A fairly radical shift. Under that business suit and tough demeanor, Joseph hides a secret--he's a closet otaku. He'll kill you if you dare mention it, but occasionally small details slip out.

Like Frag "transforming" into a block T-Rex.

The shift is actually pretty simple. Frag's head slides into his body, while his torso twists 90 degrees, leaving his red arm before him and his blue arm behind him. The red arm engorges and rises while the blue arm elongates and lowers, resulting in a pseudo-head and a long "tail. A thin jagged black line doodles its way across the middle of the red block, creating a comical grin. Two eyes also appear, but these... are actually real. Who knows where they came from?

The body is mostly the same, but the arms have shifted in position as well, joining with the torso at the top and the bottom instead of at the sides. The legs have moved up to the abdomin in response, resulting in a slightly bent posture.

All in all, it's a T-Rex. Made of blocks. Sans arms. But those things were stubbly on a real T-Rex anyhow.

Also, for some reason Frag seems extremely aggressive in this form. Who let the dino out?

Most chips loaded on "Head." (red)
Sword/Melee chips loaded on "Tail." (blue)
Far Fist still works. It's just quite silly when the head is launched.


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