's slight apperance change, and backstory

Name: Layla Mercedes
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Appearance: She is Sharoan, standing 5'7, 116 lbs with long flowing straight black hair, very little light blue highlights, with a few icy light blue bangs covering her forehead. She has a slender figure with small perky b cup breast, a flat stomach, with slightly meatier thighs, and a nice round, plump booty. Shes a fair skinned beauty, with sapphire eyes. Not that many, but a few dark brown freckles spot her face around the nose and right under the eyes.

Clothing: She pulls off many different styles of clothing. From formal, semi-formal, to casual, it all depends on Layla's mood. When she does anything that would put her in danger shell wear a solid white full body suit that's made out of some sort of high-tech stretchy cloth/rubbery material that was designed to mimic the same suit she wore in the underground Sharo spy foundation that raised her. Light blue leather gloves cover each hand, up to her mid forearm, while her feet are covered in a pair of light blue leather boots up to her midshin. The body suit is unzipped in the front, to slightly reveal her breast line. A thin silver necklace rest around her neck, with a small light blue gemstone embedded with a light blue snowflake (Her navi's navi crest)

Personality: Very cheerful person at heart, but wont hesitate to show her bad side. She's a very strong willed individual, having dealt with many hardships growing up, she can keep her head up in the toughest of times, and even find something positive in the worst of situations. She can be a tease, and very flirtatious when it comes to men, and woman alike. Her bond with her navi is stronger then anything, and nothing will come between it.

PET Modifications: Newest generation PET, Solid black, with Light blue trim.

Back Story: Layla was born in a small town, located in Sharo. Her parents passed away in a sudden house fire one day when she was off staying at her uncles residence. Just the day before her mother had gifted her the PET that contained what was now Layla's best friend Frio.EXE. Her uncle, named Bucky Lygo, was a very wealthy man, and was one of the top three leaders in an underground Sharo community. Not part of any government, the community ultimately branded itself as a rouge army which operated of its own accord. In the beginning the community was for the people, and did its best to support them unknowingly, but around the time Bucky gained one of the seats of power this rouge army often did missions only for money or self preservation. After Layla's parents passed away in the fire, Bucky took custody of the parentless child, and forced her into the spy department of his agency. She was forced to learn all kinds of skills. Multiple languages, hand to hand combat, net battling, among many other things. When she was eighteen, she managed to escape during a field mission... and never looked back. Relocating to ACDC town, Electopia Layla stayed in a small apartment complex and kept to herself, having escaped with a decent sum of her fathers money she was free to live a normal life.... so she thought.