Hell on Skates

Beatnik glided into a part of the Internet she thought Toni would like very much. It was just as fire-and-brimstoney as she was. Beat kind of wished Toni could be here, just so the Navi could kick her into one of the flaming pits.

She folded her arms and kept skating, searching for something to punch in the face.

[Battle 1 gogogo]
Beatnik came across a group of viruses that she can certainly try and punch their face...granted that it may be their snout or their none-existent fire face. A pack of Spikey stood before the navi with a lone Mettfire hiding behind them, waving its wand in a taunting manner. The canine viruses growled as they were ready to pounce right at Beatnik!

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP
Mettfire: 100 HP [Behind Spikey Group]

80% Sand
20% Lava [Side]

Beatnik: 100 HP

Something to punch in the face indeed.

Beatnik bunny-hopped forward. She landed on her feet, but her (pretty insignificant, to be honest) weight pushed her skate-rings down until they clacked against the ground. A wave of metal spread out from beneath her, surging away in all directions.

Good thing Toni's got those chips preloaded, she thought, coz otherwise I'd never get anythin'. She's prolly all the way out in Emoland already. Wouldn't hear a thing I said.

Beatnik flung her arms out to either side, her fingers spread. The orbital plates formed up and locked into place around her hands. She now wore a pair of massive sky-blue gauntlets.

She slammed the knuckles together. Sparks sprayed from the points of contact. Beatnik flung her arms backward, roared, and kicked off toward the viruses with a grin on her face and slaughter on her mind.

As she closed on the Spikeys, she launched a two-pronged punch, aiming for the viruses on the wings. Lightning blasted out from the gauntlets in twin helixes as they howled forward. The plan was for the impacts to hurl off enough electricity to fry the Spikey in the middle with the help of the conductive panels underfoot. Hey, if it zapped all four of of the viruses into deletion and left a smoking crater behind, that was cool, too.

But there were a crapton more chips on deck. She might as well not let them all go to waste.

She planted a skate and spun through the wall of Spikeys like a fullback through linebackers. As she swung around, the gauntlets broke up and zoomed forward. They locked into an enormous arm cannon that went all the way up to her shoulder. The yawning barrel came to a juddering halt right in front of the Mettfire's face.

The recoil sent Beatnik skidding five feet backwards (stupid frictionless skates). Dust and debris vented off to either side. She shook the plates off her arm and set up for the counterattack. "Your turn," she called, positive that the viruses wouldn't have enough body parts left to take one.

[1. MetalZone based on Beatnik: x2 to Elec attacks
2. ElecReel1 @ SpikeyA (80 x 2 = 160 ELEC dmg + Spread 3)
3. ElecReel1 @ SpikeyC (80 x 2 = 160 ELEC dmg + Spread 3)
4. TankCannon1 @ Mettfire (80 + 15 Flamenco Overdrive = 95 NORMAL dmg)]
Beatnik started out by encompassing the sand in Metal.... Well, most of it anyway. It did manage to reach the viruses though. The middle Spikey let out a howl, prompting the others to growl as they attempted a pincer attack on Beatnik, only for the sides to get electrocuted to nothing in an instant.

The Spikey charging forward managed to hit Beatnik with a fireball, before she decided to blast it in the face with her TankCannon instead of the Mettfire.

The Mettfire apprehensively looked around and started warping all over the place.

Mettfire: 100 HP [Freaking Out]

70% Metal
10% Sand
20% Lava [Side]

Beatnik: 85 HP
The force of the fireball impact spun Beatnik around in a circle. She flung her legs out wide to get her balance back, and found herself facing the wrong way. Grumbling, she pirouetted and gave the blasted remains of the Spikey her middle finger.

"All right, you little shit," she said, addressing the Mettfire now. "Hold still."

Beatnik angled her hand up, and her rapidly-spinning plates slowed their orbit. A few of the smaller pieces dragged themselves out of the magnetic field and locked into the approximate shape of a knife. Beatnik caught it as it fell out of the air, and smacked the butt against her palm to get it started. Lightning blasted up and down the knife's length.

"You wanna see who's faster? You wanna race? We'll race."

Beatnik flung her body forward and took off on a crazy dash at the Mettfire. On her first pass, she cranked her arm back, then forward, hacking through the air with her ElecKnife. Still in the process of passing the virus, she flipped the knife backward in her hand and wheeled her whole body around to stab it in the back of the head.

The backswing was a little strong, though, and the knife slid out through her fingers. "Crap!" she barked. She dropped to cruising speed and turned hard. She flattened her magnetic field into a long, narrow tendril, and shot it out toward the knife like an invisible grappling line. The bigger plates she hadn't used for the weapon followed the line of the aura like mattresses on a river.

The magnetic tendril snagged the fallen knife and hauled it back up into the air. What she had was a kind of whip with a blade on the end. Fair enough, she thought.

The other end of the field was anchored on her arm. She gave that arm an experimental flick, and the motion travelled all the way down the whip-field. Beatnik grinned and snapped it up, then sideways, swinging the knife toward the Mettfire again. After the first pass, she ducked a bit and swung the electro-whip around her head, bringing it slamming down on the virus one last time.

[1. ElecKnife @ Mettfire ([60 + 10 same-element] x 2 = 140 ELEC dmg)
2. ElecKnife @ Mettfire ([60 + 10 same-element] x 2 = 140 ELEC dmg)
3. ElecKnife @ Mettfire ([60 + 10 same-element] x 2 = 140 ELEC dmg)
4. ElecKnife @ Mettfire ([60 + 10 same-element] x 2 = 140 ELEC dmg)]
Beatnik easily managed to land hits on the Mettfire which was too busy warping to attack and couldn't avoid everything.

tldr: Shit got knifed. ElecKnifed.

Mettfire: DELETED

70% Metal
10% Sand
20% Lava [Side]


Beatnik: 85 HP

Arc materialized on the network, and took note of her surroundings. Pools of lava were around her, which would explain the heat. Guess they were right, this network is kind of like the base's boiler network. Just... without all the steam. She thought, looking around once more. Arc then started to move trough the network, looking for something.


Arc moved, and then spotted something... green.... in the distance. She decided to move towards it to get a closer look... and saw something horrible. Some kind of eye bleeding yellow and green navi was somehow managing to bludgeon something to death.

What the? The navi thought, trying to make sense of the color scheme. But for some reason.... it seemed familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on it. ...Maybe I should keep a close eye on her... The navi thought, before she started to approach the strange navi.
Beatnik reeled in her magnetic field. The plates resumed their slow orbit around her. She stooped to collect the zenny data, then turned around and saw another Navi.

"'Sup," she said eventually. "You here to let me hand you your ass back?"
A flash of green slammed into existence about midway between Arc and Beatnik. Shortly after, Holoß loosely shook his projectors, his way of making sure everything was still working after materialization.

He looked to his left. White cammo, nice boots, and... is that a Scouter? Simple but functional, probably military. He briefly flashed to mirror her form, waving with one of her hands, before shifting back to his usual form.

He looked to his right. Now, that was... interesting... He shifted into Beatnik's form as well, but the effect was lost by the fact that he simply couldn't make peoples eyes bleed though sheer force of saturation like the outrageous Navi could. Also, he still had Holoface, so he couldn't get that particular sneer the Navi seemed to produce with such ease. He also waved to his fellow Electric Navi before shifting back.
I should have stayed at a distance...Arc told herself, not exactly thrilled by what this eye bleeding navi just asked her. "...And why would I want to fight you... boy?" she asked... figuring that the navi was male from the lack of chest...

And then, a new navi somehow managed to appear right between the two, catching Arc off guard and causing her to take a step back. Who the hell is this? she asked herself mentally, looking right at Holo when it... mimicked her form and waved. It doesn't seem hostile but just what is... wait, no, it can't be. Arc thought, reaching a realization about this strange navi.

"You are... Holoß, aren't you? The quarter finalist?" She asked the new navi after it took the form of the... boy...
"I'm not a boy, asshole," Beatnik snapped. "I'm a fridge."

With that perplexing remark hanging in the air, Beatnik rounded on Holo and put on her nastiest face. "And you knock that off. Crappy copy. You didn't even get the colours right. I guess you two losers belong to the Ops that're botherin' Toni, huh?"
Holo nodded to Arc, giving a playful one-two punch to the air for additional confirmation.

After Beatnik's retort, though, he shrugged and switched back to normal. At the mention of 'Toni', he changed his form to resemble the operator's, playacting a dramatic reading from a book labeled "Crappy Poetry."
"A... Fridge?" Arc asked, utterly confused. Why in the world would this navi think it was a fridge? Did, did it get glitched somehow? "You don't look... anything, like a fridge..." Arc said, raising a single eyebrow at the navi.

"Maybe..." Arc responded to Beatnik's question, before she noticed Holo take a new form. Arc mentally substituted Holo's colors with black, and realized that he was copying that person in black, the one that didn't seem hospitable. "...Most likely... Although, I'm curious, but book of crappy poetry?" She asked, leaning down and to the side and taking a look at the book. "...You know what, nevermind, that probably isn't some I should know." Arc said, standing back up straight.

"...You know... Since our ops are supposedly together... Why don't us three bust together?" Arc asked, looking at the two. "By the way, I'm Второй_Arc.EXE, but just call me Arc for now." She informed the two, reaching a hand out to them.
Beatnik's mouth was a flat line until Holo shifted into Toni-form.

Then she started to smile.

Then she started to grin.

Then she started to laugh.

She doubled over, arms around her gut, laughing herself stupid.

"That's perfect," she snorted. "Wish I was recording that one to show her later. Mang, that's perfect."

Determined not to let Holo show her up, Beatnik fired up that stupid .GMO Toni had written for her months ago. Sure, it was retarded, but at least it was good for something now. Beatnik burst apart into a dazzling nebula of eye-searing light, and re-composed herself into refrigerator form.

"See? Fridge," said the face on the freezer door. "Ain't my fault, though. It's all Crappy Poetry's fault."

She switched back to her regular form. "Name's Beatnik," she said, folding her arms. "And ya mooks can only come with me if ya can keep up with me."
Holo, now back in is usual form, began an overly complicated "handshake" on Arc's outstretched hand, including several fist bumps and some other needlessly complex finger waggles, but gave up half way through when it didn't appear like she'd be able to follow what he was doing.

After Beatnik introduced herself (he had to resist the urge to go Holofridge at the sight of her GMO activation), he pulled out the Textbox that he carried for situations where trying to pantomime his thoughts would be a little too complicated. Guiding it in front of him with two fingers, he grabbed opposite corners and drew them together, shrinking the application to the size of a name tag. He then used it as such.

Quote ()


He pointed to the little black box with his thumb, then changed into the scene of a Metool getting repeatedly bonked over the helmet with a mallet before turning into an anthropomorphic dune buggy, revving his engine and jerking forward as though barely to hold back from squealing off at recklessly high speeds.

The Textbox application, with a sad little sigh, vanished from sight until called upon again.
Arc tried to follow along with Holo's complicated handshake, even using her targeting system to try and predict what he was about to do next. Unfortunately, Holo stopped part way for whatever reason.

"...And fridge..." Arc said quietly, raising a single eyebrow in bewilderment. "...Why would you willingly use that GMO?" She asked, before Beatnik introduced herself, ignoring her hand.

Wait... Beatnik? As in... wait, he can't be that Beatnik... I don't think anyone from the mafia would be willing to turn themselves into a fridge... Arc thought, somewhat shocked by Beat's name. Shen then notice Holo do.... something silly, and figured he meant he was ready to go.

"Oh, you two are basically ready to head out? Just go on ahead, I should beable to keep up." She said, motioning for them to go on. "There's something I want to check with my netop in private, so I'll have to tail behind you two." She added.

Arc followed the two deeper into the network, once they got going of course.

((Ready for battle 1 once the other two are))
Beatnik's face lit up as she watched Holo's transformations, as if she were a kid at her very first circus. "I like you," she grinned. "You gotta sense of humour. Not like Miss Crappy Poetry or Parka Lady over there." She thumbed towards Arc.

And why a fridge? "Cause I'm a fridge, and I gotta accept who I am. That, and Toni is a jerkass." Beatnik rolled her red eyes. "Long freakin' story."

Then Arc got the jump on her, and that was just completely unacceptable. "C'mon, Bee!" Beatnik called. She dug in one foot and pushed off hard, sending her sailing past Arc at high speed. She'd be the first to any viruses that might be waiting for them, but it wasn't like she couldn't use the other two as meatshields.

[Battle 1 go]
Bee? Eh, whatever...

Holo's rear wheels spun at high speeds while his front ones did not, causing him to fishtail in place. However, they were still false wheels, so the satisfying squeal of him peeling out nor the smell of burning rubber accompanied him as he unlocked his front wheels and zoomed out into the network, chasing after the Yellow Blur.

Deciding that a dune buggy with a face, no matter how much "vroom-a-zoom-zoom!" it had, wasn't the classiest way to ride, he transformed into a cheetah as he went over a bump and was thrown into the air. He landed, sleek and powerful, and pushed off with greater speed towards the groups first batch of unsuspecting prey.

((Battle 1 a-go-go))
((Day 1 Bump))