<insert Rocky theme>

So ScorchMan is doing a-thiiiiiiis...


Old Conflagration: 40 Fire [A], 20HP Barrier; 2TCD [60 pts]

New Conflagration: 40 Fire [A], 40HP Barrier; 2TCD [80 pts]

And Phase is doing a-thiiiiiiis...


Old Phase Engine: Setup: 1-Hit Shield; 1TCD [20 pts]
Old Phase Engine: Liquid: 40 Aqua {A}; 1TCD [40 pts]

New Phase Engine: Solid: 40HP Casing; 1TCD [40 pts]
New Phase Engine: Setup: Imbue Aqua, Strengthen 20; 1TCD [40 pts]
New Subtype Active Ability: Overcoat [makes more sense with Dignity's systems to produce defence as a stream rather than in singular bites]

And Hex is...OH GOD WHY

Old sigs:
Name: Infect [120 pts]

Effects: [80 Null {A}, Break, Glitch]; 3TCD

Name: Overwhelm [100 pts]
Effects: [Blast2 Stun + Glitch {A}]; 3TCD

Name: Regenerate [100 pts]
Effects: [75 Heal]; 3TCD

Name: Reboot [30 pts]
Effects: [Status Cure]; 1TCD

Name: Converge [70 pts]
Effects: [2-Hit Shield, Strengthen 30]; 2TCD

New sigs:
Signature Pool: (440/440)

Caps: 140 (210) / 25

Name: Infect [20x4 ppts]
Effects: [Glitch]

Name: Overwhelm [60 pts]
Effects: [Stun, Blast2]; 2TCD

Name: Consume [120 pts]
Effects: [30 Lifedrain {A}, Nova2]; 3tcd

Name: Breed [140 pts + 60 npts = 200 pts]
Effects: [Glitch10 {A}, Charge Burner 2]; 5tcd


Egomorph Sig Name: Manifest [40 pts]
Effects: Random Attribute; 1TCD [Mod rolls a d10, results determined as follows:]

  • [40 Elec {A}]

  • [20 Elec {B}, Drop Attack, Blast2]

  • [20 Elec {A}, Glitch]

  • [Glitch2]

  • [30 Healing]

  • [Microburst]

  • [Gravity]

  • [Dodge]

  • [Large Broken Terrain]

  • [Strengthen 60, Sacrifice 15]

  • [/ol]
    Flavourtext for Hex's new abilities to be added later. Also requesting to change Hex's subtype active to Glitch Eater, because...do I need to explain this one? It's Hex.
    This all looks correct to me, Out with the old and in with the new and... improved(?)

    Something to note, you don't need to worry about changing your subtype abilities here; they aren't fixed.  You can pick which ones you want every time you jack in. (So, you might choose Contagion and Glitch-Eater one jack-in, and then the next thread decide to give Glitch-Eater and Floating-Point a try, then after that decide to try floating-point and Hack in the next thread, no registration posts required.)