First GMO Restyle Again

Divinity is now Recovery, instead of her previous Wind subtype. Her current first GMO is based on her old subtype so I'd like to change it again. Also... The result may be a bit... Strange to some. Think of it as a reminder to the past of when I RPed with a... Special person.

Now... Don't be shocked. Nostalgic GMO, execute!

Name: Persephone.GMO
Description: Divinity breaks out of her armor, leaving her with just her bodysuit. She immediately gets covered by a long white satin dress that flows from her neck to her ankles and covers her arms to her wrists. At the bottom and at the ends of the sleeves are 3 small golden lines.
Around her upper body, covering the upper half, is a white leather cover that also covers a part of her upper arms. The front part is opened and is attached to each other by two small white leather straps in a cross pattern.
Covering her hands are silver gauntlets with one the right one a golden cross on the back of her hand, but on the left one nothing. Covering her feet are silver boots with a golden line at the bottom and the bottom itself being gold too.
Her shields fuse to create a new custom weapon from 'old times'. Slamming together, they create pages between each other to form a book with a silver cover and a large golden cross on the front. In the lower right corner on the back of the book is, in small and with gold, written the following word: Persephone.
Note: Divinity can float and fly in this mode, but has no particular effects on the battle.

Why didn't I think of this before...? Please let this go through. :'D
So if Solaria is Divinity's big sister, Persephone would be her aunt? Her cousin? Meh, whatever.