Elec Attacks and Snow Panels

I’m sure I’m reading it wrong, but the Terrains section states that Snow panels do not conduct electricity.

Is this just a typo, and what it’s supposed to mean is that there’s no multiplier bonus for Elec attacks landing on Snow panels, not that navis are protected from Elec attacks while on Snow panels?

Apologies if this has already been asked; didn’t seen it in the list, and the search feature was... not helpful. :/
No multiplier bonus for Elec attacks landing on Snow panels.
@azureink thanks for that, that’s what I thought.
It's old verbiage that was originally in place opposite ice and sea panels, which do provide a bonus - when it was written it was seemingly decided that it needed to be explicitly stated that snow, by contrast, did not, but honestly, it's just led to more people being confused over the years.
@rogan which is fine, as I intend to use Snow terrain in some sigs in the future, but just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t misreading that. I was expecting some kind of x2 Elec multiplier, so when it stated “does not conduct Elec” that’s also where my mind went, but wanted confirmation first; seemed odd that Aqua types would get a free terrain defence.