Healbot's Huge Redux

Everything that's in here changes from the original. If there needs to be any justification for the changes, Eternalis' changes are mainly just graphical upgrades Harke decided to throw in. Sparky's changes have no need for justification, since he doesn't even exist yet IC. Aurora's changes, especially for the personality, however, will be explained in an RP post later. It would be posted around tomorrow if I wasn't going to be gone for the weekend. Sparky also gets two GMOs, level 0 and 5, registered here. His new stuff should be approved beforehand, I guess.

tl;dr: The entire Healbot team, net-side, gets a massive rewrite. Warning: Massive WoT incoming.

---------- ETERNALIS.EXE ---------------------

Slot 0: Core: Eternalis

Reference Image


Eternalis stands at about 5'10", with a net weight of about 200 pounds. His entire body is made up of a semi-solid fluid substance, hued in a light shade of azure. His head is a formless blob of this fluid, with two ovoids of light blue on the front acting as eyes. The back of the head trails off, with the fluid constantly flowing outwards, seemingly evaporating as it goes. Eternalis' dark blue armor is the largest contributor to his weight and consists of five pieces: the torso, or body-output; the dual-part arm-outputs, and the leg-outputs. The body-output is not especially comprehensive in its protection, as it only protects the chest and the upper back. On the right side of his chest, the Ezarith emblem is displayed, of five small rough blue gems surrounding a larger one. Below the chest down to just the top of his upper legs, Eternalis' body is uncovered. The leg-outputs are not particularly interesting, merely serving as sturdy-looking leggings of sorts.

The arm-outputs are segmented in two, the upper arm part, and the forearm part. The upper arm is attached to the main body not by physical means, but a magnetic link at the side of the torso armor. It acts as a pressurized reservoir of fluid for Eternalis' attacks. The forearm part of the arm-output is extremely adaptable to most battlechip data, able to shift its configuration to suit current needs at a moment's notice. This function is very important, as the forearm acts as the main channel for Eternalis' numerous variety of attacks. Normally, the forearm releases the shape of a human hand from its output valve.


Eternalis' personality isn't much to write home about. One could describe him as a rather rough but kind character all around. Eternalis can be somewhat playful, and unhesitant to play a prank or two. He's quite attached to people he meets, having moderate social aptitude. Somewhat easily ticked off, one could easily send him into a brash character with the right mix of words. A quick strategist, Eternalis usually forms battleplans quite easily. Usually, he tries to keep his allies alive before himself, possibly a trait of his Recovery type.

Custom Weapon:

Eternalis' weaponry comes from the versatility of his armor and his body. The infinite combinations that come from both of these shifting into various shapes and forms easily fit into any weapon data that comes into Eternalis' possession. He can also break off a part of his body to attack or defend with, a sort of budding technique. These blobs can move of their own accord, but they decompose into junk data after a while without Eternalis' Emblem-Core to support them.

Slot 1: Implicity

This Override is designed to help Eternalis move around a lot faster and stealthier since the light armor is not optimized for this purpose. Its battle functions are standard, inferior to that of the light armor. His figure is reduced a well-built and defined muscular type to more of a straight, streamlined body shape. His watery composition changes its shade to a fair skin-tone. His body's main exterior texture hardens slightly, making it feel more like skin, but it's still the same fluid he's made of.

He also looks more human in this form, his featureless face changing into a more defined human shape, with yellow eyes and dark blue hair spiked to the back. His hands also take on more human properties, such actually having five fingers. His attire is a a long black hoodie covering his entire upper body, the Ezarith emblem imprinted on the back, and a dark blue long-sleeved T-shirt underneath. His hands are covered with blue fingerless gloves. Thick black pants cover his lower body, as well as dark blue sneakers.

Slot 1 Custom Weapon:

On his lower arms, Eternalis wears a pair of large modular black bracers that fit snugly over them. These bracers' modular structures are variable, just like his armor in his normal form. Etched into them are glowing blue wave-shaped motifs. The bracers can change their shapes to adapt to whatever weapon data is fueled into them. When out of battle, the bracers compress their form, and are normally hidden under his sleeves.

---------- AURORA.SP ---------------------

Slot 0: Core: Aurora


At 5'7", Aurora stands slightly shorter than her Navigator. Her skin is fair and light, and her white hair is straight and long, going down to half her back. Her orange eyes are usually hidden behind her light yellow tinted visor, which covers her face from the nose up. The visor hosts a myriad of heads-up displays showing various pieces of data pertaining to the battle. It is custom-made for her task of an analysis-based Support Program, and is able to be dismissed and summoned at will. This visor appears on any of her equipment-based overrides whenever any Navi or SP equips them, with a simplified version of the displays, so as not to overwhelm the other user.

Aurora's bodysuit is the same white of her hair. Above it, she wears a few pieces of cream-colored armor, though they are not designed mainly with protection in mind. A semi-form-fitting breastplate covers her chest, with the Ezarith emblem imprinted on her left breast. Shoulder plates cover the sides of her shoulders, and large armored gauntlets adorn her lower arms. Cream-colored boots protect her feet up to three-quarters of her lower leg. Covering her ears are two cylindrical ear-covers, the left of which is attached to a small antenna. Some lighted yellow stripes run through her armor and bodysuit, two on the backs of her arms, two on the outer sides of her legs, and one down her neck and back. These stripes have glowing pulses running through them, which stay at a constant frequency.


Since the memory core incident, Aurora's personality has taken a 180-degree turn. Her attitude is now quite brash and rough, quite akin to a tomboyish behavior, if one were to briefly describe it. Her words now portray her as a much more cynical and snide character. Aurora now sees her data as the only thing that is an absolute fact, and regards everything else as ambiguous and untrustworthy. She takes orders from Eternalis based on the data that she has that she is his acting Support Program, and for no other reason. Aurora does show a rather soft side towards Sparky, however, taking quite a liking to the dog. In addition to that, when caught off-guard, Aurora's character does tend to change to a somewhat flustered behavior.

Slot 1: Ouranos' Gauntlets


In this override, Aurora takes on the form of two (or one, if the situation demands) heavy gauntlets, that go up to half the lower arm. The gauntlets are fingerless, and have a round hole in the palm, allowing Eternalis to use his aquatic powers even while wearing these gauntlets. The main color of the gauntlets depends on who is wearing them at the time, as they suit themselves to the equipping party's systems. They also have five yellow lines running down from the wrist to each knuckle, which intersect at points. Yellow pulses of light often run down these lines at intervals, which signifies the gauntlets' flow of energy. The palm-space also has a thick yellow line of the same design bordering it.

---------- SPARKY.SP ---------------------

Slot 0: Core: Sparky


Sparky stands at a little over a foot from head to paw, and a foot and a half from snout to tail, making him about as tiny as a toy dog. Despite having the size of a Chihuahua, Sparky's body isn't modeled after any particular breed, and could be said to look like a mongrel. Sparky's head consists of a medium-length snout, large ears pointed backwards, eyes full of wonder and a tongue full of drooling joy. His downy fur is a light shade of brown, with some streaks of bright yellow, if one looked close enough. However, the most interesting part of Sparky, and the reason for his name, are his stout little feet. Despite appearances, they are faster than they look. A heck of a lot faster, considering that with close to optimal conditions, Sparky times a zero-to-sixty of 0.9 seconds. The tiny speedster is capable of breaking Mach 1 without breaking a sweat, and would, routinely even, were it not for the rather unpleasant effects it exerts on any dependents he has.

Another thing that separates Sparky from any other ordinary-looking dog is the unique armor he is able to summon at any time. The segmented armor protects Sparky from the high G-Forces that he frequently encounters, as well as increasing his speed by way of nanothrusters attached to the exterior. His paws gain additional traction from the armor as well. It mainly consists of several plates of tough white armor with yellow trim, along with articulated segments and an extremely flexible mail-like structure around joints. Technically, the additional armor does Sparky no good in terms of protection from actual battle damage, and he could sustain the forces his speeds exert on him, albeit not for especially prolonged periods. A small device over his head allows for rudimentary data to be fueled to him, indicating things like his current speed and sustained force.


As Sparky's AI is limited to animal behavior, he doesn't have much in the way of personality as would other more humanoid programs of his kind. He does have all the traits of a wonderful canine companion. One of these includes intense loyalty towards both Eternalis and Aurora, though he does tend to favor the latter. He is also very playful, and is easily excited over matters concerning pretty much anything that interests him. Another interesting trait Sparky possesses is his general fearlessness in whatever situation he is placed in despite his petite size, especially combat.

Slot 1: Bloodhound

Sparky turns into a much larger form in this override, taking on a height of seven feet from head to feet and a length from snout to tail of about fifteen feet or so. His eyes turn to a menacingly luminous green, and his teeth become serrated in form and numerous in quantity. His fur changes to a darker black color and a rougher texture, with a mark of red blood on his forehead, and slightly lighter red streaks on his fur. The armor he wears changes color to black with dark red trim. His feet now elongate to allow for incredibly high-speed sprints and endurance-defying marathons; its large claws are made for defensive tactics when the rare moment requires it. This override enables Sparky to be ridden, though the hound has no saddle, as even in his ludicrous sprints, it's his job to make sure any rider that he approves of stays on, and he does this job very well.

Slot 2: Model K-9

Transforming into a usable form for use, Sparky takes on the form of a striking red hoverboard, with a large yellow stripe down its centre. On its front, Sparky's little head peeks out (please do not step on it). The dimensions of this form are variable, as the hoverboard is adaptable to size. Thus, it is able to accommodate a hulking armored mecha, or a petite mouse. When a person steps on the K-9, red indentations mark the place where they put their feet, and hold them in place with a friction modifier function. All a person needs to do to operate the hoverboard is to think; the controls of K-9 are directly linked to the rider's mental processes. Behind the board, two holes indicate main propulsion, though many more boosters are hidden in certain compartments of the board, in addition to microthrusters along the side of the board. The hover function of the board is purely graphical unless Planeswalking functions are installed and activated.
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