Cold Weather Clothing

Making use of Lyntael's first .GMO slot:


Recent encounters with inhospitably cold weather have made Lyntael especially apprehensive about having to deal with again, especially since Rogan has had more to say about Sharo in the past few weeks. While she was recently given permissions to make and register her own outfits, and indeed the girl loves to design clothing and create things for other people, she has remained fond of her default attire, for herself. Now though, she has decided to create and prepare an outfit to use if ever she finds herself in wintry conditions.

It begins, perhaps unexpectedly, with footwear. Lyntael has always had an aversion to shoes, and likes to remain barefoot when she can, but in this particular case it ceases to be an option. The boots that come with this outfit are made of a solid, sealed leather, that comes out as a brushed yellow colour. They have plenty of give for running, but are still notably heavier than the 'nothing' that she's used to. Past the heel, the boots rise up to the middle of her shins, and bear a down-patterned layer of white fur that's soft to the touch. The cuffs at the top are a broad double recurve of leather, stitched, and bearing a slim metal decoration plate across the front, in silver. Similar plates, only round, sit proud at the base of the heels, roughly at her ankles, on both sides of the boot. Inside, they are lined with cosy wool, and are perfect for wiggling ones toes in in warm snug fashion. They also come with thick thermal socks, in pastel yellow.

Moving up, Lyntael's legs will now be covered in thin thermal leggings, in a shade of yellow that compliments the boots. Thin as they are, they define her legs unerringly, and everything else they cover, since they rise all the way to her midriff underneath her other clothes. Fortunately only a portion of her legs, between the top of her boots and the mid thigh, are visible under normal circumstances. Also fortunately, given previous costume mishaps and lessons learned, Lyntael has included sensible underwear to accompany the outfit, although since she will be the only one changing into it, this is a moderately moot issue.

The main body of the outfit, then is a winter over-robe with a closed neck and sleeves that come to the middle of her upper arms. It's thin, but insulated on the inside by a tight-carded wool layer, and is tailor-fitted to a female shape. On Lyntael, this means it hugs her chest tightly, suggesting the fact of her femininity, without attempting to hide the fact that she is barely sporting any swell at all. It draws in at the waist, and is held by a broad leather belt with a silver buckle. The belt is overlong, with the tail end handing down the centre of the robe, almost to the base, with a round emblem capping the tail, designed after her emblem. Below the belt line, the robe is unadorned and white, save for the seams that bear a faint lightning bolt thread design around the edges. The part is only in the front centre, and runs in line with the trail of the belt. Above the belt, the part in the robe jumps to the hip, crossing upwards diagonally from the right hip, between the breasts, until it reaches the base of the neck 'V', where her emblem would normally be visible. This line continues, forming one half of the neck line, while the under-layer rises in the other direction. They seal at this top point with a brooch in silver, which is round and forms a representation of her emblem. The rest of the way down to the belt is fastened with a series of simply toggle straps, and the whole robe fits her very snugly, while still leaving her free to move.

Underneath the robe, the outfit is designed with a simplified version of her normal vest, the buckles replaced with flat-lying fabric snaps; this is so that the extra layers won't cause any uncomfortable pressing with metal parts, but she is quite well aware that this version of her vest isn't really suitable on its own; it comes open with no more than a decent tug. As well as the vest, she has also added in a simply arm shrug — a garment that consists of ultra thin form-fitting sleeves that cover the arms, and connect via a strip of fabric across the top of the back and shoulders. This one is white, and the sleeves end neatly at her wrists. All that's normally visible of the shrug is the section between the end of the robe's sleeves, and the middle of her forearms, because the outfit has been designed with thick mitten-style gloves as well. These are, predictably, a tone of yellow that compliments the white parts of her outfit well. they're bunched slightly below the wrist, with a small silver circle cuff, though this doesn't restrict the movement any more than the gloves themselves do; she can't really make a normal fist in these, but they're well lined and a very lovely toasty warm when worn.

A short woolly scarf wraps about the neck, though Lyntael chooses to wear it in a way that lets it lie mostly flat, and slightly curved over on itself, so that it doesn't bunch up or look bulky. It nevertheless covers her neck and the tops of her shoulders, as well as a portion of her upper chest above the robe. The tail of the scarf goes over her shoulder and a short way down her back, and bears another copy of her emblem, picked out in white thread, on the otherwise yellow scarf.

Last of all, soft stocking-style cap does its best to go neatly over her hair. It's the same yellow as the scarf, and is brimmed with a white ruff that sits at the peak of her forehead. The tail of the cap extends far enough to reach the tops of her shoulder-blades, and has a small fluffy pom-pom at the end. The cap also has build in ear protectors, in the form of round woollen guards that hug down over her ears. These also have her navi symbol picked out in thread on the outer covers.

Given Lyntael's limitations, she normally would need to change into this outfit manually, and will do so in privacy ahead of time if she's aware that she's expecting cold weather conditions. The individual parts can all be taken off manually as well, of course, but the option of reverting to her default outfit won't be viable unless she has actually brought the change of clothes with her in some fashion.
Nothing looks off. Sounds cute! Approved.