SINNBAD -> DragonierMan

Change SINNBAD to DragonierMan.

History: The demons that haunted SINN-MBAP/SINNBAD over the course of a year finally gain control. The constant exposure to viruses and their viral transmission become too much. SINN's knightly cover-script, his operator's attempt to slow and/or stop viral encroachment of his navi, is fully devoured and overwritten. The transition was difficult and painful. As such, when SINN finally stabilized he was changed forever.


Personality: DragonierMan is beastial, without being himself a beast. He is a brute and a soldier that revels in war. He boasts of his power in battle, attempting to overwhelm his enemy initially with shock and awe tactics that deal as much collateral damage and noise as possible. After his initial charge, he goes after the strongest surviving target(s). Hunting them to extinction.

DragonierMan respects strength and power. He believes that his 'Lord' (Destin Obscura, his operator) is deserving of such respect because not only does Destin direct where DragonierMan's destructive tendencies are aimed, but he is also one of the only ways for DragonierMan to have access to the power of battlechips. Would-be allies usually have to prove their battle prowess, or potentially become victims of DragonierMan's hunts.

Appearance: DragonierMan wears heavy medieval armour modified to give a draconic appearance. It consists of plated scales layered on top of a dark, cloudy-gray under-suit. The gaps in the armour show the dark, cloudy-gray sub-skin beneath. His gauntlets are clawed. He also wears a large, durable gray-white cloak and tabbard. His face is the only part of his pale skin that can be seen from the gaps in his ornate dragon-featured helmet. His hair is usually not visible when the visor is down. However, his hair is a wavy, neck-length, dark cloudy-gray. His eyes are the same color. His navi symbol is emblazoned on his tabbard and cloak. The symbol is of a solid stone tower, a testament to his unwavering strength.

Custom Weapon: DragonierMan's primary weapon is his own body. In melee he uses his arms, hands, legs, and feet (i.e. punching, clawing, kicking, striking with his elbow and knees, etc.). He is proficient in a variety of weapons, preferring swords to most others. He also breathes energy of various types like a dragon.


Appearance: DragonierMan shows his inner beast, taking the form of a huge dragon. He sprouts large leathery wings, fanned ears, horns on both sides of his head, and a long tapered tail. He also has a lavish mane of course hair. He sports the coloration and metallic sheen of the armour he wears while in his 'human' form.

Personality: Worse than before, now he is the projection of his inner beast. DragonierMan acts more animalistic in this form, only because he can. He doesn't really get any more animalistic though, he just sees this form as an excuse to act as such.

Custom Weapon: Similar to when he is in his human form, his body is his weapon. However now he is much, much bigger. He also has larger claws and fangs, and better reach. He uses his breath attacks a lot more in this form.


Appearance: DragonierMan keeps his armour, but loses the helmet so he has a greater field of vision. His clawed gauntlets are replaced by heavily-armored finger tabs, giving more flexibility to his fingers than normal gauntlets, but still unwieldy. His left arm is also encased in a huge armored bracer. His cloak is less impressive, more like a scarf or small cape, and hangs off his right side, a deep crimson color. His hair and eye color become lighter in shade and more amber in color. The stone tower that acts as DragonierMan's navi symbol now sports a flame motif, burning brightly behind the tower.

Personality: DragonierMan becomes more bubbly and carefree, he even skips on occasion. His hunter's instincts are modified to play with his prey more than just straight ending them as quickly as possible.

Custom Weapon: DragonierMan retains his brawler and weapon talents, and his breath attacks. However, all of those skills now pale in comparison to his newly acquired archery skills (at least, in his mind). He draws upon a huge compound/English Longbow hybrid made of pale dragonbone to deliver such attacks.