Bouncy Bouncy Djinni

Encased in flames, Djinni fell towards the ground like a meteor. However she was still asleep from her recuperation after her last fight. As the Djinni meteor crashed into the ground, a small crater appeared and the flames and air was spread around as if in an explosion. Djinni, on the other hand, had landed on her chest and seemingly bounced off of the floor and out of the crater only to slide to a halt after her ample chest made sure of some air time. Sluggishly she opened her eyes and stood up, immediately realizing her body was already sore and she gently brushed her hands across her breasts. "...This isn't my PET," she muttered sleepily and yawned wide while stretching her arms into the air.

"Looks like you're awake now," Na'im said into the microphone, "No need to wonder about the how. After your defeat, we'll just have to continue as always. Compared to the force we fought, we were just a small blaze. To get more power we'll need more chips. Let's fight some viruses and stick to the scripts."

Djinni nodded lazily and raised her right hand in front of her, then slid her left over the ruby embedded in her hand. A faint stream of red data collected in Djinni's hand and formed a ruby which in turn, after getting thrown into the air by Djinni, formed Fhyre. Djinni yawned again and decided to follow any type of road she could find to look for supposed viruses.
Trudging along hot coals, Djinni lazily peered over the horizon for any viruses.

A popping sound alerted the two fire elementals to some presence. Searching around, Djinni found a Momogra snuggling in the coals. Noticing Djinni staring at it, the mole virus jumped and burrowed back into the coals.

Two other pops indicated more of the same virus. Shall we play?

MomograA: 60 HP
MomograB: 60 HP [Burrowed]
MomograC: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Coal

Djinni.EXE: 180 HP
Fhyre.SP: 70 HP

-Battle 1-
Djinni rubbed her eyes and yawned loud before looking straight at the viruses. "I'm sorry," she said and raised one of her legs so her knee reached the height of her hips, "I'm in a bad mood." With a flexibe movement she slammed her foot onto the ground, causing the coals to fly upwards. With sharp movements across the back of her hands, she made her guns appear and forced them into the short rain of coals in front of her.

"I'll give you these chips to use," said Na'im while he put the PET down on the coffee table in front of him, "Don't blow your fuse. I'm going to take a look at my friend's clothing closet." A few chips were inserted and Na'im then left, but very softly his voice could still be heard. "

While Na'im had been talking, Djinni had put some of the coals she had gotten on her guns into the barrel hole for extra firepower. She then unhooked the front of the guns and swung them open for Djinni to insert some bullets. Nonchalantly she put some new bullets into the guns and swung them shut again while making sure it wouldn't suddenly swing open in combat. With a firm swing of her arms she aimed the barrel hole at the surfaced enemies and a screaming bullet encased in fire blazed out of the guns. The scorched air the bullets flew thought left small flames in the wind. "Don't hide from me," Djinni said with a venomous grin behind her veil, her eyes looking down on the hole the Momogra virus had made, "I'll find you anyway." With those words a red moon appeared from the horizon behind Djinni and slowly lifted itself into the air until it had reached its highest point. Light shone onto the battlefield, leaving not one dark spot untouched, and the heat around the coals started to increase to melt the coals and eventually form lava.

Fhyre who had just kept himself alert for guarding motions took the cue of the liquid terrain to take a dive for the better. He stuck two hands into the lava and eventually dragged his entire being into it. Through the thick brew of lava he could distinguish a figure in the distance.

"The coals..." Djinni started as she aimed at the point where the third Momogra had disappeared with both guns, "Won't stop me now." And with those words and a swift clicking sound of her handguns, she adjusted her position so her left handgun was behind her back and her right at the front while her body had been twisted to a side. She then unleashed a rain of bullets from the handgun, the bullet hole creating an explosive flash each time a bullet got released, and awaited its result.

Djinni.EXE [Fire/Cursor] [AirShoes/FloatShoes]
1. Heatshot [40 FIRE; Splash; A Accuracy; Ranged] + [+20 FIRE If One Target; +10 FIRE If Two+ Targets] + [+10 Coal Strengthen] + [Increased Accuracy] @ MomograA
2. Heatshot [40 FIRE; Splash; A Accuracy; Ranged] + [+20 FIRE If One Target; +10 FIRE If Two+ Targets] + [+10 FIRE Coal Strengthen] + [Increased Accuracy] @ MomograC
3. Red Moon [Lava Full Stage; 4 TCD]
4. Machinegun1 [30 DMG; 9 Shots; D Accuracy; Ranged] + [Increased Accuracy] @ MomograB

Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield]
1. Submerge into Lava.
Firing a couple of Heatshots at the surfaced Momogra was useless as they burrowed underneath the coals, even though it was scalding to their skin or whatever that brown thing was. Anyway, Djinni's blazing moon turned the battlefield into literal hell, expelling all the Momogras out into the open air and burning them even further. One Machinegun spam session later, and charred mole was up for dinner. Or lunch. Whatever.


Terrain: 100% Lava

Djinni.EXE: 180 HP
Fhyre.SP: 70 HP


Rewards: 400z, 9 BugFrags
Djinni blew the smoke that came from the barrel hole of her gun away as she walked over to the charred remains. From under the lava appeared Fhyre's three giant flaming hands which consumed the remains, while Fhyre dragged himself out of the lava. "Let's go again," Djinni said and left the pool of lava behind to continue on her journey of viral assault.
As Djinni walked/hovered across the hot burning coals that made up the majority of Hades terrain, she came across a walkway of coals through a burning river of lava. On the other side of the river of lava stood a couple of Haunted Candles, while a couple of Candle Devils guarded the coal bridge, their candles burning brightly at their sides and floating in the lava flow.

CanDevilA: 120HP
CanDevilB: 120HP
HauntedCandleA: 100HP
HauntedCandleB: 100HP

Candle1: 60HP (Lava)
Candle2: 60HP (Lava)

Terrain: 50% Coal, 50% Lava

Djinni.EXE: 180 HP
Fhyre.SP: 70 HP

"I'm not sure if this is really me," Na'im said as he returned with other clothes than he was wearing before and made Djinni look at it. He was wearing a long brown trenchcoat with underneath it a black shirt and blue denim jeans. On his head was a fedora with a feather sticking out of its side. "It looked neat piece by piece. But I'm not sure if this is what I want," he continued to talk and slotted three chips into the PET once he realized viruses had appeared in the view of himself and Djinni. "I'm going to look a bit more, OK?"

Djinni just remained quiet, loading the chip data silently and awaited its process to finish. She playfully spun the guns around in her hands and imagined what the scene would look like if she had bubblegum to chew on.

"Oh, and Broadside is probably arriving soon," Na'im mentioned before he left for the closet again.

Taken by surprise by this information, Djinni clumsily dropped one of her guns while just barely managing to keep the other one in two hands. "Excuse me!?" Djinni bellowed and kneeled down to quickly pick the other gun up. "Hey, don't run away!" she continued to yell once she had positioned herself straight up again, "B-Broadside!?" She made her guns vanish in thin air while she moved her hands over her hair and conjured a small mirror to check her face. She then glanced over the mirror at the viruses. "A moment, please!" she shouted at them, in after thought hoping they wouldn't see it as a threat. While lifting her veil and baring her teeth she checked her teeth and eventually nodded. "OK, I'm ready for my close-up," she ended with and brought forth her weaponry again. With a quick thrust, she slammed her guns into the ground and a thundering sound made it obvious she had pulled the trigger. Once she lifted the guns again, she started a sprint towards the viruses. "Take care of those, Fhyre!" she shouted as she did this.

Scratching his spherical core, Fhyre floated over to the two holes and realized nothing was going on here. Curiously he peeked into one of the holes when a thick black rod emerged from it and knocked Fhyre aside. An exact copy had appeared from the other hole and a giant red orb appeared on top of each, a flame captured in its core. Fhyre slid a bit forwards to remain close to the wands while being between them and the viruses.

The guns Djinni used had vanished from sight while she kept running in an attempt to get in the center of all viruses. She spread her arms to the back in a V shape while sand started to collect around her body and flow to her hands. Left to right and back to left, she continued to strafe a little to avoid any attacks she could expect until she reached the enemies. She came to a screeching halt and, taking the momentum with her, she clapped her hands loudly in front of herself. The sand that had been surrounding her spread in a large area around her, covering the area and eventually overtaking the area. Gently she panted and shifted her eyes around at the viruses whilst a playful grin was on her face.

Djinni.EXE [Fire/Cursor] [AirShoes/FloatShoes]
1. Meteor12 [100 HP Object; 30+10 FIRE x 4; 3 Turns Or Until Broken; D Accuracy; Ranged]
2. Meteor12 [100 HP Object; 30+10 FIRE x 4; 3 Turns Or Until Broken; D Accuracy; Ranged]
3. Dodge towards enemies.
4. SandZone [Create Large Area Of Sand Terrain; S Accuracy]

Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield]
1. Protect Meteor objects.

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((From a flight to Netopia via NetSquare.))

A beam of light shot from the darkened, cloud covered sky. As it struck the burning hot ground of HadesNet, the light pooled into a human outline. The silhouette's features solidified, and resolved themselves into the white armored guard Navi form of Broadside.EXE. Only... Broadside might have wished otherwise, as he discovered the familiar burning sensation one only experiences when their feet are on fire. An experience he was depressingly well acquainted with... "Jared, I request MetalZone."

((WhiteGuard.GMO Active))

"Way ahead of you." The Netopian replied as the requested data hit Broadside's memory banks. The Navi immediately activated the chip, and a glowing circle appeared at his feet. As the ring of light spread, it changed the terrain it passed over from burning Coal and red hot Lava to solid Metal. While this change occurred Jared coninued speaking: "You've apparently dropped into a battle zone, Broadside. I can't send any of your SPs to you unless you open a link yourself. Network security and the PET's own firewall prohibit open transfers."

Broadside nodded. He had indeed dropped into the middle of a battle... One between Djinni, the Navi he was supposed to meet, and a group of blatantly fire-elemental viruses. As Broadside watched, Djinni was currently charging head-long across a land bridge made of burning Coal... Fhyre, meanwhile, seemed to be hovering around a couple of staves. Very familiar staves... Broadside looked up quickly, expecting to see signs of the bombardment to come. He was not disappointed, as a section of the pitch-black smoke clouds overhead began to lighten and glow... That glow heralding the imminent arrival of a rain of Meteors.

As Broadside swiftly returned his gaze to the battlefield, he opened a link to the PET and sent a request for the execution of file Nadia.SP. A textual response immediately printed itself across the glass visor of his helmet: [Access Granted: Nadia.SP Executing][b][/b] The text had barely faded from his visor when a new jack-in beam shot from the sky, and deposited Nadia on the Metal panel to his left. Before Nadia could say a word, Broadside issued a quick order "Nadia, cover me!"

Nadia smiled as she drew her blaster pistols. "Fun time!"

A protective barrier formed around Nadia as both she and Broadside dashed in opposite directions to give the viruses more targets to worry about. As the SP rushed along, she pulled TwinFang1 chip data out of the pipeline, and loaded it into her guns. She braked her evasive maneuver, drew a bead on the HauntedCandles, and fired at both of them.

While Nadia attempted to keep the viruses busy, Broadside selected a MagBolt1 from his memory banks, and channeled it into his right arm. As soon as he slowed from his sideways jet dash, he stretched his arm towards Djinni, and triggered the Magbolt1. If everything went well, he would yank his friend out of harm's way, turn off the MagBolt before she arrived at his location, and all would be well. The only problem was that he hadn't exactly thought about how to catch her when she arrived, given that one arm was still in a silk sling.... Then again, such considerations were minor in this instance.

--Broadside-- [20 HP Casing]
-- Refresh Armor: 20 HP Casing on Broadside
1: MetalZone (Large Area Metal Terrain Change)
2: Summon: Nadia.SP
-- Aegis Defense EX: Project 25 HP Barrier on Nadia
3: Dodge
4: Use MagBolt1 to pull Djinni (Magnetic Pull) [RP]
-- Stop attack early to avoid striking Djinni.

1: Dodge
2: TwinFang1 @ HauntedCandle A & B (70 Null x 2 Targets)

As Djinni summoned her Meteor staves, the viruses started to attack. The CanDevils breathed bursts of fire straight from their mouths, only to be foiled as Djinni easily sidestepped the breath attacks. Then, she spread a field of sand around the area just as Broadside made his entry and turned his area into a metallic floor. The Haunted Candles saw this opportunity to let their attacks loose, one of them targeting the Meteor objects Djinni summoned, the other trained on Broadside. Fhyre took the full brunt of the Haunted Candle's Area-of-Effect attack along with the staves, while Broadside took a hit, with Nadia dodging out of harm's way. (50-Meteor12A/B, Fhyre, Broadside's Casing) The Meteor staves did their job perfectly, though their attacks were rendered useless as the candle viruses all absorbed the damage easily. A lot of the sand beneath, however, turned immediately into glass, having been subjected to the high temperatures of a solid meteor strike.

Nadia then proceeded to shoot a couple of Haunted Candles down to size with her TwinFang blasts. Broadside took to protecting Djinni by aiming a MagBolt straight at her, pulling her away from the candle viruses. This also caused Djinni's body to fly towards Broadside at a rather alarming speed, knocking him over. This also created a rather awkward situation of the female Navi collapsed on top of the sling-wearing Navi. Let's see how they handle things?

CanDevilA: 120HP (Sand)
CanDevilB: 120HP (Glass)
HauntedCandleA: 30HP (Sand)
HauntedCandleB: 30HP (Glass)

Candle1: 60HP (Glass)
Candle2: 60HP (Glass)

Terrain: 15% Sand, 35% Glass, 50% Metal

Meteor12 A: 50HP (Metal)
Meteor12 B: 50HP (Metal)

Djinni.EXE: 180 HP (Metal) (on top of Broadside)
Fhyre.SP: 20 HP (Metal)
Broadside.EXE: 200 HP (Metal) [Casing Broken] (Knocked over)
Nadia.SP: 40 HP (Metal) [25HP Barrier]
Djinni raised her head to look at the meteors that had become more than just little lights in the sky, the grin still on her face. Thinking it'd be cool to say something awe-inspiring now, she slowly opened her mouth while still catching her breath but before she could utter a single word she felt a force pulling her backwards to the point where she had been earlier. She floated through the air towards the source, not realizing what it was, and just frowned at the fact she lost a chance at looking cool. Sand was swept along her feet as she remained floating slightly above it and spun around right in time for a perfect collision with Broadside.

Only being out for a few seconds, she opened her eyes and found herself face to face with Broadside with her body sprawled on top of Broadside's. Gently she panted while staring at his eyes, her chest rising against her companion's with each breath she took. Djinni slowly moved his hand up to Broadside's cheek and got closer to his face while closing her eyes.

"We don't have time for this," Na'im said after a loud and strong cough to drag the attention back to the fight, "And don't even think about a kiss." The Operator had picked a new set of clothes and had returned to his PET after hearing the sound of Djinni hitting something.

Immediately Djinni pulled herself up onto her feet and off of Broadside and stared at Na'im while pointing upwards. "Hey, don't go ruining this scene! Broadside obviously did this to get me in his arms!" she exclaimed with a strong confidence in her voice, "It's not like I was in danger!" With these words she turned her eyes towards the place she had been standing and noticed the remains of the meteors she had summoned earlier. A quick smile spread over her face and she followed her last words up, "Maybe."

Na'im sighed and rubbed his forehead. "We went all this way to invite Broadside and J.T. to pair with us again. So you had better avoid these situations if you want this friendship to remain. Just stick to the fight, Djinni." The Operator took a swift glance over the battlefield, noticing the glass that had been formed on the ground and nodded to himself. He then formulated a quick plan for Djinni and inserted the chips.

Djinni pouted while the jewels of her body glowed faintly while the data was being processed. In her right hand she formed her handgun and glanced over her shoulder at Broadside. "Let's enjoy ourselves," she said with a swift smile and then made a small jump as she started to float slightly above the ground. Turning her eyesight back to the viruses, she aimed her handgun at them and flew in their direction.

"To your right, Djinni," Na'im said, making Djinni's system know where to go for the best position in the battle.

Without question Djinni made a strafing movement in the middle of her flight and turned her body towards the enemies while slightly going through one of her knees while keeping the one at front straightened as if she was sliding over the ground. Quickly she pulled the trigger of her gun and the resulting loud sound started the rain of bullets as she continued to pull the trigger. She had the enemies in her sight, but didn't exactly noticed one of them she desperately wanted to target so in the end she decided to pull her crosshairs on all of them. Eventually she ended at the position Na'im had mentioned and slammed her feet onto the ground. An almost perfectly square shaped block of glass emerged from the ground caused by a minor shockwave from Djinni's feet. With a quick twist and a spin she raised one of her legs and kicked the block of glass at the enemies, that had previously devoured some of the meteors within them, while it shattered due to Djinni's impact. A rain of glass had accompanied the already passed rain of bullets.

Still on the other side, Fhyre remained ever vigilant to protect the Meteor wands which without a doubt would cause an accompanying rain of meteors along the already executed attacks.

Djinni.EXE [Fire/Cursor] [AirShoes/FloatShoes]
1. Stand up.
2. Fly at a nearby Glass panel. [Dodge]
3. Machinegun1 [30 DMG; 9 Shots; D Accuracy + Cursor Accuracy; Ranged] @ All Enemies.
4. PanelShot [60 DMG; Element Dependent Of Terrain; Creates 5% Broken; B Accuracy; Ranged] [Glass Panel = Null DMG + Splash Effect] @ CanDevilB

Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield]
1. Protect the Meteor wands.
Broadside quietly displayed a small smile as Djinni was pulled out of the path of the falling meteors. However, he quickly realized he was now in a predicament as his ally accelerated towards him faster than he ever expected. Was it perhaps because she was floating? Maybe it was because she didn't weigh much at all? Whatever the case was, Djinni was now flying towards him way too fast. Broadside raised his right arm to point skywards, and shut off his MagBolt1.... Just in time for Djinni to plow straight into him.

The world flipped with dizzying speed as Broadside was knocked over.

The back of Broadside's head hit something solid.

The world blinked out.

---- A few seconds later....

Broadside's protocols rebooted. His sense of touch returned first, and it told him three things... First, his head hurt like he'd been clobbered with an iron bat wielded by a major league baseball player. Second, he was laying flat out against hardened Metal terrain. He knew this from experience, as every single panel inside his PET was Metal, which didn't break. And third, there was something soft and warm laying on top of him. This was a very strange combination of sensations, to say the least.

Broadside's vision returned next. He opened his eyes to see Djinni's face moving closer to his own, even as her eyes closed. To any other man, this would have been a mind-blowingly awesome experience, possibly accompanied by... certain expectations of what should be happening next. For Broadside, however, the sense of joy he currently felt could be very easily summed up by his own thoughts: Djinni appears to be undamaged. Good. Objective achieved. He smiled, then frowned as he realized she was still moving her face slowly towards his. This behavior is abnormal.

That thought prompted the 'Errant Thought Generator' (as Broadside had now dubbed it; ETG for short) to do what it did best: Y-you... A-are you dead? Tell me you can't be serious? The ETG sounded bewildered. Broadside merely blinked in confusion. When was he ever not serious? Were you really programmed to be an 'it'?

That last statement was truly lost on Broadside as he truly just didn't care at this point. Such matters were really outside the normal scope of his thoughts. Interpersonal concepts widely known to humans and generally accepted as human norm were not necessarily known to all Navigators. They had to be programmed with that knowledge, first. Or learn it. I'm almost tempted to fix that, but...

Now is not the time for this. Broadside thought as Djinni got off of him, and stood up. He sat up, and realized J.T. had opened a window, and was trying to speak to him. More importantly, why can I not hear anything? Broadside ran a diagnostic. It told him his audio protocols had errored, and were current hung mid-process. He reached up with his right hand, and smacked the side of his helmet.... hard. His vision blinked, but he could suddenly hear again now. He hadn't heard a single thing Djinni had been saying up until now.

Jared's eyebrows flew up as the error cleared from his screen. "....I suppose that's one way to fix a problem. Carry on." The operator was clearly trying not to burst out into laughter. He failed to do so, and ended up just closing the window while he got it out of his system. Jared had only tried to contact his Navi to verify that he was alright. He was. That was good enough.

Quote (Djinni)

"Let's enjoy ourselves."

Broadside stood up and unslung his Guard Rifle as Djinni leaped away towards the enemy. "Agreed." His armor refreshed itself, and the Aegis Defense system projected a barrier over Djinni. He still had zero control over what the Aegis protocol decided to do, but figured it was fine as long as it didn't start projecting barrier fields over enemies.

Hey! Hey! Give me some credit here. The ETG seemed to be offended.

Broadside already had chip data in his memory banks... apparently slotted in while he was K.O.'d earlier. he accessed that data now, and began loading it into his rifle. He dashed to the left, raised his rifle, and fired an enhanced Heat-V at the nearest virus: a CanDevil. This was Broadside's first time using this particular weapon, and he was impressed. The double shotgun spray of iridium coated incendiary rounds formed a wall of flaming projectiles as they flew towards the target. He certainly did not want to be on the receiving end of an attack like this. Regardless of whatever damage it could do, it really did look intimidating.

As Broadside skidded to a stop at the end of his evasive maneuver, he fired another of the hellish Heat-Vs at the same virus. This time the attack came from an angle that could cause some serious havoc when the spread effect triggered.... if the target was still there when the projectile arrived that is.

Nadia, meanwhile, reloaded her blaster pistols with a fresh set of TwinFang1 chip data. She was just about to let the Haunted Candles have a second serving of steel slugs when Djinni dodged right across her line of fire. Nadia took it in stride, kicked on her suit's thrusters, and dashed in the same direction Broadside had. As soon ah her line of fire became clear again, she launched another pair of heavy metal spikes at the freakish fire viruses.

--Broadside-- [20 HP Casing]
-- Refresh Armor: 20 HP Casing on Broadside
-- Aegis Defense EX: Project 25 HP Barrier on Djinni
1: Stand up.
2: Dodge left.
-- AddBreak: Heat-V
3: Heat-V @ CanDevilA, Spread@? (70 Fire + Spread3 (fan-shape)) [+ Break]
4: Heat-V @ CanDevilA, Spread@? (70 Fire + Spread3 (fan-shape))

--Nadia-- [25 HP Barrier]
1: Dodge left.
2: TwinFang1 @ HauntedCandle A & B (70 Null x 2 Targets)

As Djinni and Broadside wasted a perfectly good moment, they both went into action on getting their attacks fired towards their enemies. The Meteor staves did their work marvelously, turning some sand panels into glass as they fell, eventually turning the entire field into glass and metal. The viruses realized their situation and started to attack in panic mode, with the CanDevils attacking Djinni and HauntedCandles targeting Broadside. Djinni easily sidestepped the fire attacks, while Broadside and Nadia got hit by one of the Haunted Candle's area-attacks. They were easily protected by their respective defenses, however. Then, the real massacre began, with Djinni firing her powerful MachineGun attack, deleting one HauntedCandle and severely damaging the other two CanDevils. Then, a follow-up by Broadside with his impressive spread of incendiary rounds caused the glass under the viruses to shatter considerably, dealing a lot of damage to the viral threats and deleting the last of them.

HauntedCandleA: DELETED
HauntedCandleB: DELETED

Terrain: 20% Glass, 30% Broken, 50% Metal

Meteor12 A: 50HP (Metal)
Meteor12 B: 50HP (Metal)

Djinni.EXE: 180 HP (Metal) [25HP Barrier]
Fhyre.SP: 20 HP (Metal)
Broadside.EXE: 200 HP (Metal) [0HP Casing]
Nadia.SP: 40 HP (Metal) [0HP Barrier]



Both: [Candle1] Battlechip, 150z, 4 FXP, 22 BugFrags
Broadside and Nadia finally lowered their weapons after the viruses had all disintegrated into deletion. Broadside looked in Nadia's direction, noted her hand signal, and nodded. The SP went about her business collecting data fragments left behind by the viruses while Broadside summoned Ro and Rosa. They were deposited before him by twin jack-in beams, and materialized a moment later. Broadside then told them: "Search the area for useful data."

"Roger that," was all Ro said before he turned and wandered off to pick up scattered data fragments. He waved to Djinni when he caught sigh of her, then continued on.

Rosa nodded quietly, and wandered off to collect bugfrags without a word.

Broadside turned and began walking out to where Djinni and the remains of the Candles stood. "Greetings."


Rosa began scooping up bugfrags, and had picked up a fairly decent number of them when she came upon Fhyre (although Rosa doesn't know this is the SP's name). An SP made of flame, and one so small. Both were novel concepts in Rosa's mind. Flame, of course meant fire elemental. And that meant less injury would be incurred from moving through hostile environments found in hades net. Speaking of injury, the flame SP appears to be damaged. That simply won't do. Heavily damaged support programs are of no use to a Navi, so healing would be helpful. Speaking of useful...

Rosa looked up, and stared out into the molten landscape of HadesNet. She looked back down at the SP, then at the Bugfrags she held in her hand. Her orders were simply to find useful data. An SP resistant to fire with heavy injuries in need of medical attention counted as useful, helpful, interesting, and... cute? That settled things. "Works for me."


A few moments later and the group of Programs returned with their finds. Nadia brought back a few zenny, and a couple of bugfrags she'd found at the bottom of one of the meteor craters. Ro had picked up a pile of frags, but not much else. Broadside had managed to salvage Candle1 battlechip data from one of the Candle objects. Rosa, on the other hand, returned with Fhyre in her arms, who in turn held a pile of bugfrags.

Nadia and Ro simply stared at her. "What?"
Once Fhyre realized the battle had ended he put his hands on top of the orbs of the meteor-summoning wands and pushed them back into the ground from where they came from. Not a trace remained of that there were ever wands there and Fhyre decided it was time to get the spoils of battle.

Djinni, on the other hand, had instantly shifted herself to a different mindset as she turned to look at the others. Knowing there were two first, she was kind of surprised to suddenly see two more and scratched her forehead slightly. Seeing Ro was here, she made a small wave at him in return when he did so and then glanced at the other SPs. Recognizing one of them as Nadia, she nodded but then looked at the one she didn't recognize. Keeping her eyes on the female SP, she started to walk towards Broadside whose position she pretty much knew. Distracted by various thoughts of why Broadside or Jared would choose for another female sidekick or why she was not at all like Ro and Nadia but actually feminine she continued to walk towards Broadside as she heard his voice but seemingly as if there were still a big distance between them. "Hey Broadside," Djinni started to talk and as she turned her eyes towards him she did not realize he was closer than she thought. With a soft squeek of her voice she bumped with her voluptuous body into Broadside and quickly took a step backwards. "Hehehe," she chuckled playfully while rubbing the back of her turban.

On the other side of the field, Fhyre had collected bugfrags and chip data he would send to Na'im later. Due to the amount of bugfrags he was incapable of absorbing them as swiftly as normal and just decided to let them roast in his hands. Quietly he awaited any form of action in the form of viruses or a command of Djinni as he just rested his core on top of the floor in a lazy manner. But this was swiftly disturbed as he was picked all of a sudden by someone behind his vision. The flame around his core flickered as he shifted his singular body around to look at the person. But it didn't long before Fhyre recognized the design of the woman's armor as being similar to that of Nadia's. As such, Fhyre just went along his business of doing nothing at all until Djinni would speak up.

Regaining her composure, Djinni smiled sweetly and then pointed at Rosa with her thumb. "So she's your new sweetheart for the army?" she asked and turned to look at Rosa carrying Fhyre, "She seems a bit too sweet for being a henchwoman, isn't she? Looking good there, Fhyre!"

One of Fhyre's hands was raised into the air, waving at Djinni, and then lowered it until he realized he had been brought to the other SPs of Broadside. Once again he raised his hand to wave at people only to lower it again, almost making him think it'd be better to just keep them in the air all the time.

Djinni looked back at Broadside and walked around him a bit with a smile on her face. "Hey, what happened in the previous battle? When I got... Ejected..." Djinni speaks softly, hoping the SPs wouldn't hear it. A formless chunk data appeared in Djinni's right hand which in turn transformed into the broken katana of Yasu. "I hope I did good doing that," she says a bit sadly, but then grins wide, "But it was fun to throw myself at someone. Next time I'll certainly get her with my fists."

"Hold up there, little ones," Na'im's voice rung through the field from Djinni's position, "Jared, hopefully you can hear me from there. I need to hit up Suitachi for an upgrade." With the speaker still on, the others could hear some rummaging for a few seconds before Na'im started to speak again, "I'm bringing my headphones along so I can at least hear what is going on there. Maybe it'll give me some inspiration for a song." The speaker was turned off after these words and Na'im had probably left.

"Ah," Djinni started, wanting to say something but then pouted and realized he had already left. She then turned her eyes to Broadside, winked playfully and then took his right arm happily and held it against her body. "I'm in your capable hands," she said sweetly.
Broadside stopped walking towards Djinni once he was close enough for normal conversation. He was a bit puzzled when Djinni failed to stop, and bumped right into him. Not that he was going to complain... When Djinni mentioned the new SP, Broadside turned to look in the same direction, only to see Rosa had picked up Fhyre, and was carrying the small flame SP around in her arms. He really had no idea how he should respond to Djinni's queries about Rosa, as he knew very little about the new SP himself. Each new Support Program is stranger than the last....

Broadside turned back to Djinni and simply settled for shrugging while shaking his head to indicate his shared ignorance. Djinni then inquired about the events following the end of her participation in the YokaNet battle against the Neo-Shogunate in a hushed tone. Broadside picked up on the cue, and responded in an equally quiet manner. Unfortunately for the expectations of the audience (namely the ETG), Broadside was not the smooth talker the audience was hoping for, and gave a generic report... completely glossing over the fact that he'd blasted Yasu to within an inch of her life in a fit of rage over what the General had done to Djinni. "After your forced exit, we managed to turn the tide of battle, and defeated the four Generals. The leader never appeared."

That was so lame, I would face-palm had I the hands to do so, the ETG (Errant Thought Generator) communicated with accompanying feelings of disgust. Broadside ignored it, and instead listened to what Djinni had to say next.

Quote (Djinni)

"I hope I did good doing that."

"Affirmative," Broadside replied quietly. And indeed Djinni had done well. She had distracted what Broadside had estimated to be the strongest of the Generals to join in the battle. That had bought him and the rest of his allies enough time to push the army back just enough to allow them to then fight the Generals head-on. If Yasu had joined the fight sooner than she had, it was highly unlikely that any of Djinni's ground based allies, Broadside included, would have survived to see the end of that battle.

Broadside's thoughts on the matter were both numerous and complicated... And not pertinent at this time. With that, he pushed them mentally aside while Djinni continued speaking softly.

Quote (Djinni)

"But it was fun to throw myself at someone. Next time I'll certainly get her with my fists."

With her fists? Broadside hesitated for a moment, then responded with: "I'm certain you will if you stick to your guns."

You are a piece of work, you know that? The ETG communicated along with an incomprehensible mix of emotions. I would seriously have mistaken that for a word of praise and encouragement... if I wasn't privy to your thoughts and didn't know you meant it literally.

Na'im spoke to everyone suddenly, prompting Jared's window to appear in the air next to the SPs. "Yep, read you loud and clear. We'll be fine until you get back."

((Requesting team battle 2.))
As Broadside, Djinni and their SPs went through a little post-battle drama, they stayed on their little island of metal in the middle of shattered glass. However, their amusing antics did not last very long, as some of them noticed more viruses approaching their area. However blurred their sight was by the heat of the Hades network, some of them could see very clearly some very odd shapes up ahead. When examined, they were confirmed to be the very shapes that belonged to the Shadow and Champu viruses. A whir behind them confirmed the existence of Drixol viruses, spinning their drillheads in anticipation. On top of that, a few FirePhoenix viruses flew overhead as well, threatening to incinerate the group with their heated attacks.

Shadow A: 80HP (Front) (Glass)
Shadow B: 80HP (Front) (Glass)
Champu A: 60HP (Front) (Glass)
Champu A: 60HP (Front) (Glass)
FirePhoenix A: 110HP (Flying) (10 o' clock)
FirePhoenix B: 110HP (Flying) (Above Shadow)
FirePhoenix C: 110HP (Flying) (Above Shadow)
FirePhoenix D: 110HP (Flying) (2 o' clock)
Drixol A: 90HP (Behind) (Metal)
Drixol B: 90HP (Behind) (Metal)
Drixol C: 90HP (Behind) (Metal)
Drixol D: 90HP (Behind) (Metal)

Djinni.EXE: 180 HP (Metal)
Fhyre.SP: 20 HP (Metal)
Broadside.EXE: 200 HP (Metal)
Ro.SP: 70HP (Metal)
Nadia.SP: 40 HP (Metal)
Rosa.SP: 50 HP (Metal)

Terrain: 20% Glass, 30% Broken, 50% Metal

"One, two, three..." Djinni said to herself out loud as she had her left hand raised and pointed at each virus while counting them, "Eleven, twelve... Twelve enemies?" Swiftly Djinni passed her right hand over her left, generating her weapon from the ruby and glanced at Broadside for a bit. "I didn't expect so many enemies... My guns are a bit too impractical for quick battles," she said while raising her gun to Broadside's eye level. Having spoken about her own weapon, she glanced at Broadside's weapon and tilted her head sideways. "Or maybe my own weapon isn't what I need..." she whispered and looked at the enemies. A playful laugh came from Djinni as she took a few paces away from Broadside into the direction of the enemies.

With a slam she pressed the end of her gun against the floor and pulled the trigger. A circle of crimson flames emerged around Djinni, which then swiftly changed to a clear yellow color while increasing in size. The flames started to consume Djinni as she slowly straightened her back with a thinly veiled smirk. "Time to show why we're a team," her voice sounded before vanishing in the sea of flames. Moments later the flames started to form Djinni's body with additional parts with little movement detectable inside the flames, until Djinni lifted her leg. A pure golden boot appeared, repelling the flames while its light reflected itself from the gold, and eventually Djinni's entire form of her personal Broadside armor emerged.

Fhyre's flame flickered slightly as she relocated her vision towards Djinni's new form. It seemed like the Navi of the pair was too busy for commands, so Fhyre once glanced elsewhere and this time towards the one who had been carrying her. Having finished absorbing the bugfrags she had picked up entirely, her hands were free again to protect those close to her. Spreading her hands out like a triangle while keeping her core in Rosa's hands. But one of the hands, one in Rosa's vision, showed a quick thumbs up before opening again to catch any attacks.

She remained in place for a moment, examining her body as she lifted her right 'hand' to check the weapon that had been grafted onto her arm and figuring out the meaning of the numbers that started appearing on the inside of her visor. Crosshairs were formed around the enemies with various values at the sides, but the most interesting were the values she could see of herself. A strong form of electrical energy grew within the weapon, causing the numbers to rise higher and higher, and without any words about it, she aimed her weapon at one of the Phoenix viruses that had occupied the sky. "But..." she muttered, "It's not enough..." Arcing around Djinni were her six electrically shaped flames and pierced the cannon she had extended at the weapons, feeding the already present energy with even more. While hidden behind her armor, Djinni grinned widely as she shot a burst of electricity at the Phoenix. Swiftly she held her empty hand against the cannon to keep her aim steady while the energy kept pouring out of the weapon.

Djinni.EXE [Fire/Cursor] [AirShoes/FloatShoes]
1. BroadsideCross LV1 [Elec/Break; +10 Elec]
2. Deletion Cannon - Custom [80 ELEC; 2 TCD] [BroadsideCross]
-- Turn Split--

Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield]
1. Protect Rosa.
"Heads up, people." Nadia shouted as she caught sight of something in the heat distorted haze. When she realized they were viruses... "Incoming! Rosa, Armor up!"

As matching suits of armor appeared over Nadia and Rosa's bodies, Broadside caught sight of yet more viruses approaching from just beyond where Djinni stood. His own armor suit materialized as the Aegis Defense system projected a defensive energy field around Djinni (who was currently counting viruses). He was preparing to shoot the nearest virus with his rifle when Rosa's voice came over the squad-com "Chief, we have wounded. I need cover to tend to it."

"Viruses from above, too." Ro said as he looked up to see the blazing forms of the FirePhoenix viruses overhead. By now, Djinni was also patched into the squad-com... a side effect of assuming BroadsideCross while near the Navi and his crew of SPs. Nadia's voice came in over the com next: "Confirmed air cover. Count 4 at 10, 12, 12, and 2, 80 degrees hi--" Then Djinni took her shot with the Deletion Cannon Custom at one of the viruses. "Talk about quick response... Go Djinni!"

"Gotcha covered." Jared said as he slotted in a couple of chips, notably including a Candle1, and hit the [Send] key. Broadside immediately summoned the Candle while Rosa made a dash to huddle behind it while carrying Fhyre. She plunked down with her back to the candle, and the Candle between her and the group of fire viruses beyond. She then focused on the task at hand... more like the puzzle at hand, namely: How does one heal a living flame? Rosa's solution? Stoke it. The medic SP raised one arm over the fire SP. and called a small container of good old fashioned gasoline from where ever it was she managed to keep such things stored. "There you go... You will feel better in a moment," Rosa said soothingly with a smile as she poured the can of fuel over the flame SP. An act that most intelligent sane beings would never commit... And somehow, it seemed to work.

Broadside, meanwhile, had problems of his own to deal with now. "Jared, Shadows."

"On it." A moment later, and ElecKnife data appeared in Broadside's memory banks. Just in time, too, as the Navi found himself too close to one of those Shadows already. Broadside gripped his Guard Rifle, pressed the stud on the side of the grip, and ignited the beam bayonet as he executed a rising slash at the black viral form.

"Broadside, Dodge!" Ro said over the squad-com suddenly. Broadside reacted immediately by continuing his circular slashing motion and using it to twist his body around. He ignited his boosters as he turned away from the location of the Shadow virus, and dashed out of the grid location he'd just occupied. He did this just in time for a volley of Meason rifle bolts and a hail of blaster shots to pass through the spot he'd just occupied as Ro and Nadia did their combined level best to gun down a Champu.

"Hey, Djinni." Nadia hailed over the squad-com. She was programmed to be a squad commander, and knew at all times who or what was patched into the group's private network. "Mind giving these guys an encore performance of that little number you just pulled?" Nadia pulled an ElecReel1 chip file out of the PET link, and transfered it to Djinni as she spoke. "This time, play it louder for your fans?"

"I will cover you." Broadside added as his evasive maneuver put him closer to his crossed ally. He killed his boosters, braked to a stop, and began watching for another virus to teleport into attack range.

Ro, meanwhile, lowered his rifle, and moved to stand next to Rosa and Fhyre. He brought his shield up, and stood ready to stone-wall any attacks he had to to keep the viruses off the Medic and her charge.

Absolute chaos? Definitely.

Controlled? That was debatable.

--Broadside-- (Equip: ElecKnife(6)/G-Rifle, None) [20 HP Casing] {Regen(5)}
-- Refresh Armor: 20 HP Casing on Broadside
-- Aegis Defense EX: Project 25 HP Barrier on Djinni
1: Set Candle1 (Regen5 @ All Allies)
2: ElecKnife @ Shadow (either one) (85 Elec + Slashing) [2x DMG on Metal]
3: Bait 'n' Swap (Dodge)
4: ElecKnife @ Any virus that comes into range. (85 Elec + Slashing) [2x DMG on Metal]

--Nadia-- (Equip: B-Pistol, B-Pistol) [20 HP Casing] {Regen(5)}
1: "Armor UP!" @ Nadia & Rosa (20 HP Casing x up to 2 Targets, 1 TCD)
2: Double Autofire @ Champu (either one) (5 Elec x 4 Shots) [2x DMG on Metal]
-- T.C.T.: ElecReel1 to Djinni

--Ro-- (Equip: G-Rifle, Shield(2)R) {Regen(5)}
-- Type-E Riot Shield (1 Hit Shield)
-- Reinforce @ Type-E Riot Shield (+1)
1: Double Meason Shot @ same Champu Nadia is attacking (10 Elec x 2 Shots) [2x DMG on Metal]
2: Defend Rosa and Fhyre (Movement/Defense)

--Rosa-- (Equip: None, None) [20 HP Casing] {Regen(5)}
-- Carrying Fhyre.SP
1: Take cover behind Candle1 vs front viruses (Movement)
2: Hammer Space Help? @ Fhyre (40 HP Recovery, 1 TCD)

Broadside: Unavailable
Nadia: "Armor UP!": Activated
Rosa: Hammer Space Help?: Activated
Once she lowered her left hand, she could see the attacks of her companions fly by her. The flames of electricity that had pierced her weapon before returned to their original form and positions, the holes that had been made in the cannon disappearing shortly afterwards.

"Hey Djinni."

Nadia's voice rang in Djinni's transceiver and she just listened carefully to what she had to say and smiled playfully, happy with the upbeat personality of the SP in comparison to Broadside's. "Do not worry, I'm sure they will be smitten with the music we all play," Djinni replied to Nadia, not particularly realizing it was a connected network with all of them. The chip data she received, however, was all hers and she analyzed it as she was not used to using something that had no flames while the Deletion Cannon came naturally for her new form. Djinni took a few steps forward, then started running in a somewhat slow pace and eventually took a small jump into air effortlessly despite her bulky armor. She lifted her legs while the four panels of her skirt folded inwards and formed a saucer underneath her upper body. With a surprising speed for her size, she hovered in a circling motion around the targets she had her eyes on. Various reticles popped up on Djinni's visor, allowing her to see her enemies clearly.

Still in her defensive mode, Fhyre was kind of surprised when she was suddenly dragged along by Rosa to a different position which didn't seem to show like it was necessary to do any protecting at all. A bit disappointed, Fhyre just decided to enjoy the relaxation for a while. Until she got a wave of gasoline over her flames. Fhyre being surprised and shocked by this move of Rosa, her flames flickered wildly and bigger than ever, including Fhyre's hands, while the rings and bracelets had trouble containing them to their original sizes. Shortly after the increase in size, however, the ruby started absorbing the overflowing flames into itself and as such healed itself. The flames diminished in size and Fhyre turned slightly to adjust her vision to look at Rosa. Lowering the top hand, she extended one finger and wrote with fiery letters close to them. 'Thanks', read the words and Fhyre became more determined than ever to protect the Medic of Broadside's army.

While Djinni maintained her hovering motions a dimmed light appeared at the hole of Djinni's arm cannon, while on her visor she could see the swift loading progress of the chip she had been granted from Nadia. "Lock-on," she whispered to herself as some of the reticles she could see became red and stopped her motion while aiming her cannon at the enemies. With a firm hand she kept the cannon steady while the power kept building up. "Eighty... Ninety... Fire!" A flash of lightning emerged from her cannon that frantically scurried its way across the air towards its targets.

3. Dodge.
4. Elecreel1 [80 ELEC; Multiple Targets; Ranged] + [AddBreak] + [10 Elec Cross Bonus] @ Drixol Group.
The small army of viruses was quickly met by resistance worthy of a large army. Djinni started things off with a showy flaming transformation into BroadsideCross. Finding herself with a variety of targets, she picked one and aimed her Deletion Cannon at it. The shot sped towards the FirePhoenix and informed the enemy group that these Navis meant business.

While she did so, Broadside and his team of SPs began to prepare for battle. Broadside generated his own armor, Ro put up his shield and Nadia provided armor for both herself and Rosa. With that finished, Broadside placed a Candle that healed the group a small amount. Rosa made more use of the object by dashing behind it holding Fhyre. She focused on healing the flame SP while the rest of the team moved to follow Djinni's lead.

Broadside's first attack was directed at the Shadows right in front of him. His operator sent an ElecKnife, which manifested as a bayonet on the end of the Navi's rifle. Charging the virus, Broadside made a powerful upward swipe that chopped through the virus and deleted it. The virus's partner immediately warped beside him and attempted a revenge strike which glanced off of the hardy Navi's armor. A second later Broadside was gone, boosting away from the Shadow. Ro and Nadia performed cover fire as he did, the shots connecting enough to delete one of the Champus.

When the two finished firing, Ro ran to protect Rosa as she healed Fhyre. The surviving Champu warped in front of him mid-transit and attempted to punch him, but Ro was prepared and swiftly blocked with his riot shield. It was at this point that Djinni received an ElecReel from Nadia. The neglected fire Navi was currently dodging the attacks of a Drixol and accepted the battlechip gratefully. The weapon materialized on her arm as a Drixol drew close. Djinni fired, sending the powered up bolt straight through the virus and onward towards the others. It had enough kick to reach two others and totally delete them, but the other came from behind and dealt a significant blow to her barrier.

After this capable display of teamwork, the viruses became a bit more cautious. One of the FirePhoenixes made a potshot fire wave attack at Rosa and Fhyre where they hid, but Ro stepped in and blocked the attack with his shield. Broadside stood ready at the head of the group baring his electric bayonet. The sight was enough to keep the viruses back for the moment.

Shadow B: 80HP (Front) (Glass)
Champu A: 60HP (Front) (Glass)
FirePhoenix A: 110HP (Flying) (10 o' clock)
FirePhoenix B: 110HP (Flying) (Above Shadow)
FirePhoenix C: 30HP (Flying) (Above Shadow)
FirePhoenix D: 110HP (Flying) (2 o' clock)
Drixol B: 90HP (Behind) (Metal)

Terrain: 20% Glass, 30% Broken, 50% Metal
Candle1: 100HP

Djinni.EXE: 180 HP (Metal) (5HP barrier)
Fhyre.SP: 70 HP (Metal, behind Candle1)
Broadside.EXE: 200 HP (Metal) (5HP casing)
Ro.SP: 70HP (Metal)
Nadia.SP: 50 HP (Metal) (20HP casing)
Rosa.SP: 50 HP (Metal, behind Candle1) (20HP casing)