Maru Lulu & VenusMan.EXE

I'm rebirthing Regina and Veda.EXE to this new pair. I'm rewriting my 'personal story' as if this entire pair never happened. As such, this rebirth continues at the point where I decided to rebirth into Regina and Veda. I have asked our 3 Admins for their input and they've given me their OK on this. While VenusMan is a returning Navi, all FXP he used to have will be ignored/erased as per the rules.

Short summary of events:
- VenusMan goes berserk due to parasitic virus.
- VenusMan vanishes from Satou's PET.
- Djinni, elsewhere, is divided into 7 different entities. Djinni herself and 1 for each of her Crosses.
- Original Djinni, weakened, gets devoured by a rampant VenusMan.
- VenusMan escapes the crime scene, obtaining some of Djinni's original power (her NaviCust).
- VenusMan, looking for another victim, falls into a trap set by the creator of the parasitic virus.
- VenusMan gets rebuild by the creator and becomes his new Operator. Loses most memories of the past (FXP) in process.

And now the new pair:

Name: Maru Lulu
Age: 28 years old
Gender: Female
Appearance: Maru is a dark skinned, short (5’05” feet; 1.53 meter) and stocky (135 lbs; 61.3kg) woman. She has a modest bust and a well trained body, it being very clear that she works out a lot. She has black hair, short on the right side and long on the left side with the left side falling over her face to cover her eye. Her right eye is light brown, while her left eye is a smooth glass eye without a pupil. She also has three scars, clearly the work of an animal, across her right eye, going from top to bottom. She wears a pair of glasses with black rims and round glasses, although naturally only for her right eye.
She is not picky when it comes to attire and will usually just wear whatever agrees to the situation. Although she isn’t one for ‘formal wear’, so she’ll still dress normal for special occasions.
Personality: Maru is easily described as mean. She is hard on people, no matter if they’re real or digital. But only because she wants them to become better than they are. She has a softer spot for animals than for humans. She used to be a zoo keeper and has worked for a circus as lion tamer, hence that she insists on standing at the top of the food chain. While there are a lot of things people do Maru will simply scoff at because humans are idiots, the one thing she won’t accept is being made fun of for being short. When she’s not forced into human contact, she will usually take her time to go working out her body.
PET Modifications: Maru’s PET is designed like a flip phone, with a touchscreen on both sides. It’s got a black case with an emblem on the top side. This emblem is circular, with sharp white teeth coming from the top and bottom with 2 red orbs side-by-side in the center on a dark green background.

Name: VenusMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Type: Wood/Guts
Appearance: VenusMan is a tall (6 feet; 1.82 meter) and slim Navi with a light green skin color. While not particularly muscular, he is defined enough to look fit. He has dark green hair that’s styled and slicked to the back, leaving nothing over the forehead. Covering his eyes, which are entirely black without pupil or iris, are goggles with red round glasses and black rims. VenusMan also has a fairly wide mouth, filled with sharp, fang-like teeth. Covering his ears are circular audio receivers with his emblem on it, his emblem being a red heart with dark green fang-like spikes coming from it on a light green background.
Covering his body, from top to bottom, is a black bodysuit. He wears a piece of armor over his chest which is dark green in color. The bottom side of the armor resembles an upside-down V and goes from the center of his chest to just above his sides. This bottom edge is jagged, as if they’re big sharp teeth. This armor also covers up his arms up to his wrists. Right below the jagged edge, on his bodysuit, is a red line that follows the same pattern. A red broad line goes across the sides of his bodysuit.
He’s got an octagonal dark green backpack, with the sides being longer than the edges. The bottom side, however, ends up in a V shape instead of a straight line and connects to the bottom side of the chest armor, without it being jagged. The red line of his bodysuit also goes along the bottom side of the backpack. The backpack juts out a bit with the grooves of the octagonal shape. Sticking out of the backpack are 4 flower pods, 2 on each side. These have large red leaf-shaped petals, about the size of VenusMan’s lower arm. These are positioned near the bottom of the backpack with their connectors positioned like a crescent across the bottom. Each flower pod is angled outwards. At the top of the backpack, centered, is a circular piece with VenusMan’s emblem on it.
VenusMan’s gloves are dark green and have claws at the end. In actuality, VenusMan’s hands are a set of flower pods as those on his backpack. Except these have their petals curled backwards across VenusMan’s arm.
Attached to each of VenusMan’s hips is a dark green disc with a red circle on it. On his bodysuit is a red line around the discs. These discs are magnetized holsters for VenusMan’s pistols, which are dark green with a black top and have a blocky and futuristic design to them.
VenusMan’s boots are mostly dark green, with the soles and a small part connected to the soles at the front being black. The top side of the boots at the front are angled in an upside-down V shape, jagged like teeth as his body armor. A red line on the bodysuit follows this pattern along the way. The bottom of his boots appear blocky in design. VenusMan’s boots are integrated into his bodysuit and look as if they’re part of his bodysuit.
Curled around VenusMan’s neck is a dark green thick and large scarf that has a texture like a plant. It is so big that VenusMan could easily hide the lower half of his face by tucking in his head. It also covers part of his shoulders. Neither side of the scarf is anywhere to be seen. The scarf can grow dark green leaves from the inside, which are capable of enveloping VenusMan’s entire head.
Once his head is enveloped by these leaves, it transforms into Carnivore. Carnivore looks like a massive ball with a dark green leaf-like exterior, a giant mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth and 2 bright shining red eyes that are inside of the mouth. Carnivore can launch itself from VenusMan’s neck, keeping the connection between body and itself through a vine with an indefinite length. Once launched, Carnivore can easily grow up to 10 times its normal size. VenusMan’s head can't go back to normal until Carnivore returns. VenusMan, however, still maintains control over his body and his voice still comes from his body, although he essentially becomes blind when this happens.
Personality: Easily infatuated. Acts cool & cold because he thinks the women like that. Actually doesn’t know what to do if he were to succeed at wooing a woman. Normally very laidback and dismissive. Generally a fine guy to hang out with. Dislikes creepy things and will actively try to get out of its way. Does not dislike or get scared of Carnivore though. Smokes.
Custom Weapon: ORCHID; Offensive Remote Control Hardware Interchangeable Drone. This is the designation of VenusMan’s flower pods. These flower pods can disengage from VenusMan’s body and float on their own, giving VenusMan full control over them as if they’re a set of additional limbs for him. They can create whatever weapon they want within them. Or another set of hands, as VenusMan’s own hands are a set of ORCHIDs already. He also has Carnivore to use for weaponry, but that’s only for more special occasions.

Signature Attacks:
Level 11
Active: 140
Active + Nerf: 210
Passive: 25
Total Pool 0/200

Name: Carnivore
Description: VenusMan lets his head transform into Carnivore, after which Carnivore launches himself at a target in order to bite and/or devour them. If Carnivore were to kill something with this move, the target would get dissolved into data in its mouth before being transmitted to VenusMan’s body.
Because his actual head has been flung around for Carnivore’s attack, VenusMan has a harder time to focus and aim after it has returned which causes a decrease in accuracy afterwards.
80 Wood DMG; 1 Target
Self Accuracy Nerf
80pts + 40nerf

Name: ORCHID - Pistol
Description: VenusMan aims at an enemy with his pistol, charging a stronger attack inside of it. But before it’s done charging completely VenusMan runs away while letting his hand and pistol remain in place, hovering above the ground. Some time afterwards, the pistol will fire its attack after which the hand returns to VenusMan.
Time Delayed (Begin Of Next Turn): 100 Wood DMG; 1 Target

Bringing over from the previous pair:
Process Upgrades: 3
Buster Upgrades: 1
Subchips: 2x MiniEnergy
NaviCust Expansions: 8
NaviCust Parts: AirShoes [30], FloatShoes [30], Undershirt [10], Shield [15]
BattleChips: Navi+20, 3-Way, BusterBomb, BusterPunch, BusterSword, BusterSword, Plasma1, TrainArrow1, ElementLeaf, LilCloud, Guard1
Okay by me, approved. Don't forget to update your sig and also your information database topics before you start posting!

(Also write total points 200/200 instead of 0/200)