GMO #1

Time for GMO numbero uno.

- A small microphone appears attached to Divinity's visor.
- The cross image of the ear objects are removed, leaving them white.
- Divinity's chest armor is removed and replaced with a white jacket with golden lines on the edges.
- Divinity's skirt becomes smaller, to her knees, while keeping the same colors.
- The cross image on Divinity's shields is removed and exchanged with white speakers.
- Divinity's wings become completely metallic. On each are 2 speakers, a big silver one which is closer to her head and a smaller silver one closer to the tip of the wing.
- The cross images on Divinity's boots are replaced for white speakers.
Divinity gains a large library of MP3 files, all without lyrics. This GMO was created to assist Area in studying to sing songs for school or plays.


Er... yeah, approved.
...Edit time... Fusing Music.GMO with my Dance.GMO idea.

All of Divinity's equipment disappears, including her visor and her bodysuit.
She gets a set of silver headphones on her head, with the strap going around the back of her head, which has a small microphone extension that hangs close to Divinity's mouth.
Covering her chest is a metallic silver bikini top which has a single strap around her back. The bikini top is adorned with a golden line around the lower edge and a small golden cross on the right side of the bikini top. The other part of the bikini ensemble is covering her nether regions.
Around her waist is the same belt, less adorned, and from it hangs half a skirt that only covers her right leg, keeping the other naked in a way. This skirt hangs to her ankle and is silver with a golden line on the side.
On her arms are a kind of silver satin sleeves that hang from the top of her upper arm to her wrists. They are attached to her skin with golden rings at the starting and ending points.
On each sleeve is a slim and long piece of silver silk that spirals around the sleeve, starting at the upper ring of the sleeve, and hangs from her wrist, touching the ground when she holds her hands at her sides.
Covering her feet and lower legs are silver satin boots that have a small cross on the side pointing outwards. At the top of these boots is a golden ring, that keeps the boot up, which is attached to her skin.
Swirling around her are four round speakers that are used to attack with, to generate music and to fly with. They are capable of floating because of the programs that were once in the wings and Divinity's innate Wind element. They can generate large amounts of power when spinning around quickly which can be used for, but does not stop at, Gust, attacking, flying and defense.
Divinity gains a large library of MP3 files, all without lyrics. This GMO was created to assist Area in studying to sing songs for school or plays, to practice dance steps and to help Area exercise.
... daaaamn.

Approved posthaste, sir.