Posting Log New Topic Check

This topic should be logged in #posting_log.
This post should be logged in #posting_log.
Another post should be logged in #posting_log, but not twice.
Tess post

Like a test post, but made by Tess

I am not Tess.  Tess is another character I play.

Let's pretend she's the one making this Test Post

That way it's also a Tess Post.
Testing another posting log script post.
Tray Post

Like a Trial Post, but made by Tray.

I am not Tray.  Tray is another character I play sometimes.

Let's pretend that Tray is making this post.

That way it can be a Tray post, as well as a Trial Post.
True Post.

Like Test Post, but not made by either Tess or Tray.

Tess and tray have gone away.  Sometimes they go off to play with each other.

Let's pretend this post was not made by anyone.

That way it can be a True Post, as well as a Test Post.
Tina Post.  Like a Tiny Post, but made by Tina.  Tina doens't usually concern herself with these things, so it's unusual to see her.  She's going away now, so this will have to just remain a Tiny Post instead.
Last test post.
Another one before we send it off to be reviewed.
Test post should be captured.
Can we capture this one?