Name: Harley.SP
Gender: Male?
Element: Elec
Subtype: Speed

Harley takes on the appearance of a warhorse, with a major difference: He isn't organic. An engine-powered equine, his body is covered in armor plates similar to his master; where his ears are is replaced with two handlebars. The permanent feature of a saddle is leather-wrapped, with a black box hanging at the sides of it for storage purposes. The center body of Harley from the front view houses a wheel, locked and secured in place. Twin exhausts poke out of both sides of Harley's back. The stirrups were designed with magnetic footing to keep Rhea in place, enabling her to stand while the mechanical horse is in motion; the legs are geared with hydraulic technology to support Harley's independent weight of 1,825 pounds.

Witty and perhaps beating Rhea to all the cool lines, he's quite talkative when it comes to social conversations. Occasionally he is also seen giving sound advice to Rhea in battle, showing the equine's wisdom in the art of war. Rhea's attitude towards him is in a slightly (tiny miniscule) annoyed way, and Harley do not mind it (and always makes fun of her seriousness).

He enjoys talking to Camillia, the operator; apparently she is, in Harley's opinion, more entertaining to converse with than Rhea.

In battle, he does not do much; he serves as a mode of transport for Rhea, and focuses on defensive manuveurs rather than actual fighting.

Custom Weapon:
Short Range: A curved energy blade is generated right above Harley's muzzle, similar to Rhea's blade generators. With the blade, Harley moves his head to headbutt or slash at close-ranged enemies.

Long range: Harley stomps the ground in a particular frequency, summoning a strike of lightning whizzing at the enemy.

Though the lightning effect is really just fluff (it's not even electrically-charged).
I will make this approval in purple to compensate for the lack of it in this horsebike.
SPEEEEEEEEEED upgrade v1, 100 bugfrags, +5 SP levels.

Level: 0 -> 5
HP: 40
Attack: 10
Actions: 1 -> 2

After purchase: 7 bugfrags


Moar upgrades~

HP v1, v2, v3 - 60 bugfrags - +3 SP levels
Flight - 100 bugfrags - +3 SP levels

Rhea.EXE +1 Level to Level 13

Level: 5 -> 11
HP: 40 -> 70
Attack: 10
Actions: 2

After purchase: 9 bugfrags
I assume by "Flight" you mean Planeswalking. Approved.
Right. Thanks. :'D