((Earned 2nd SP from Area Exploration mission in NetopiaNet))

Name: Vector.SP

Gender: Genderless, but refers to itself as male

Vector could be considered a group than a single entity because his body is completely composed of angled metallic plates; held together by an invisible force, similar to that of Machman's wings and booster engines. The plates themselves are of varying sizes and shapes, but they are uniformly glossy dark blue with varying amounts of shimmering silver trim, and are mainly triangular or diamond shaped. The edges of these plates vary from dull and scored (for traction) to a razor's edge.

These plates are manipulated at will to form Vector's "body," which can take a very high variety of forms; however, he mainly takes an angular, ~6' bipedal form. The most unique formation of the metal plates forming his body could be considered his "head," since it houses his sensor array. It is arranged like the slit in a knight's protective helmet, and though he can see through any part of his cyan sensor array, he has a single red "eye," that mainly just indicates where he's focusing his sight.

Reference Sketch by Fera

Personality: Vector's personality seems to be taken directly from knights of old, from their strong sense of loyalty, honor, and chivalry, even to their honorific vernacular. Vector believes he was created as a protector for both Machman and Aera, whom he considers his King and Queen. He almost always addresses them as "Sire" and "M'lady," which is at best tolerated by Mach and Aera. Other than his overly polite and professional demeanor, he remains silent and observes quietly unless addressed. In battle, he fights efficiently, and with a high degree of precision (thanks to his unlimited range of movement, and no worries about weight, nervous twitches, or fatigue)

Weapon: Vector can use the sharpened edges of the plates on his body as melee weapons, form longer/larger weapons, or hurl parts of his body towards foes like a wall of razor blades.

Element: Aqua

Subtype: Shield

Mass Upgrades (471 Bugfrags)

Starting Levels:
Mach (24)
Aera (23)
Vector (0)

Purchases: (Total Spent: 460BugFrags)
Aera: HP+: V3 (+10HP) [30BugFrags, + 1LVL]
Vector: Armor Junction, HP+: V6 (+60HP), Speed+: V1 (+1 action) [410BugFrags, +16LVL, + 3NaviLVL]

Ending Levels:
Mach (27)
Aera (24) +10HP
Vector (16) Armor Junction, +60HP, + 1Action
31 Bugfrags Remaining

BugFrag Purchase (134BugFrags)

Aera (lvl 24)
Second Chance 100BugFrags, +5 Levels

Final: Aera Lvl 29, 34 BugFrags remaining
Poor Vector, Aera is clearly the favorite SP. Approved.
And you say Vector get's no love...

Vector: Level 16
Bugfrags: 245

Purchase Second Chance (100) and Brace (100)

End: Vector Level 26 (Mach: +2 levels)
Bugfrags: 45

Speshul abilities are supposed to be

Second Chance (100)
Brace (200)
Total (300)
my bad, I'll just go with Second Chance then.

Wait a minute, since Vector has armor junction, then Second chance would be 200 Bugfrags.


Oh well, I'll go with Second Chance anyway.

Second Chance 200 (+5 levels)

Vector: lvl 21 (Mach: lvl 32)
45 Bugfrags remaining
Bugfrags: 147

Purchase: HP V7 (70BugFrags) +10HP, +1 level

...i mean, YOUR RUCKY DAY!

Mach Lvl: 32
Vector Lvl: 22
BugFrags: 237

Refunding Armor Junction. (+200 Bugfrags, -5 SP levels, -1 Navi Level)

Brace (-200 BugFrags, + 5 SP levels, +1 Navi Level)
Speed V2 (-200 BugFrags, + 5 SP levels, +1 Navi Level)

Mach Lvl: 33
Vector Lvl: 27
BugFrags: 37
Ze fix is approved, yes?
Purchasing Damage V1-V4 (100 Frags, +4 Levels, +20 attack)

Remaining Frags: 25
Due to the SP special ability price change, I get a 100 bugfrag refund from Aera's (300-200) upgrades, and 125 from Vector (300-175), so my Bugfrag pool would be at 250.

Damage+: V5 (50 bugfrags, +5 Attack, + 1 level)
Flight: Planeswalking (100 bugfrags, + 3 levels)

Chip Preset: (100 bugfrags, + 3 levels)

Remaining Bugfrags: 0
.GMO Time! (0/6)


Description: Activates automatically if Machman activates his XIIICross. Vector's blue, angular armored plates change into a suit of armor reminiscent to those seen in ancient feudal Electopia. His normally blue armor changes to darker matte black finish. The armor consists of long segmented slats of rectangular armor that is fit snugly together almost like shingles on a roof. The "core" of the armor is a cuirass-like chest plate made of the segmented armor. The "shoulders" are made of a pair of rectangular sheets of armor that act as armor when worn. Vector's arms and hands form into a pair of vambraces that end with molded gauntlets with small amounts of armor over the fingers.
Below the cuirass are a pair of slightly curved armored slats that act almost like an armored skirt, but act as his waist. Vector's "legs" consist of some light segmented thigh armor, which leads down to a molded greave that leads to a segmented armored foot covering. The most striking change to Vector's appearance is his head, which takes the form of a traditionally Electopian "kabuto" helmet, sporting a single golden spine-like crest protruding from the front of the helmet. Fragmented pieces of armor float around the front of the helmet and make a dynamic face mask, that can move to indicate speech or even Vector's emotions. Behind this "mask" is a red glow, which shines through the two eye holes to appear as if Vector had two glowing red eyes.

Weapon: Vector can use additional body plates to form a variety of different weapons, but his default melee weapon in this form takes a shape similar to a katana or sometimes a spear.


Description: Activates automatically if Machman activates his RedCross. Vector's blue armored plates immediately fragment into very small pieces and turn a leathery brown as they rejoin in a tightly knit formation. The significantly smaller pieces allow for an almost cloth-like flexibility while still retaining the durability of steel. In this form, Vector's body forms around an invisible figure made of thin air. His arms form into a pair of empty sleeves, while his hands can form as the sleeves stretch and grow its own fingers like a possessed cloak. His legs and feet are non-existent; he simply floats along like an invisible man wearing a brown cloak. His "head" forms into a hook, while his single red eye floats just within to provide a rather spooky glow.

Weapon: While his body itself can twist and flatten itself into a wide array of sharp implements, he can also fire sliver-like shards out of his body towards his foes.


Description: Activates automatically if Machman activates his SylkCross. Vector's armored plates undergo a variety of large changes, where some pieces form together into single solid plates, while others fragment to form a cloth-like pattern similar to his RedCross.GMO. The armor remains within the dark blue and silver trim theme, but the armor is highly stylized and looks very different from his normal form. The armor, when fully formed, takes the shape of a standard humanoid figure, and is made to accommodate those of a similar size (though additional plates can be added or removed to make the armor slightly larger or smaller). Both the hands and feet are covered in protective armor, which extend into a trio of wickedly sharpened claws that can dig into the ground for grip, or pierce and hold foes. The armor pieces are very tube-like and have minimal gaps, almost like chitin plating found on insects. However, any smooth lines are fouled by several lines of needle-like spikes that protrude from areas near the elbows, calves, and back.
The chest armor is made of two main pieces, an upper chest carapace (that can be adjusted in size for use by male or female users) and an abdominal plate, both which wrap around the entire upper torso, but have four small circular hatches on the back. The elbow, shoulder, and knee joints have more silver than dark blue, while the rest of the armor just has a light silver trim. The helmet that makes up Vector's head is of a rather unique design. It is based off one of those "super universe defense ranger" show costumes, where the basic shape is similar to that of a motorcycle helmet, but the face area highly reflects the theme of the rest of the armor. The helmet itself is the same dark blue, but the nose and mouth area is primarily silver, and sports a jagged crease to give the appearance of a fanged maw. The visor is split into two large, pointed ellipse shapes, which glow crimson. There are four smaller, similar shapes next to the two larger visors, to make a full 6 glowing red spider "eyes." The shape of the helmet isn't entirely circular, and is a bit flatter on the top, where the outline of a widow-like hourglass shape is drawn out in silver.

Weapon: Normally coiled around his left arm is a segmented, barbed whip. It's capable of striking at a decent distance, but targets out of range can be easily dispatched by firing the needle-like protrusions from his armor.

Final: (3/6)
Seems fine, approved.