Searching for some guy

Splitman managed to get in through the net-square without incident. Lately travel had made things so inconvenient, it was nice to actually have things go smoothly for a change. Chad was even improving his weaponry, once, for a change.

Splitman paced back and fourth slightly in anticipation, waiting for his partner. Hopefully this one would be useful, otherwise he would have to kick him out, and that would be a waste for everyone involved. After several minutes he became impatient and began to pester Chad, something unusual for the mishapen navi.

"Could you just contact them directly so they could get here and get this over with? This mission wreaks of something that will get us killed....

I don't like it"

Concern was apparent in his voice, but the most empathic a response his operator mustered was a 'ugh'. in what appeared to be acknowledgment. Ugh is right, today was going to be hell, he thought to himself.
Freya, jacking into the network, began to scout around for her partner, "Split". Now...where is he...? She mumbled. Chad said he'd be around the entrance of Net Square. Check around there, I think we're not that far from it. Jack said, scanning around the area. Freya, lacking any other ideas, began to head in the general direction of the Net Square's shortcut portal to Hades net.
Split watched the surrounding area before deciding that this was clearly taking too long. Maybe the guy didn't know where he was. Bloody hell... he should have confirmed what his partner looked like.

He began to gather tremendous amounts of energy to his skin then blasted up a beacon of blue-white light, a pillar to mark his location and identity. It occurred to him that he had no idea what exactly the ambient regenerative energies would do to the surrounding area, but it didn't seem very important at this time. Hopefully he could finally just get this over with.
spotting a navi near the portal after a few minutes of wondering around the area, Freya, quietly walked up to him. Hello, I am looking for a navi named...lets see..."split", would you be that navi? She asked, extending a hand as a gesture of peace.
Splitman glanced at the... wooden?... navi before him. He began to put out his hand, reflexively, but decided better of it.

"Freya, right?" He said, without waiting for her to respond
"Come on then, lets head off." He finished before turning 90 degrees and heading out into the artificial wilderness.

"Got any bright ideas about where this guy might be?" He asked her without stopping
"I personally have no particularly bright ideas, but who is to say we won't happen upon something"
I have no idea where the navi is at...nor about the crash site... Freya said, pondering quickly. Wait...There's a post on the BBS, Titan sent us data on where the crash is located at. Jack said hurridly, reading the post over again. We can also, if we so choose, aquire an SP as our reward. I've downloaded the data and sending it to Freya, Splitman, follow her and we'll find the crash site...sans any viruses that may attack on the way. Jack said as he clicked a few buttons on his PET, sending the data into Freya's head, she quickly materialized a map in reponse, handing it to Splitman. As Jack said, follow me or the map, and we'll find the crash site and...the navi...if anything remains. she quickly said, heading in the direction of the crash site.

(Special Mission...START!)
Hades' already chaotic and fiery landscape was clearly marred further by some sort of a large disturbance, most likely a plane crashing. These directions were good, alright.

Following a small stream of lava, Split and Frey come across a small group of viruses.

Terrain: 80% Normal, 10% Lava (River, divides area in half) 10% Cracked (scattered)


OldStoveEXA: 80 HP
OldStoveEXB: 80 HP
OldStoveEXC: 80 HP
OldStoveEXD: 80 HP
CanDevilEX: 150 HP

SplitMan: 140 HP
Freya: 120 HP

Candle: 50 HP

Split glanced at his ally briefly, looking to see how he would handle the situation. Quickly, though, his impatience got the better of him. "It would be moronic to wait to see what a moron did..." He muttered to himself, vaguely aware that the statement itself didn't make much sense. Instead he glanced at the list of enemies before him and at his available weapons. Chad had already slotted in some bubblers at some point, but that was about it. There was also the new guard in there, but somehow that just seemed like a waste to use. Who knew, maybe he might make something of it.

A click followed by a mid-toned beep whined into his head, as tiny virtual tracers shot out, highlighting each of the enemies. The little targeting markers buzzed all about the enemy formation, highlighting various aspects of his various enemies. The information was relayed to his ally, who hopefully might even make something of it.

Splitman himself had something relatively simple in mind. He took two pot-shots at the nearest Stoves. The very pointless-looking bubbles launched out from his modified left arm like tiny hollow bullets. When they hit their targets it was made very clear that appearances here were a completely meaningless comparison to that other world, where such an attack would do little more than clean an enemy.

"Kill off the remaining things on this side, I will get the candle shortly" He shouted to his ally, who hopefully would listen. He turned 90 degrees and leapt across the river of 'molten rock' and landed daintily on the opposite side. Just to get the damn thing out of the way he activated the Guard chip in his inventory, creating a momentary shield in front of him. This sort of thing seemed a bit stupid to him, but at least he wouldn't be attacked while he was landing.

1: Lock-On (8 Instances of Take Aim, usable by allies. Allocated by enemy). Summary at bottom.
2: Bubbler: (50+Spread, Aqua. Acc A)+Take Aim: OldStoveEXA, Spread-OldStoveEXB
3: Bubbler: (50+Spread, Aqua. Acc A)+Take Aim: OldStoveEXC, Spread-OldStoveEXD
0: Advanced Mobility: Leap across River to other side.
4: Guard2(Reflect up to 120 damage)

Lock-On Locks: Usable by ally
An idiot am I? Freya mumbled quietly to herself, overhearing Splitman's comment about her. I'll show you who the idiot is... she continued to mumble as she watched Splitman do his thing, sending a couple Bubblers out at the Oldstoves, not to mention heading to the other side of the lava river, overhearing his next bit, saying to take out the rest of the enemies.

Which chips do you want me to send, Freya? Seems like it'll be a long mission with our partner in tow. Jack popped in, looking at the viruses HP values, as well as their statuses. Send me the Hi-Cannon, DashAttack and the Thunder1. I think that's all I really need to attack them...unless Split has other ideas... She said, regretting her choices already as she sent a splinter out at the CanDevilEX virus, as well as summoning a barrier around her body, as three clicks indicated Jack had sent her the requested chips as she had a thought... Long mission? More like a trip through the circles of hell if anything.

Using the Lock-On data from Splitman, Freya quickly analyzed her foes, grayed out cursors hovered over the enemies that Splitman had attacked as she took aim at the various viruses, readying her DashAttack chip.

She quickly formed a battering ram in front of her, shaking as she did, before blasting off at the enemies in a large explosion of energy being fired from her legs, sending her hurtling at them in an attempt to bash and crash through the lot of them, possibly deleting the OldStoves and seriously damaging the CanDevil if it hadn't moved out of the way as she had ended up on the other side of the various viruses, quickly moving from her position had the viruses managed to avoid her attack.

Loading up the Hi-Cannon as she moved, a large blue cannon, looking much like the Canodumb2 viruses, as she took aim at the CanDevil, she slowly kept her aim on it, making sure it hadn't moved, as she fired off a large blast of energy at it, hoping to hit as she let loose her last Battlechip, a lowly Thunder1, letting it loose on the battlefield as it began to hone in on the (possibly gone) CanDevilEX's data signature.

Splinter Dart at CanDevilEX (passive 10 wood damage)
Wooden Exterior (passive 20 HP barrier)
-one of Splitman's Take Aim's used on CanDevilEX for DashAttack
1: DashAttack--->CanDevilEX and OldStoveEXA-D (90 to 5, impact, Line Attack)
2: Dodge
-One of Splitman's Take Aim's used on CanDevilEX
3: Hi-Cannon--->CanDevilEX (80+Knockback)
-Target Boost on Thunder1 (passive Take Aim1)
4: Thunder1--->CanDevilEX (40+homing, elec)

Splitman's Lock-On's
CanDevilEX:2 (all gone lol)
Freya and Splitman waste no time pummeling their opponents. Even as they launch a feeble counterattack, the well-prepared duo merely absorb them into their defenses, leaving them undamaged.

Nothing remains except for a few broken peices of stove and some globs of wax...

Freya and Splitman are still on opposite banks of the river of lava, now, though.


Freya: 500Z
SplitMan: 550Z
Split looked at his ally from across the river of magma.
"Lets just keep following it in the direction of the crash" He shouted across, hands cupped.
"Worst case scenario we can split up and search for the device separately"

Before waiting for his ally to respond he began jogging up the length of the magma stream in the direction the plane had.... 'landed'. He looked back on his ally with a bit of scorn, but slightly more respect than he had 5 minutes ago. At least the guy wasn't a complete invalid when it came to fighting, Operator knows that he himself had done less than half of that.
Hey! Wait up! Freya yelled at her partner, running after him parallel to the lava stream. Damn it! Can't catch up from over here! Freya swore as she had trouble catching up with her ally. Use this Freya, just got it from a trade. Jack said calmly, slotting in the Aqua Needle 1 chip he had traded his Binder1 for. Materializing the data, three small daggers of water appeared between Freya's fingers, she quickly threw them at the lava, cooling it down and creating a path for her. She quickly ran across the cooled part of the lava stream, quickly trying to catch up with her partner.

(special mission battle 2 I guess)
(Can we has mod-jack?)
(We're totally unmodable...aren't we?)
"Grhhhh" Split let out something between a grunt and a hiss upon noticing that the guy was following him anyway. "Didn't you have something better to do than find some random box?" He asked the guy behind him.
"No, wait, don't answer that. You clearly didn't. Hell I didn't" He muttered to himself, increasing the pace. He wanted to kill something, he wanted to hurt something -badly- this -thing- was following him for no reason, and it was taking entirely too long to find the goddamn crash site.

"Screw this we are running" He said, after viewing that the area was apparently particularly desolate today. "Worst case and we get jumped by something we can just keep on running past it towards to goal, blast apart the things that are in our way and don't give a damn about anything else. I didn't come here just to screw around with deadly monsters and a puppet"
Sounds like a plan to me. I just want to get this damned box and get the hell out of here. Freya said, responding to her ally, continuing to run after him. If I'd have to chose being in the net version of hell or getting chewed on by some sort of beaver virus...the virus would sound much better than the latter, since I kind of BURN real easily. She continued, making sure she doesn't accedentally step in some sort of fire trap or whatever.
"Oh yeah, that is another thing" Split murmured. "Why the hell do you take on a mission in an oven when you are made out of wood?"

He looked around the area for some sign of the crash before continuing on. The path of the debris seemed to indicate that the crash would be somewhere in the middle of hell, wherever that was.

"Anyway, It just seems like you have intentionally decided to take on a task you are ill-suited to, for some kind of meager gain. Just give me one good reason you decided to do something here, when I am sure the police or some other adjacency would have been willing to send you somewhere else for equivalent gain"
The pace of Split's rambling slowly began to accelerate as there were clearly no enemies in sight. Though they shed no light on their surroundings, Split's eyes flickered a deep blue as he paused a moment to deliberate. Man, this guy following him was slow.
When you have a netop like mine...lets just say that sticking your neck out will keep the police off your ass. I just keep telling myself it's stress testing my passive signatures, since my netop tends to not tell me where I'm going for a mission. Freya lied to Splitman as she turned her torso around, looking out for viruses from behind as she kept running towards splitman. Just keep telling yourself you have a glass cannon for a partner. Freya said before talking again. Also, just for your information, I wasn't always the wooden puppet you see today. she finished, keeping herself occupied with simaltaniously running towards splitman and keeping a look out for viruses that might attack from behind.
"Look, you are slower so you should take the front." Splitman said, as he watched his witless ally attempt to keep up while guarding them. "I can easily travel as fast as you, while backwards. Just concentrate on searching for the crash while moving as fast as possible"

He took the moment to pause and take up the rear. Heh, maybe he could even overtake this guy by running backwards-wait a minute. That last thing he said was kinda odd.

"What do you mean you were always a wooden puppet? I mean, sure you were clearly not ALWAYS what you are today, you have certainly taken on various forms since your genesis, but you can't really mean that you just sorta changed one day" He mused while hopping backwards at an awkward gait. "I mean, your OP can me a wannabe mobster, I understand that, but it isn't as though you simply are able to change forms on a whim. Even I can't do that except on a very temporary basis. Indeed, there are some cases of beings that are able to transform for very extended times thanks to various sources of power, such as the legendary beasts and data-merging techniques, but it seems very unlikely that you would have access to either such ability, and even IN those cases it seems unlikely that you would refer to yourself in such a manner. Indeed these changes I have listed are exclusively temporary, the core archetype that defines each individual independent program will always default to a certain state after excess program loads used in battle-like states have been dropped. If I were to assume that you were ever capable of such changes, it could not be a full program rewrite of yourself as that would go against the key concepts which govern basic artificial existence. Indeed such abilities, I fathom, might open the door for some sort of grand administration entity, but as we represent semi-physical entities with individual backups rooted highly in our physical nature as devices, it seems entirely unlikely that anyone would be able to create such a full rewrite. Alteration of skills is generally a gradually set of abilities or a one-time physical construct, indeed even those especially customizable entities that seem to define us as individuals are truly just limited run semi-mailable physical constructs created from electronic data. If I were you I would avoid such claims that might lead those to get the wrong idea."

"They are very confusing"