Uniform Requisitions

ResQ's Level 0 GMO:

Name: Formal Uniform.GMO

As a more "formal" alternative to ResQ's default breeched jumpsuit, this attire consists of a gray suit jacket, long sleeved undershirt, and knee-length skirt. The upper garments are tailored to ResQ's frame and fits well enough to fit the contours of her body without being needlessly stiff, while the skirt is comfortably loose with two medium pleats in the front. The jacket has a fairly broad collar with two breast pocket flaps each with a single black button, but they're really just for show as there aren't any actual pockets. Four polished black metal buttons in a square formation fasten the two sides of the jacket together, showing ResQ's thin waist, but also hints to her fairly small bust. As for ornamentation, the jacket has a simple black stripe around the cuff of both sleeves, and a silver badge pinned above her right breast pocket, which looks almost exactly like her Navi symbol: a pair of outstretched wings with a four-bladed prop at its center in a + formation, but without the circular background.

The outfit is tied together with a black tie, black leggings, and lightly polished black lace-less pumps. The uniform also includes a gray garrison cap, with an embroidered version of her jacket badge wrapped across the front in silver thread. When worn, it's tilted slightly to the right, and doesn't interfere with her raven black drill-style ponytail or the rest of her hairstyle for that matter. Her hairstyle is completely out of regs, but ResQ adamantly refuses to change it.

As for the ANGEL, the suit itself just looks as if it had been "white gloved." It's metal skin looks freshly painted, components oiled and polished, and "cockpit" scrubbed and painstakingly cleaned. When ResQ mounts up in the ANGEL, her garrison cap is either stored or "anchored" in place so it doesn't get blown away by the rotors, and her command gloves look to be made of well-treated leather.

Battle Information:
The ANGEL performs no differently in battle in this .GMO. While dismounted, ResQ can utilize all chips and sigs like any normal Navi, save for signature attacks literally requiring the ANGEL's hardware (grapple claw, etc).
Your request is approved, soldier.