GMO numbero dos, senor.

Instead of her regular clothing, Persephone dons an entirely black kimono with a so-called 'hakama' (divided or undivided skirt which resembles a wide pair of pants) on the bottom which is divided in design. Tying it together is a white 'obi' sash. Covering the kimono is a pearl white 'haori' (a hip- or thigh-length kimono coat which adds formality) with 'Περσεφόνη' written on the back in black. In her hair is a long black sash, which tends to wave around without needing wind, that holds her hair together in a ponytail form. On her feet she gets white socks and wooden sandals with a slight elevation beneath it. Her weapons become two tonfas that have a sword blade on each side with a black-colored wooden piece in the middle.
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