Strange Encounter

Yesterday, Delta and I encountered a mutilated prog that seemed to have turned into a parasite, infesting a HeelNavi. The navi was deleted in the ensuing fight, but the parasite escaped. What we wanted to know was, has anyone else encountered anything like this?

-Henry C.

On a related note...this thing no longer looked like a prog. It had these metal tentacles that it used for locomotion, and to attach to the navi. It's pretty distinctive, but it initially appeared to be a backpack.

Hmmm, I cannot say I have encountered anything of this nature before. It sounds dreadful! You have taken the time to report the incident to the Net Police, have you not? Something like this would surely need investigation, especially if a navigator was killed in the process!

Make sure you are taking good care of yourself out there when you are busting, yes?

Thanks for your advice, I will definitely be reporting this to the netpolice.

-Henry Chronosky
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Yeah, plenty of crazy stuff here in the net, I keep hearing rumors about weird experiments from freakin' everyone! NetMafia, NetPolice... hell, even the smaller groups like the Blessers, FORFEIT, Terror Girls, and even the Neo Shogunate have some real freaks in their ranks. Did you know the NS has a literal GIANT? Not like that Escort lady (she could "escort" me, ifyaknowwhatI'msayin'), I mean a Navi dozens of feet tall.

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Welcome to the Net, newbie. This ain't new.

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Not quite a parasite, but I did see a really strange-looking Metool in ACDC a few weeks ago. Really twitchy, had a glowing red eye, and was.... eating another virus. It fled as soon as I got close, and haven't seen it since.

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It's the GNA, Man! They're using the Mr. Progs to mentally neuter anyone who doesn't bow down to them! Check out these files and the documentary, also a link to my patronage site: <Malware detected, link removed. -GNA> The truth is out there!!!

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To not be as blunt as the others, you have only scratched the surface of how wild and cruel the Net can be. Be lucky you made it out in one piece. While I have your attention, have you seen this SP? <File titled "Nell.SP_screenshot" removed due to file size. -GNA>