Name: Mask.SP
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Guts

Appearance: Mask takes on the form of a Giant Rat, or more commonly known as a dire rat, however her appearance is more similar to the common household rat with large rounded ears, long face and the upper and lower set of yelowish teeth. Her appearance consists mainly of her large tail, which she can wrap around her own body or smack enemies around with, her white fur with black fur covering the majority of her face (to which kind of looks like a mask, hence the name she was given), and the large theighs and smaller legs with her claws, while her upper body consists of her small arms and claws which she uses to grab onto things such as her master, weapons such as knives or foes. Her eyes are a cool blue color, much like the deep parts of the sea and when she stands she is about the height of Freya, so, around 4'5 if not a bit more, but she tends to stay on all fours, she is about half her normal height with her back arched upwards, but about 2'1 with her body flatter to the ground.

Personality: Mask is...well, she's got more her own personality than her "masters", she tends to be more out spoken than Freya, not to mention much more of a bitch than Freya can be, she speaks her mind more often than not, brimming with confidence on a regular basis and pushing Freya constantly, if they aren't butting heads or she's chewing on Freya or other things.

Signature attack

Rat's Bane: Mask attacks the enemy with her tail, when it hits the target the enemy takes major damage the turn after being hit by it as she leaves a large burn on the enemy behind. (60 Fire, 1 turn damage delay, 2TCD)
BUYING FIRST SP UPGRADES~! Current Type: guts(man's ass) HP: 40 Attack: 10 Actions: 1 69 Bugfrags BUYING WITH MANLINESS HP+ V1 (15 due to guts), V2 (10), V3 (15)=60 Bf After HP: FUCKIN WALL! (80) Attack: WEAAAAAK. (10) Actions: ZETA SLOW! (1) 9 Bugfrags
That is actually 80HP, Guts only adds 5HP per 2 upgrades.
Change it to that and it is approved.
Man those are some messed up signature tabs.
Approved, anyhow.
With 70 Bugfrags, I will buy 3 Attack Upgrades for 60 BugFrags in total.

Upgrades: Attack Upgrade V1, V2 and V3 (+15 Attack)

After Upgrades

Attack: 10 -----> 25

10 Bugfrags Remaining