As most Officials/Admins know. I asked to get my current GMO changed. I got the yes word of all. So here is the new thing...

Divinity's armor seems to completely melt as it covers her entire body. All the metal covering her body now is entirely silver, not a trace of gold anymore. The body curves, body muscles and everything else (except the 'private parts') that makes a body human-like are still visible through the metal as it has practically become her skin. Upon her chest come lines that form a large golden cross.
Divinity's visor disappears from her face and her hair shrinks to shoulder height, taking the ponytail out of her design. The metal continues to cover her design and her hair becomes of a metallic silver alloy, but still moves and does like normal hair. The only part not metalic is the front of her face.
But by moving her hand from her hair down to her chin, she can create a metallic mask upon her face that covers all facial features. The mask goes a bit lower than her chin in a point like the beak of a hawk. A black T-shaped form, with the upper part a bit curved, is upon this cover with a golden glow coming out of a line on the top part that represents her eyesight. She can still talk through this mask and only really uses this mask in battles.
If Divinity holds her arms along her body, she can bring wings out that stick between her body and her arms. She can only float with these, as flapping them is a tad hard, and therefore has rocket prepulsion in her boots.
She can attack enemies by shooting golden energy beams from the inside of her hands. Same goes for chip attacks and Signature Attacks.

Yeah, that's about it.
Obviously, I don't really need to tell you this, but as a formality remember that there's no gaining mechanical advantage by making a close range attack a laser or some such thing, any more than what's already allowed anyway.

Anyhow, approved. Go forth, ye winged avenger.
*Hits Heat over the head with a shovel* Lock approved topics, plx.