Divinity remains her normal size and loses all her armor except for her bodysuit. Particles of solar data form around her and attach themselves to her to form a new outfit.
A pearl white seemingly metallic helmet is created upon her head with a large yellow jewel on the front. A visor is below the front to cover Divinity's eyes from 'sun light'. Her ponytail pops out from the back of the helmet, hanging down to her butt.
On her chest appears a pearl white metallic armor with a yellow jewel on the chest of it while on the back of the armor appear four yellow jewels that are placed so they'd seem like the points of a diamond. These jewels on the back are used for flying purposes and create wings of solar energy.
On Divinity's wrists/lower arm appear large white metallic gauntlets that are three times wider than her actual arms. They don't cover her hand and fingers and reach up to her elbow so she can still move her arm freely. Hanging over her hand and fingers is a large bright yellow jewel that has a shape similar to that of a bird's beak. On top of the gauntlet are four jewels in the position of the tips of a diamond. These jewels can create a shield of solar energy at will for most of Divinity's attacks.
Covering Divinity's nether regions is a pearl white metallic panty with a small yellow jewel on the left side, which is used usually to pull a sword made of solar light from.
On her feet are boots that are, like her gauntlets, three times the size of her normal feet and lower leg. A large triangular jewel sits on the top of each boot, covering the knees but still allowing enough space to move freely, and four small flat jewels on the bottom of her boot that can create solar energy to propel, or keep, Divinity in the air.
Created shields are fluff, not for defense. Unless stated otherwise.
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