Djinni's New Design

Giving Djinni a giant makeover.

Name: Djinni.EXE
Gender: Female
Type: Fire / Cursor

Djinni has a slim body with an average length and is busty. Her skin is tanned, just as Na'im's.
She has long crimson hair fitted in a ponytail with most of her hair covered by a white turban wrapped around her head. Beneath the turban and upon her ears are golden round objects familiar to Navis. On the top of the objects is Djinni's emblem, which is the image of a flaming crosshair. Connected to the round objects is a transparent veil that reaches from left to right and covers everything from her nose to her neck.
Covering her body is a white 'crop top' that reveals the underside of her breasts. On Djinni's back, through her top, is a diamond-shaped ruby embedded into her skin. Two golden rings float behind Djinni's shoulder blades, not capable of moving elsewhere except for their current position, that each have four long flames pointing outwards in a wing-like pattern. Circled around her wrists is a floating golden ring that is suspended in its position, incapable of touching Djinni's skin directly. On the back of each of Djinni's hands is a diamond-shaped ruby embedded into her skin. On her left hand, on her ringfinger, is a small golden ring with the word 'Efreet' embedded into it.
Around Djinni's waist, at the height of her hips, is a wide golden ring with five rubies embedded into it with equal empty spaces between each ruby. Below this she wears silk-like pants, wide in shape and white in color, and wears a white bikini bottom underneath it which is somewhat visible through the pants. Around Djinni's ankles are a levitated golden ring each. Djinni wears no shoes and has proper human feet. A diamond-shaped ruby is embedded in the front of each of Djinni's feet, just below the ankle. Djinni is capable of transforming her legs into a transparent red trail of fire coming from the ring around her waist at will.

Being in the spotlight could be considered Djinni's most favourite hobby at this point. She will do anything to be seen by everyone and everything only so she can get the attention she so desires, usually she will use her sex appeal for this task. Generally Djinni is a cheerful person, but loves to complain if she doesn't get her way, and despises serious and sad atmospheres. Djinni is always seeking to be better than everyone else. Usually she's a sore loser, but with time she will accept defeat only to struggle to become better than before. There is one thing she will never improve herself with though and this is her intelligence. Even though she is a Navi with the internet at her side, she is a ditz and her strategies consist of shooting stuff and then shoot it some more, unless her Operator Na'im knows something better and reacts on time.

Custom Weapon:
Djinni wields a pair of identical magnum auto-revolvers called 'Efreet Cannons'. Each revolver has a remarkably large and heavy frame, as each is nearly a foot in length from the tip of the barrel to the tail end of the custom grip.
The gun is cast out of a gold alloy, which gives it its metallic gold color. The cylinder of each revolver accepts a total of six .44 Magnum rounds with enhanced charges more akin to something found in a rifle. To counter the insane kick this would produce, the barrel of each gun is aligned with the bottom of the revolver's cylinder instead of the top, and can be seen poking out of front of the slab-like alloy frame at the tip, which is as solid and heavy as it looks. The barrel itself is rifled, and noticeably so as the deep cut channels can be seen easily, even if you look at the tip of the barrel from an angle.
Just above the barrel is a set of dark crimson rubies that cross the slab-like tip of the gun, then angle back to run most of the length of the forward frame assembly parallel to the barrel down a narrow channel. Each ruby is capable of expelling heat from within the weapon which reduces the impact on the user.
Above the heat sink filled channel resides a circular ruby, which produces a straight laser for targetting, recessed into the slab-like upper section of the forward frame, and a simple set of low profile twin iron sights rests at the top.
The handle of each weapon is angled back to help compensate for the weapon's power and design, and is coated in a layer of heat and water resistant rubber with a textured surface for added grip.
The weapon is reloaded by pressing a release stud on the grip that causes the entire front end of the gun to swing down on a hinge located just ahead of the trigger guard. With this done, the user can empty the revolver with a practiced flick of the wrist, and either load new bullets into the empty cylinder, or pull the pin and swap the entire cylinder out in one go with a preloaded one. A quick flick of the wrist, and a cock of the hammer is all it takes to lock the loaded gun and resume use. This is far harder than it looks, given the gun's far-above-average weight and size. When all else fails, these pistols could easily be used as clubs.
The weapons can be altered in form to shape bazookas or flamethrowers by being inserted into a flaming crosshair generated by Djinni, although the tail of the weapons remain the same in each shape.