Shuri's SP

WARNING: Those with weak constitutions for punny names shouldn't read any farther.

Name: Shurimpy.SP
Gender: Male
Appearance: By all accounts, Shurimpy is physically identical to an ordinary Shrimpy virus. It appears as a floating shrimp-like creature approximately two feet in height, with a red body with blue stripes, and light tan arms with small pincers. Unlike a regular virus, however, its head region is almost completely covered with a dark purple bandana, with only small holes to allow its beady black eyes, mouth, and long antennae to stick out.
Personality: Much like its owner, Shurimpy prefers to follow the way of the ninja...but unlike her, it ends up looking completely ridiculous due to its brightly colored body, as well as simply by being a floating shrimp with ninja-like mannerisms. Luckily, Shuri finds the whole thing adorable.

Element: Aqua
Subtype: Variable

Level: 0
HP: 40
Attack: 10, Aqua element
Actions: 1
Approved, but let it be known that this post makes the name officially terrible.
Oh hey, I have enough BugFrags to give Shurimpy some Shrimpy-like upgrades. Woo.

BugFrags: 312
Shuri's Current Level: 9
Shurimpy's Current Level: 0
- Speed: LV 1 (1 action)
- Attack Damage: 10
- Buster Effect: None
Special Abilities: (none)

- Flight: Planeswalking: 100 (+3 levels)
- Spread Strike: 100 (+1 level)
- HP+ V1: 10 (+1 level)
- HP+ V2: 20 (+1 level)
- Attack+ V1: 10 (+1 level)
Total Spent: 240 BugFrags

BugFrags: 72
Shuri's New Level: 10
Shurimpy's Post-Upgrade Level: 7
- Speed: LV 1 (1 action)
- Attack Damage: 15
- Buster Effect: Spread 1
Special Abilities: FloatShoes
Godspeed, little Shurimpy, may your Bubblers spread far and wide.