Second GMO

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GMO #2
Because of the Immortals being Persephone's power, she has been neglecting her body. Area made this to keep her own body in a good physical condition and be less reliant on the Immortals.
Persephone's standard armor and glasses disappear and make place for her new outfit while the rest of her body remains the same. A one-piece bodysuit covering her entire body, from her neck to her toes, and is entirely black and tight fitting on the body.
On her hands come gray gloves that cover her entire hand and stretch up to just below her elbow.
On her feet she wears long gray boots coming to just below her knee.
Around her waist she wears a metallic belt with a gun holster on the right side and a small scabbard on the left side. The holster keeps a handgun in it with a sleek design that is used for ranged attacks and can be used with all chips. The scabbard holds a cilinder shaped sword hilt that can generate different blades, solid and formed with energy.
In place of her standard glasses she gets a black visor that stretches from one ear to the other and can show information whenever requested and accessible.
On her back is a small pack with two thrusters that can be used to fly/float with.
Both are fine.