Name: Gilmore.sp
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Recovery

Appearance: Gilmore is modeled off a myth about a priest cursed to the form of a rat. Four foot eleven including the tip of his ears, physically a lean build with little body fat or muscle. The exposed flesh and eyes where pink. His paws and feet are quiet dexterous if awkward to clothe; he has a scaled tail half as long as his body. His fur is snowy, short and well groomed; along with his hair. It is short, narrow with a central strip of upright hair running from the forehead to the nape, with the sides of the head shaven. He wore cotton, sleeveless button up vest along matching trousers; there colors the inverse of Saluki's colors, making them black with a rose trim. The back of the vest held Sally's floral pattern in bright ruby red to show that he was her support program; the front had three buttons when he felt the need to have it done up. His trousers where held up with a lopped rope; the hem stopped at his ankles because it was near impossible to wear shoes thanks to his feral feet.

Personality: Bound to the Oaths of Poverty, Humility, Virtue and Chivalry. The Oath of Poverty; to live a simplistic life of moderation free of extravagance. The Oath of Humility; to be modest, reverential and never arrogant, contemptuous, rude or self-abasing. The Oath of Virtue; to be temperate, prudent, courageous and just. Finally the Oath of Chivalry; to live by one's strength and will, to inspire hope and charity. He struggles to refine his character; to atone for his sins and those of his kin.

Custom Weapon/buster: Swamplands staff. The shaft is solid and straight, wrapped with cloth for grips and rope for a sling; alone this section is as tall as its wielder. The ornate headpiece adds a good foot it length; its gnarled basket cradling a lustrous moonstone sphere. Its prismatic blasts starkly contrast Saluki's black buster.

RP Fluff:

"So why a rat? And why a male? And why a monk?" Saluki scoffed and crossed her arms while the SP base was being reviewed. "We waited long enough and you know how far out of my comfort zone I went in order to get it. Even if it was somewhat entertaining..."

"Well I contacted my paren---"

"How are they? Did you give them my regards?"

"Yes I did and they are fine and don't interrupt. Anyways; they gave me a great idea about a myth off a cursed Abbey. What happened was there Abbot listened to a false idle and everyone went along with it without questioning. So they ended up being cursed to the form of rats and like the plains around there community became swamplands."

"Then why male monk instead of a priestess or nun?"

"I didn't think that it mattered considering that you are a beast navigator so I figured that a beast support program would be fitting. And besides all you hang out with are female navi's anyways I mean think of him like an assistant? Or a brother? Besides I think ill expand your homepage to add a swamp."

"It will have to do I guess; but somehow I think that your parents would have told the story better."
It's fine, approved.
Wanted to use:
Hit Point+: V1: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 10 Bugfrags]
Wanted to use:
Damage+: V1: +5 Damage to SP attack. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 10 Bugfrags]
Wanted to use:
Damage+: V2: +5 Damage to SP attack. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 20 Bugfrags]
Hit Point+: V2: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 20 Bugfrags]
Hit Point+: V3: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 30 Bugfrags]

Total: 20+20+30=70 fragments.

End result: +5 attack, +20 max HP,+3 levels to support program and +1 level to Navigator with 20 fragments left over.