Okay, this is modified only slightly from my Fuki Seriau description. All measurements are net world equivalent.

Name: Mysterioso.GMO

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Using this GMO, Pianissimo takes the form of Duke's first navi, the lost knight Mysterioso.

Mysterioso is what knights would look like if they still fought today. He is a few inches taller than Pianissimo is normally, putting him at about 6'9", and is covered from his shoulders down in the most advanced knight armor in existance. It is about an inch thick, half of that being form-fitting material and the other half being extremely hard metal, allowing for the defense of an enforced steel plate 3 feet thick, but the flexibility of no armor at all. The armor is teal in color, with plates sticking out an inch or two at the shoulders, two-inch spikes curved back slightly on the forearms, plated gauntlets with small thrusters in the palms of his hands, boots with spikes and rocket boosters for extra mobility, as well as grip on almost any surface, a sheath on the back for a medium length broadsword, and thrusters on the back of the shoulders for dashing and VERY limited flight capabilities. Mysterioso also wears a helmet of the same material, covering the entire back and top of the head, including a flip-down force-field visor (glass will break easily at that combat intensity), and three 'spines' on the top. The first rises from the middle of the top of the head, is four inches in length and slants back about 40 degrees. The other two are progressively an inch shorter and an inch further back, and are parallel to the first. His eyes are black, though constantly have data running across them, and his facial features are moderately sharp. Mysterioso is well known for his piercing stare.

When taking this form, the scanning/targeting equipment normally built into Pianissimo's helmet becomes near invisible.  What is seen is projected as a datastream on the force field visor, just as it was on the eyepieces of Pianissimo's helmet.

Pianissimo's custom weapon becomes Mysterioso's lance, Rex Hasta (named such because Duke played too many video games when designing Mysterioso.  The lance is designed for both jousting and close combat.  The shaft is a brilliant silver in appearance.  The spearhead appears to be made of diamond and is surrounded itself by a sharpened force field.  About a foot behind the spearhead is an X-pattern that is the same brilliant silver as the shaft. Each spoke of the X, 90 degrees from the next and 45 degrees off of the shaft, is about 6 inches long and razor sharp.  There are also sliding grips on the weapon shaft that interact with the gloves of the armor to make sure he can't lose his grip on the weapon unless he wants to.  Attached at the middle of the X is a red streamer of five feet.  Mysterioso sometimes used this streamer to distract the opponent, so in this form Pianissimo might do the same.