Guest's Tents (Meridian)

With the bustle of the Neo-Shogun Army's outdoor Associate HQ, composed mostly of yellow tents and carpets, it's easy to miss the ordinarily vacant, starched white tents at the corner of the facility. These tents house guests visiting the HQ. Today, the Neo-Shogun's First General makes a rare appearance at these tents to receive a visitor from another faction.

Yasu stood ramrod straight like a watchman in front of the tents, her one good eye scanning through the crowded encampment. "Amidst a sea of the inferior gender, all clad in those favored yellow tunics, it should be easy to spot the approach of a spider woman-clad in purple," she reasoned, speaking to whoever was in the tent. A soft humming came from the tent, failing to miss a beat even as the General spoke. "Are you anywhere near done setting up?"

"Of course! My operator does this for a living, you know," a female voice responded from the tent, lightly inflected with a conventional Electopian accent. "All I need to know is when she shows up."

"Good... Good," Yasu responded, crossing her arms across the surface of her broad, green breastplate.
It wasn't long before Sylk had made her way to the NS headquarters encampment, in a flash of blue as she entered into the network. As she looked around the spider could only wonder what the large gathering was for. Maybe she was wrong but her belief was that this wasn't a normal thing. Sylks eyes scanned her surroundings, but most of what she saw consisted of lower ranking soldiers dressed in yellow. An interesting fact then dawned on her.

I... don't know what this Meridian or General Yasu look like...

Sylk paused for a moment to mull this over. It could make beginning this mission a bit of a chore. Though as she took another look around, the notion that perhaps they would be the only ones not wearing the simple yellow tunics like the rest of those here. Figuring that was good enough, she strolled through the area, keeping an eye out for someone different and important looking.
It wouldn't have been too hard for Sylk to find Yasu in the crowd, but it was even easier for Yasu to spot Sylk, thanks to her extra appendages. "Ah, there she is!" Yasu exclaimed, holding one fist up so that Sylk could see her and come over. "It will be pleasant to finally meet a competent new recruit."

"Do the Neo-Shogun recruits have a tendency towards incompetence? Then maybe you are not so different from the Mafia after all! Hoo hoo," the voice laughed from inside the tent.

"We've simply been getting a lot of impudent males lately. The Shogun's new, more inclusive recruiting policies have worked well, but they're giving me a migraine," she grumbled. As Sylk approached, she called in to the tent once again for Meridian to hurry her work, to which the Electopian navi gave another snarky reply. "Ah, there we are. Meridian, I present to you the Arachnid Lady, Sylk."

Meridian emerged from the tent in a quick motion, as if inordinately excited to see who'd shown up. The mafia navi was another woman, short and Electopian. Her hair was done into a roll, keeping all but a few bangs from her forehead, while the rest hang behind her in two tremendous tails. Her eyes had a fox-like, sly squint with raised, intelligent eyebrows and her painted lips were pulled into a playful smile. Her wardrobe consisted of white-and-red, long-sleeved robes and a black sash; her red shoes shifted in and out of view from under the robe's hem.

"Oh, good! I finally get to meet you. Our intel picked up something about a confrontation with ROT; that's when I first heard of you. The NeoShoguns were there, so I thought I smelled a lead, and what do you know? Now I've found you!" the girl chuckled, grinning broadly. Yasu continued smiling, showing no hint that there was any danger behind the statements.

"You see, Sylk, Meridian has been seeking you out because you have potential to provide a very special service, based on your unique capabilities," Yasu continued, placing one hand on her subordinate's shoulder. "Free of charge, she has decided to train you in the art of therapeutic massage. She's got me convinced that once you learn her techniques, your prowess will be an asset to be used towards the glory of our Shogun."

"It's true! By all that I can figure, you would be the perfect disciple to learn the arts of massage therapy. I've set you up this tent, where we can practice your craft. If you're interested, you can make a flat rate per massage, in addition to bonuses based on performance- all while helping out your army!" Meridian chuckled. "It's also a great way to meet people! Hoo hoo, hoo~"

"If you're interested, we'll tell you all about the full regiment we've put together for your training," the general continued, clenching one fist in excitement. "You are, of course, free to decline. Consider carefully, though; this is an excellent opportunity we've been given."
It was only a short while before Sylk's attention was caught by a navi clad in green armor, raising an arm and looking at her intently. She gave the impression of someone strong and proud, possibly of a high rank as Sylk gave Yasu a brief once over from a distance. Oh, she looks tough. I guess that must be the general they had mentioned. Seeing no one else who fit the description of a general, Sylk marched her way over to the tent at which Yasu seemed to be stationed.

Before getting a chance to introduce herself or even question if this was in fact the right navi, all her questions were answered as the Green-clad navi seemed to be fully aware of the spider, and even to go so far as introduce her to the mysterious "Meridian" who seemed to be holed up in the tent. Well whatever. I guess that works to. Thinking to herself, finding it unnecessary to introduce herself again. Instead she just relaxed her stance a bit, Her low set of arms connecting behind her, the other 2 crossing against her body in front as she smiled softly. Before being able to speak she was interrupted by the navi known as Meridian appearing from the tent swiftly in excitement.

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Her words polite as she gave a slight bow, before returning to her previous gestures.

Sylk listened attentively as the navi explained how she had been searching for the Arachnid, and talked about her potential and possible greatness. Sylk couldn't help but change the smile to a grin the more she heard, pleased at the thought of achieving something great with her wonderful body. From the sounds of it she could even have some fun with the skills afterwards, and that was always a plus. After hearing everything, it was plain to see what her answer had to be.

Decline? Now how could I do that after all this work just to find me, hmm~? I'm quite flattered, and I would gladly work with someone who thinks so highly of my capabilities. Not to mention doing my part for the NeoShoguns. So, let's discuss the finer details, shall we~?
"A good answer! I figured you for a reliable one," Yasu continued, nodding with a brief but satisfied smile. "I'll let Meridian tell you the details of your work and payment, then."

"Thank you, Yasu. And thank you, Sylk! You will not regret this decision, I assure you. It's a great skill to have and also makes you the life of any party, hoo hoo!" the mafioso assured Sylk. "Yasu, if you would, please wait outside. Each massage session should feature only the masseuse and the patient, you see, for maximum immersion."

Nodding, the general closed her eyes and turned to stand sentry-like at the front of the tent. In the mean time, Meridian eagerly herded Sylk inside.

"With your six arms, Sylk, you could be the perfect massage therapist. I'm going to lay out some techniques for you, and then we'll start, using me for practice. I'm not real tense, so it should be an easy massage to get through," the acupuncturist/masseuse/mafioso explained, sitting up on a professional looking massage table as she did so. "Of course, as a member of Techari, I have technology to help you out with it! We don't live in the dark ages any more. Nowadays, you can rely on technology to help you through all of the hardest parts of the job, such as gauging customer satisfaction."

Meridian transferred a small packet of data to Sylk's PET, then explained while she waited for the package to be accepted. "The tool will be available as an HUD for both you and your operator to see. It has several gauges. The top is relaxation vs. excitement. Some people want to be relaxed when they are massaged; others want to be excited. You'll have to try to figure out which they want by their reactions. In general, use more pressure to create excitement and less to create relaxation. The second gauge is disinterest vs. arousal. Generally, you'd like to put people towards arousal all the time. You can even arouse people of your own gender and get tips for it! Did you know? Hoo hoo..." she chuckled, covering her smile with her robe's sleeve.

"Next up is a meter that reads the chi flowing through an area of a person's body; the reduced flow of chi indicates an area that still needs to be massaged. The only way to figure out where is a constantly updating reading, indicating the chi flow of where you are massaging. If you do too much at once, this meter becomes useless, because it'll try to read across the entire body."

"The final is a meter for passing out. You might not know it, but some people like very intense or relaxed massages. Too relaxing and they'll fall asleep; too hard and they'll actually fall unconscious! In general, you want to stay about 50% on this gauge without going too far to either side, although... in some cases, you'll want to ride it as close as you can without going over. Making your patients pass out is not a good thing, though... a-hoo..."

"Gauge aside, you have a few additional considerations as well regarding personalization of your own technique. Your 'bedside manor' is very important as you work. To keep a customer awake, you may want to use conversation; on the other hand, if you're trying to relax them, conversation can have an adverse affect. There's also a choice of your personal taste here as well: how would you like to perform the massage? Allow me to explain further..."

"When I massage, I do it in this garment. I stand at bedside and work from side view. You, however, may want to pick something that suits you better! My operator, for instance, performs massages with both her and the recipient clothed in nothing but bath-towels, and she sits right on the other navi's back to do it! That's another kind of massage altogether, but a valid one. It's up to you to decide the specifics before you begin. And last but not least: how do you want the recipient to lay? A lot of masseuses do the whole thing with the patient on their stomach, which is good for modesty's sake, but you can get a more thorough massage if you include the front too."

Exhaling deeply, Meridian finally finished her explanation. "Well, that's it! You have six arms, so you've got a lot of options that many of us don't. You ought to feel privileged for that!" she chuckled. "If you have any other questions, ask now; we'll start right after. I'll be paying you 1000 zenny up front with a bonus for performance. Remember, it's the customer's right to ask for a refund if you do a terrible job! Just don't knock anyone out and it'll be fine, okay?"
Sylk listened intently to the explanation, though there was so much information to keep track of it seemed. She never would have imagined that there was this much work put into what she thought a simple massage. To her, it was just making the other feel good, or so she imagined anyways. Perhaps this wouldn't be as easy as she had initially assumed. As the speech continued, Sylk had the programs running and installing in the back ground to cut down on the wait time. Linking up the files with her own interface, Sylk made it easier for her to see and access the meters so she wouldn't have to keep pausing to run a system scan of sorts.

That should do it. Now I just have to actually figure out what to do. Having fun while doing it, of course, hehehe~

With everything all in order, and Meridian wrapping up her lengthy explanation, Sylk breathed a sigh as she tried to keep all the info in memory. I must say, i didn't realise there was so much to watch for... but that only makes it more interesting, heehee~ She was getting excited just thinking about it. After all, it would be so handy to have in her portfolio of abilities.

I don't really have any more questions in general, I suppose. After all, that was quite a detailed introduction, my dear. She added, thinking over everything that had been mentioned, and being unfamiliar with the whole process Sylk wasn't sure if there was something mission that she should be made aware of. Sylk didn't worry about it to much though, figuring that this little round with Meridian would clear up anything like that. I think i'll have to try your approach for now though. As you can see, a towel wouldn't quite work in my case~ She said, gesturing to the location of her many arms and the way it would just interfere with the massage.

Perhaps we should get started, and you can impart some useful tips onto me? How would you like to begin... and would you prefer a back, or full body? The spider said with a bit of a smirk as the last line left her lips.
"Oh, right! What do you wear in the bath, though? Well, a lady shouldn't ask, a-hoo," Meridian chuckled slyly, then lay down on her front. "Here's a little tip for free: ask the patient to take off her shoes, if nothing else! Nobody really wears shoes that allow the sort of sensitivity of touch that you'll need for this." With that, Meridian kicked off both shoes, revealing the purple navisuit covering her feet. "And a lot of people build up tension in their feet."

"Since this is training for you, we can do full body, if you like. Just tell me when to flip," Meridian continued, laying her face down cheek-first against the pillow. "Time for trial by fire! Just start with your hands anywhere and we'll see what you need to do."

TARGET: Meridian.EXE
Relaxation vs. Excitement: 15% (super-relaxed)
Indifference vs. Arousal: 20% (mildly aroused)
Chi Build Up Across Body: 250% (good flow)
Chi Build Up by Area Massaged: N/A
Consciousness: 50% (perfect balance)


((Sylk can use any part of her body to massage, applying 25% pressure per body part used. She can apply more pressure in increments of 25% by applying several body parts to one area; 25% is a light rub, 100% is a pinpoint thrust. There is essentially no limit to how many body parts you can use to massage.))
You mean you wear something in the bath? Hmmhmm~ A swift reply from the spider with a sly grin, as she limbered up her own body in preparation for the work she was about to perform. Alright, I'll keep that in mind then. I suppose I'll ask them to get as undressed as they're comfortable with too, if less is best. She added, thinking about different methods for going about this. As she looked at her own attire, she wondered if her own clothing options would matter much as far as content went. Her clothing wasn't exactly heavy in cover, nor bulky. That didn't mean she couldn't have more fun in something else.

Turning her back for a moment, Sylk slid two hands beneath her clothing, one at her chest and one at her waist. In a few moments, the sound of clothing could be heard hitting the floor as the spider returned her attention to Meridian. Another advantage of being a spider... I can make comfortable outfits whenever I need. Flaunting her lovely new two piece. Nothing beats my Silky threads for comfort. If you have to wear something, anyways~

Sylk slowly approached the table, a slightly sway in her step as she smiled towards her teacher and customer. She relaxed herself as she looked over Meridian, pondering where to start for the best effect. Knowing how stiff her own shoulders and neck could get, she thought that might be the best approach and then work her way down.

Her upper set of arms lightly began to work on Meridians neck, gently massaging with her fingers and working into the tissue. She gradually made her way up, giving a slight Scalp massage as well, before working her way back down. Of course using her limbs to her advantage Sylk didn't stop there. The spider used her other two sets to get working on Meridians shoulders and back, pressing harder then she had for her neck as she kneaded the muscles thoroughly. So tell me, what's your preference hmm? Sylk inquired softly, as she worked on the navi's body. and how do you like your massages, Hmmhmmhmm~ She teased lightly as she tried to coax the best way to handle this out of Meridian.


100% pressure to shoulders/back

50% to Neck/scalp
"Yow! Aaaah!" Meridian cried out, sobbing in pain as Sylk worked on her back. "O-Okay, first thing! You are a navi who has done a lot of busting over her life, I take it. You are probably used to doing whatever you do hard. But please, remember: when you are massaging, your massage ought to default to soft, then go in hard only to remove a blockage! If you press down too hard where there's no blockage, you're just going to hurt whoever you're massaging."

Meridian looked over to face Sylk, saw her outfit, then raised her eyebrows. "Sorry for yelling... I can tell you're enthusiastic! That's good! It's fine for beginners to make mistakes," she continued, laying her chin back down against the pillow. "Me, I don't get real tense, so there's no need to use a lot of pressure. I prefer it a little smooth, really!"

TARGET: Meridian.EXE
Relaxation vs. Excitement: 50% (uncertain)
Indifference vs. Arousal: 15% (little arousal)
Chi Build Up Across Body: 175% (good flow)
Chi Build Up by Area Massaged

Neck: 0%
Upper back: 0%
Small of back: 0%
Left shoulder: 0%
Left upper arm: 0%
Right shoulder: 0%
Right upper arm: 0%
Consciousness: 75% (stinging)
Eh-heh... sorry. I suppose I don't know my own strength. She replied, a little embarrassed at her immediate failure as she eased up on her technique. I usually use the extra arms to exert more strength...

With a bit of a sigh, Sylk reassessed her situation. She feared putting more pressure onto the same area she over worked, and tried to come up with a new course of action to compensate for now. Well, lets make this more enjoyable for you then, shall we? Sylk whispered softly to Meridian, as her arms slowly began to spread out. Sylk was now leaning forward, gently pressing her chest against Meridians back as her hands repositioned to both sides of the navi's body. Sylk used two sets of arms to begin lightly working both the upper arms as well as working the forearms and hands separately. If she liked it smoother and more delicate, this should be a nice touch.

Is this more your pace? She murmured, her head hovering a foot of two from her customers, as a single hand trailed down from the base of her neck. Using the last free hand to keep herself aloft as she leaned forward, Sylk slowly and gently began to rub and stroke Meridians lower back. She tried to use a combination of her fingers and her palm in an alternating fashion, as she wondered just how well a single hand would do for a whole area.


25% x 2 - Left/right forearm and hand

25% x 2 - upper left/right arm and shoulder

25% lower back
"That does feel a lot better...!" Meridian admitted, turning her head to lay her cheek against the pillow. Her eyes opened just a bit as Sylk's breasts pushed against her back, revealing thin, brown pupils. She closed them back, then smiled encouragingly. "Yeah, that's one of Byung-Soon's tricks! If you've got the boobs for it, a soft motion like that's good for arousal. Not great for removing blockage, but sometimes, just right for improving the mood."

"You know, I keep my hands in pretty good shape for my work, but I spend a lot of time sitting down in my chair, the chi doesn't circulate so well when you're sitting down," she offered, wiggling her toes in joking anticipation.

Sylk heard a slight ruffle at the front of the tent, noticing the flap move ever so slightly. There was a pretty good chance somebody had peeked in through there.

TARGET: Meridian.EXE
Relaxation vs. Excitement: 30% (relaxed)
Indifference vs. Arousal: 30% (mildly aroused)
Chi Build Up Across Body: 175% (good flow)
Chi Build Up by Area Massaged

Upper back: 0%
Small of back: 0%
Left shoulder: 0%
Left upper arm: 0%
Left forearm: 0%
Left hand: 0%
Right shoulder: 0%
Right upper arm: 0%
Right forearm: 0%
Right hand: 0%
Consciousness: 50% (perfect balance)
Glad to hear it, hmmhmmhmm~

Sylk was pleased that she managed to come back from the initial disaster she had caused. it was only a matter of time before she became a professional at this sort of thing. After all, she was great with her hands. She was a little surprised at the mention of a technique, as while she hadn't really been trying for that effect, it seemed to work out somehow. I'll certainly have to keep that in mind then.

As meridian began to mention her feet once more, Sylk took the hint and brought her hands to a halt on the upper body. Well, if that's what you'd like, I'd be happy to oblige. After all, I'm here to... satisfy all your desires~ She seductively added, before standing up. Sylk relocated herself next to Meridians lower body, softly running one hand down along the teacher's thigh and continuing past until Sylk reached the exposed foot.

Lets get energy flowing then, shall we?

Lightly taking each foot into her lower set of arms, her thumbs stroked and rubbed the muscles attentively, working the entirety of the part. She traced the contours with her fingers from top to bottom, then began pressing into the tissue as she made her way back up. As she began at the bottom, her middle set of limbs took their place at Meridians shins. Starting above the ankle and making her way up at a snails pace, Sylk kneaded the muscles with a mixture of grips and applying pressure with her palm. She refrained from putting too much force into things this time around, gauging her clients actions this time as she moved on.

Sylk decided to keep all of her hands busy, however. Her upper most arms stroked from the base of Meridians feet, trailing along her shins, and finally began a pleasant towards the inner thighs. Only going a short distance at first, her hand returned to the start of the thighs and applied a touch of friction as her hands continued back up at an even slower tempo. She would take her time and hopefully let Meridian enjoy each and every motion as she tried this method.

Sylk turned her gaze to the tend opening for a brief moment as she noticed a tiny movement and Rustling of the fabric, then returning her gaze to the customer. Oh my, I do hope thats just the wind. I would hate to have to punish someone for being impatient, and not waiting for their own turn~ Well perhaps I wouldn't hate it, but I can promise they would, hmmhmmhmm~


feet - 25% each

shins - 25% each

Thighs - 25% each
"It feels good, Sylk... Oh, but don't worry about the shins too much. You can generally take care of the legs easiest if you get around the shins," Meridian explained, speaking in an easy tone. "Oh, but here's something a little tricky: you may have to get in between the toes. Some people won't like you to touch their feet; others will. Chi builds up there a lot, though, so if you can, try to do so! You can really get rid of a lot of blockage by focusing there sometimes."

Meridian looked back briefly as Sylk mentioned someone watching, then waved one hand dismissively. "Don't worry! A good masseuse takes pride in her work," she chuckled jovially. "But whoever's out there might be ruining it for herself if she peeks!"

"Both of you, watch your tongues! To think that you'd insult my honor in such a fashion," the irate voice of Yasu responded from just outside the tent.

TARGET: Meridian.EXE
Relaxation vs. Excitement: 20% (peaceful)
Indifference vs. Arousal: 40% (mildly aroused)
Chi Build Up Across Body: 75% (near perfect flow)
Chi Build Up by Area Massaged
Left toes: 25%
Left foot: 0%
Left lower thigh: 0%
Left upper thigh: 0%
Right toes: 25%
Right foot: 0%
Right lower thigh: 0%
Right upper thigh: 0%
Consciousness: 40% (a little sleepy)
hehehe~ I don't think she liked that. Sylk chuckled softly as she heard Yasu's response to the teasing, before returning herself to focusing on Meridian.

Starting up once more on Meridians feet, this time slipping her fingers between the toes, Sylk used a soft grip as she worked them as best she could. Thoroughly massaging each toe individually with a light touch, Sylk tried to do the best she possibly could to relieve Meridian of every bit of tension and blockage of chi. She was really getting into the whole process, finding it easier as she went along.

So tell me, are there any other special techniques or methods that you find effective? I would love to get the best results after all. I'm sure my customers would as well. Sylk was curious the kinds of things Meridian knew, given she was learning everything from scratch. After all, the better her form, the better her results.

As her hands finished working their magic on Meridians toes, Sylk monitored the gauges carefully, and reflected back on everything she had been doing up until that point. She kept a mental note of what was effected in raising which meter, and which things didn't work at all. There was one detail that caught her attention though. Hmmm... did I miss something? There still seems to be a bit of build up.


Left toes - 25%

right toes - 25%
"Not bad, Sylk! But remember, when you massage around the feet, spend more time in between the toes than on the toes. It's that branching point where the tension builds, you know?" Meridian instructed her pupil, speaking through her clenched lips to avoid giggling. "Also, if somebody laughs during this part, don't be offended, cause it's hard not to! But remember that if you're wanting to keep your patron relaxed, it's often best to avoid the toes altogether."

"Let's see..." Sylk's mentor muttered, taking a peek at the gauge behind her. "Hoo hoo! Twenty-five percent, that's all?! I'm in even leaner, better shape than I thought!" she giggled. "But no, really, that's peanuts. That's nearly as good as you can do! I can give you a hint where the last little spot is, though... Have you ever considered a facial massage? It takes a delicate touch, but a good massage to the cheeks, nose, and jaw, just like with applying sunscreen, can remove a lot of chi blockage! There's interesting theories about why chi builds up there... but my face is always relaxed! You wouldn't think there'd be much, would you?"

"I should also warn you that this about as long as you'll have to perform the massage in most cases! I know it seems fast for you, but it seems pretty slow for the patient... It's hard to balance. Regardless, you should try to wrap up around now!"

TARGET: Meridian.EXE
Relaxation vs. Excitement: 20% (peaceful)
Indifference vs. Arousal: 40% (mildly aroused)
Chi Build Up Across Body: 25% (near perfect flow)
Chi Build Up by Area Massaged
Left toes: 0%
Left foot: 0%
Right toes: 0%
Right foot: 0%
Consciousness: 40% (a little sleepy)
Hmm? Is that so. Sylk was surprised at the idea, certainly not expecting the face to contain any build up. She looked down at the position Meridian was in and despite wanting to finish up the job, realized the current situation would make it nearly impossible. Massaging a face buried into a pillow wouldn't exactly work out. Thinking back to the beginning of the lesson Meridian had mentioned that working from the front was also an option. Perhaps if she had her mentor reposition, then she could accomplish the task 100%. It was the best idea Sylk could come up with at the time.

Well then, if we should be wrapping this up about now, then how about we have you turn over so we can finish completely? After all, I should thank you for the lesson. Sylk said, placing a hand on Meridians shoulder. And what better way to repay a massage lesson, than to completely remove you of stress and restore your chi flow, hmmm? Sylk paused for a moment, actually thinking about her own question. A sly smile appeared on her face in only a moment.

Well, I can think of a few things actually, but this would be the most... professional. Heeheehee.
"Sure, do what you gotta do! I'm just happy I don't have arachnophobia," Meridian chuckled, turning over so that her cheery, ever-smiling face pointed upwards toward the ceiling. It was impossible to tell whether her eyes were closed or she was simply keeping her usual expression. "And remember, professionalism is just a hat you put on and you take off. Some situations it fits, other situations it doesn't. Which kind of time is this? Hoo hoo..."

The lean outward curve of meridian's chest moved up and down as she breathed in and out, as was her habit. Perhaps for better circulation?

TARGET: Meridian.EXE
Relaxation vs. Excitement: 25% (peaceful)
Indifference vs. Arousal: 45% (mildly aroused)
Chi Build Up Across Body: 25% (near perfect flow)
Chi Build Up by Area Massaged
Consciousness: 45% (a little sleepy)
Sylk gave meridians body a brief once over as she contemplated the best way to go about this. She had an idea to have a bit more fun out of the encounter of course, but she had to wonder just how well it would go over. With Meridians remark about professionalism fresh in her mind however, the choice was fairly easy to make. I suppose you're right. Of course you can be professional and still have fun I suppose, as well~ Which kind of time is this, i wonder indeed, hmmhmmhmm.

Sylk Didn't hesitate any longer as she placed her right hands on the side of the table next to Meridian. In one swift motion the spider made her way onto the table as well, hovering just above her costumer as she used her many hand to keep her weight from pressing down on her. you mentioned this position could be effective at times, no? Now lets see what we can do about relieving you of that last little build up, shall we?

Sylk began to lean in as her words trailed off, her body being kept aloft by her two lowest sets of arms. The distance was enough to separate the two navi's bodies, save for Sylks chest, which gently pressed against Meridians own. The arachnid made her move after only a moment, a tender stroke of Meridians left cheek with the back of her hand to start off with, before continuing with a subdued rub upon the delicate skin. It wasn't long before her left hand followed suit, taking care of Meridians facial needs on both sides. Sylk's fingers elegantly trailed up along the base of her teachers nose , cutting across beneath the eyes, and coming to rest upon the sides of her jaw line before drawing her touch back to the cheeks with a relaxed pressure. She repeated the motions a few times, each round gauging Meridians responses and actions whilst trying to adjust her technique accordingly.

Is this to your liking? Her question in light yet playful manner, her face only a few inches from Meridians as Sylk continued to hold herself above her.


25% facial massage
"Ah! Yes, uh... right! That's how Byung-Soon does it! I don't know how effective it is, but she likes that one, so uh..." Meridian stammered, trying to stay relaxed as Sylk's impressive chest pressed against her own. "Hoo hoo! Your hands tickle a little!" she added with a smile.

TARGET: Meridian.EXE
Relaxation vs. Excitement: 35% (relaxed)
Indifference vs. Arousal: 55% (aroused)
Chi Build Up Across Body: 0% (perfect flow)
Chi Build Up by Area Massaged
Face: 0%
Consciousness: 55% (awake)

"Alright, good! Did you hear that little beep?" Meridian asked from her place under Sylk; her attempts at professional instruction seemed a little silly given her position. In reality, though, there was almost no way Sylk could have heard the beep. The sound was fairly quiet so as not to be alarming and thus had been mostly masked by the activity of the two. "That means your time for the massage is up! You did well and learned a lot, so I feel pretty confident introducing you to some of your own guys now."

She paused a moment to let Sylk get off of her, then stood back up onto her own feet and replaced her shoes. "Now, the gauges are going to tell you what you ought to ask for a price! In general, how much people are willing to give you is a function of how well you satisfied their expectations, so you should be fine requesting the amount the gauge reads. In this case, I'm going to go ahead and just pay you that amount, but in some you might have to haggle. Dunno, I've never done this for profit much..."

Quote (RATING)

Relaxation: C
Arousal: A
Chi: A+
Consciousness: A

Flat: 1000
Bonus: 900
Total: 1900

"1900z for a good job! Just in case you were wondering, you can get docked if you don't do that well and it'll come outta the flat. But you did well! So be happy," she finished, transferring the money over to Sylk as she spoke. "It's all based on the customer's expectations, remember, so remember what I told you earlier about how different customers want different things."

((Sylk gets: 1900 zenny))

"Now, you stay here. I'm going to go find your next client," Meridian continued, crossing her forearms in front of herself and into her sleeves, then stepping out of the tent. Sylk had a little time to get dressed and prepared for her next customer. She heard Meridian speaking with Yasu... they both sounded very enthusiastic. Could it be that Sylk's next client was going to be the Neo-Shogun's first general herself?!

Apparently, the answer was no. A decidedly male voice spoke up in outrage, demanding that the two step aside. Neither of them sounded particularly eager to, but he pushed through regardless, barging in through the tent flaps and nearly onto Sylk. The guy was tall, Electopian, and dressed in the typical NS soldier's tunic. His most notable features were his long sideburns and his muscular physique, which seemed to distinguish him somewhat from the other soldiers.

"Sylk! I understand you're one of the newest subordinates. Everyone in the camp loves all of our generals and subordinates, but we all have our own, particular allegiances... and mine is towards Yasu! Our great first general! Her toned abs and biceps! Her voluptuous thighs and buttocks! I do not wish to doubt you, but I can't let them be touched by anyone who is unworthy," he proclaimed dramatically, holding up one fist towards the roof of the tent.

"Sorry, Sylk, he got through! But doesn't that sound like an interesting challenge? This guy's worlds different than me! If you can work on him alright, I'd say you're ready to move on to high value targets," Meridian offered slyly from outside the tent, showing no remorse at having referred to the soldier as a low priority.

Nor did the soldier particularly seem to mind being discussed in that fashion. "Will you, Sylk? Allow me to pay you for a massage. If you are worthy, I will step aside and surrender the tanned, battle-scarred skin of my favorite general, glistening with the sweat of her constant efforts to support our shogun," the soldier continued, bowing and placing one of his fists into his opposite palm.

"I-I'm no trophy! And who said that I even wanted a massage?! All of this is just for the good of our army as a whole!" the general defended from outside the tent. Regardless, it fell to Sylk to accept or decline her client, then prepare the tent accordingly.
Sylk ran one of her many hands through her hair as she listened to the suggestions and remarks about her capabilities. She also found Yasu's reactions quite amusing, and caused her to wonder if she could have fun with her later, but she would have to deal with that later. She wasn't about to let some generic soldier talk to her about being "unworthy" of anything, especially when it involved her skillful hands. Well, it's up to General Yasu whether she wishes to partake in my... services. After all, not everyone is comfortable having a beautiful female exploring their body, skilled hands giving them a sort of relief they long to experience~ A sultry tone carrying the words, as she began to smirk slightly.

That aside, however... I can't very well sit back and be called unworthy of anything, my dear soldier. I take pride in everything I do, and i take pride in what I can achieve with this lovely figure of mine~ I may be a subordinate, but my abilities are top notch, hmmhmmhmm. Confidence was certainly one thing Sylk did not lack, as her determined expression remained unchanged. I certainly wont back down from a challenge, nor will I turn away a paying customer. I wouldn't be a good masseuse, nor a good business woman if I did, isn't that right Meridian?

Sylk stretched a little, limbering up her body in preparation for another round of work. If the pay was anything like what she received from Meridian, she'd have more then enough income by the end of the day. The thought of getting to handle some attractive customers also peaked her motivation, and she could help but want to get started just to see who else she might have a chance to deal with.

So before we start, I'd just like to lay down a few things. First, I'd like you to remove your shoes. Anything else is up to your own discretion, but it's a lot more effective and... enjoyable, the less there is to interfere. We have towels as well, if your comfortable to that extent. Sylk was already begin to devise a few methods in her mind on how to work with the new customer, planning a few new tricks that she hadn't gotten to use on her teacher.

Oh and please, don't hesitate to let me know if you prefer it relaxed or if you like it rough~ I can accommodate for your needs as you wish it, hmhmhm~