DragonierMan Re-Register Subtypes

Switching DragonierMan from Guts Subtype to Speed Subtype as per the annoucement.

Passive: Vigor: HP Memories grant an extra 5 HP per upgrade. SP HP Upgrades grant +5 HP every other upgrade, starting with the first. If this ability is lost, the bonus HP is taken off the maximum, not the current (if applicable).
Active: Gatling Attack: Free action Buster Shot/SP regular attack after two consecutive Buster Shots/SP regular attacks. (Once Per Turn)


Passive: High Gear: Increases base evasion chance (Dodge, Feint, Movement) by 10% for all attempts, and grants immunity to Slow. Does not apply to the Self Slow nerf effect.
Active: Overclock: Imbue on a target as a free action. This target is then allowed to upgrade a Movement during the current turn to enable travel as far as line of sight permits, and increase its Base Evasion Rate to 50%. (Once Per Turn)

He also loses 40HP from switch. So he will be at 260HP instead of 300HP.