Appearance: A rather cute human female standing 5 foot 10 looking to be roughly 19 years in age. Her eyes are hazel and she has nice long red hair that she keeps out of the way with a black hairband. She dons a simple black jumpsuit, much like the kind most navis wear. Once can easily tell that she is on the lower end of a C cup. She also wears a pair of Sharen military boots, the same color as her suit.

She wears a set of black gloves that extend up to just before her elbows. At the bottom of the tip of each of her fingers of her right glove is a small gold circle, connected to a thin gold line that extends from the circles down the fingers, to a larger circle on the palm of her hands. There is an identical circle on top of the hand, that connects to the bottom one by two thicker lines. Her left glove, on the top of the forearm are two long LEDs, one just before the elbow and the other before the wrist and both extending for 2/3s of the diameter of the arm. They are connected to each other by a gold line that is as thick as the LEDs, with sliver lines and symbols all along it making it looks like some kind of two row keyboard.

Custom Weapon: When Exo touches the gold line on her left arm with the tips of her right hand, the two LEDs project light, creating a holographic display over her arm, with her arm itself acting like the user interface. With this she can access the data of navis she is linked with, various databases, and can summon items that she can use in the fight.

Personality: Machines. Exo likes work on, and with, machines. She is much more cooperative with working along side machine like navis then the more humanoid kind, whom have to earn her respect. While she has a love of machines, she is more of a software engineer then mechanic, well verse in debugging, compiling, and creating navi coding. It is just she likes the machine like navis more then the more human like ones, and unfortunately she might be a bit too 'friendly' towards them then folks would like.

Unfortunately, after being demoted to the status of an SP, Exo is forced to follow the orders of her superiors, much to her dismay.
102 bugfrags

buying speed upgrade for Exo for 100 frags, raising actions from 1 to 2, and level from 0 to 5.

2 frags left over.

Remember that your Navi level increases by 1 after this upgrade~