Lonely Planet [Part 2]

[Origin: Yumland Net]

The portal to the desert networks of Netfrica glowed yellow as it switched from its relatively inactive state. The reason for its sudden activity was well enough explained, when two figures stepped off the teleporter pad: Eternalis and Aurora. They lingered around the entrance silently for a few moments, waiting for their allies to follow suit.
In a flash, Validus was transported into a wide Savannah from the lush forests of Yumland. Markerlight followed suit from behind, and suddenly both of them was a hell lot hotter than they were back in Yumland. The two programs, however, kept the discomfort only to themselves. "Hah! So this is Netfrica." Validus said as he scanned his horizons.
In a flash, both mount and rider materialized into the deserts of Netfrica.

Onto the sand. No wait, into the sand.


Harley's hooves seemed to have dug it's way, burying the horse's frame by half, the exhaust pipes disappearing into the sand. Rhea's boot was touching the sand, even. "Gee, thanks little paperweight," Harley muttered, and Rhea's first response was to dismount. "Should've warned me about the hazardous terrain here."

"It isn't of my fault that this is my first time in Netfrica," Rhea retorted bluntly, eyes squinting slightly from the bright sun, identifying a few allies from a distance away. Turning around, she saw that her SP was still stuck in sand-- well, of course, since he was stuck pretty deep. There also seem to be a new problem-- air turbulence around Harley and herself.

Oh, right, of course. They were both made of netmetal. The air around them shimmered in great detail like hot air over a stove. In this case, the stove's the two hunk of metal.

Rhea sunk a bit. Literally.

... Okay, there was also her own weight to worry about. She sighed audibly.
Shading her eyes with her hand, Aurora looked up at the sun (or at least, its light) and whistled. It was pretty hot. Good thing she was wearing the bodysuit that she was, which was quite cool enough, thanks to Harke's little modification in Sharo some time ago. She turned to her Navi, who was looking towards their allies, who had just passed through. Validus and Marker didn't look all that displeased by the change, but the other two in the party seemed to be rather inconvenienced. Rhea seemed a little okay when she dismounted Harley, but the same could not quite be said about the latter.

"Uhh... need any help with that, Harley?"

[Battle 1 - Ready]
As if sand wasn't annoying enough, the sand was now becoming a veritable sandstorm! A couple of Snowblow viruses up ahead were whipping up a huge blast of wind, blowing sand everywhere. Compounding the problems were a few Elemperors, drenched in lava, and some unsavory, quick-moving Spikies. Harley had better get his hooves in action before he becomes rump roast!

The navis are currently on sand. A river of lava, full of Elemperors, seperates them and the soil terrain ahead.

ElemperorA: 100 HP (on lava)
ElemperorB: 100 HP (on lava)
ElemperorC: 100 HP (on lava)
ElemperorD: 100 HP (on lava)
SnowblowA: 100 HP (on soil)
SnowblowC: 100 HP (on soil)
SnowblowD: 100 HP (on soil)
SpikeyA: 90 HP (on sand)
SpikeyB: 90 HP (on sand)
SpikeyC: 90 HP (on sand)

Eternalis: 160 HP
Aurora: 70 HP
Validus: 120 HP
Markerlight: 40 HP
Rhea: 140 HP
Harley: 40 HP

Terrain: 60% sand, 20% lava (1 action away), 20% soil (2 actions away)

"Yes, that would be very helpful of you, Eternalis," Harley noted, rolling his eyes from the sand trap. Without warning, Rhea threw a gigantic shield at it's way, expecting the equine to catch it with no limbs free. There was an audible thunk that followed, though no scratches could be seen; Harley had apparently lifted the shield with magnetic force parallel to it's head. "This isn't entirely what I had in mind under the definition of 'help', either!" he retorted to his Operator and Navigator, revving up his processes to produce fume from his exhaust pipes.

Gas releasing from the end of the horse and with a gigantic welding mask in front of it couldn't look even more hilarious as the sand seemed to get blown away from its feet, allowing Harley to take steps backwards (at last) and get free from it.

"Just get out of the way," Rhea said, noting the disadvantage for both Harley and herself in this absurd terrain. From beyond, she could see that there were even lava terrain, and the sand was starting to blow everywhere from the Snowblows' movements. Well, at least it was helping the .SP to untangle himself from the sandy grave. It didn't mean that she was going to have an easy time dodging attacks, from what it seemed, though. "Pass over the Moonblade," Rhea commented, with Camillia promptly uploading the chip. "I shall be handling the nearest enemies. Worry yourselves against the others further back," the petite Navi told her allies with a loud tone, making sure they could hear her as she sped off towards the Spikey group.

It had been quite awhile since she last wielded a sword.

Letting her pre-programmed instincts guide her, she swung the conjured blade in a spinning arc as she got close to the fiery virii group. The sword cut through the sand-filled air with it's crescent-shaped blade, a characteristic befitting of it's name, aimed for the heads of the Spikeys. In a flashy move, she moved out of the group, looking like a cheesy finishing blow cutscene from a budget kids show.

Of course, therein lies the problem; she hopped out of the group to land on the sand.

Rhea. On sand.

Almost immediately, the land gave way as she sunk in halfways, suffering similar fate as Harley did earlier. Giving a surprised yelp, she lost half her height from the fall, with no help in sight. "Uh-oh," Camillia said, slotting in an immediate Guard1 to help the.. the... dense... Navi out. Rhea immediately loaded it with full force, wearing it over her head like a hat.

Gods, this was the worst terrain ever.

Summary of actions:
1) Curseshield1 - 160DMG, 1-hit shield @ Harley.SP
Harley.SP) Get out with a gas
2) Moonblade1 - 90DMG, Slashing - SpikeyA, B, C - Accuracy B + Sword Mastery
3) Get stuck in sand (partial burrow)
4) Guard1 - 60REFLECT 1-hit @ Self
"Uh, okay, I'll just-" Eternalis started, before he saw (or more likely felt) the sandstorm coming up from behind. He looked towards Harley, somewhat concerned for his, er, condition, but the concern was unfounded; Harley had gotten out. Unorthodox as it was, it worked, but Eternalis could not help but stifle a hidden chortle at the situation. Exhaust... heh, he mused. Then, catching Rhea's plans as she executed them, he nodded. Just as Rhea swung the Moonblade, however, Eternalis had to catch himself from laughing, seeing Rhea plunge straight into the sand.

It wasn't long before he figured he should start the fight himself, and turned to Aurora. "Uh, Aurora, go help Rhea out of the sand for a bit, she looks like she could use it. Wideshot those lamp viruses while you're at it, if you can," he said.

"All right!" replied Aurora happily, glad to see that she was becoming a lot more independent than before, and didn't have to scurry under her Navi's shadow any longer. She liked being able to help, and this was the best way.

"Harke, LavaSeed, WideShots, and the WindRacket," requested Eternalis.

"Incoming," replied Harke lazily, not especially preferring to take part in any drama and slotting in the chips as he was supposed to do.

Eternalis got to work quickly, charging up the LavaSeed's data in his hand as he prepared himself for a vapor jump. Steam emanated from the blue Navi's body as it slowly became less visible. Then, the Navi disappeared quickly in a puff of heated vapor, leaping through the air in his vaporized form. He passed through the Spikeys and Elemperors pretty easily, reaching the SnowBlows' position quite quickly. Before he rematerialized into solid form, however, he manifested the LavaSeed from inside his systems, causing the red egg-like lava bomb to appear from within the vapor cloud. Without anything to support it, it simply fell- and conveniently, the spot where it fell was right smack in the middle of the SnowBlows' area.

Satisfied with the drop, Eternalis reappeared standing behind the furry blue viruses. Stretching out his arms, he activated the remaining two chips relegated to him. He then threw his arms in a wide arc across his chest, causing two trails of energy to course through the air like sparklers, one blue, one white. The blue trail condensed into a solid sheet of water, while the white trail caused a pressure difference in the air, creating a wide shockwave of wind. The waves of water and air made a rather impressive explosive-like sound before flying through the air, headed straight for the SnowBlow viruses. After the pretty show, the Navi had not much to do, except attempt to evade any surprise attacks, and routinely check his healing processes.

Meanwhile, Aurora had her own business to take care of. Loading the WideShot data into her hand, she clenched her fist as it glowed blue for a bit. Her visor immediately responded by flooding her sight with minute calculation exercises, mostly to calculate her attack into precise accuracy, as well as avoiding a backfire on the shot. Then, she threw her hand at the lamp-like Elemperors, causing three blobs of water to fly out at the enemy. Then, she turned her attention to Rhea, almost not recognizing the purple robot-girl because of the large Guard covering most of her head. She turned to run towards her ally, when-


-she accidentally slipped, causing her to fly through the air for a few moments before landing near Rhea's position. And of course, it was fated that the spot she landed on would also be a weak spot in the sand, and cause her to sink to her chest. The sand also shot everywhere, including her own face. After a fit of coughing and spitting to remove as much sand from her face as possible, Aurora turned to Rhea, and sheepishly grinned. "Uh, sorry."

[| [color=cornflowerblue]Eternalis.EXE[/color] || Aurora.SP |]
[1] Vapor Reassimilation @ Behind Snowblows [Teleport + Take Aim + Dodge]
[2] LavaSeed @ Lava/Soil Area [Fire 10 + Sm Lava / [u]Med Lava[/u]]
[3] WideShot1 @ SnowBlowA/B/C [Aqua 60+15 + Wide] [x2 Terrain]
[4] WindRacket1 @ SnowBlowA/B/C [Null 100 + Wide + Gust + Microburst]
[1] WideShot1 @ ElemperorA/B/C [Aqua 60 + Wide] [x2 Element]
[2] Fall into Sand [Partial Burrow]
[5] Dodge
[*] Influx Aegis @ Any if necessary [Heal 15 x5]
-- Priority Set: Marker/Harley/Aurora/Validus/Rhea/Self
"More targets. Look alive guys!" Tsujsa informed the duo. Validus and Markerlight both nodded, and then set off to engage in their tasks. [[color=blue]"The others are engaging the Snowblows and the spikeys. Recommend you engage the lamps."[/color] Markerlight said as she pulled her handgun out.

"Crap, the terrain's really sticking. We're gonna have to stay stationary for now. Markerlight, prepare to receive a shield from Validus." Tsujsa said as he slotted in the guard chip into the PET. The data didn't materialize into a shield in Validus's hand, but rather a small canister. With a swing from his arm, Validus threw the canister at Markerlight, who caught it without any problems. A brief thanks was muttered from Markerlight, though the sandstorm blocked out her voice, as she pressed a button and the canister melded into her body, forming a shield on her left arm.

"Requesting Hi-cannon and Shotgun. Let's try to get rid of them without any problems." He said as he brought the rifle up and looked into the scope. Validus placed the targeting reticule onto the lamp-like viruses. "Acknowledged. Sending chip data." was the operator's reply as he slotted in the Hi-cannon and Shotgun chip. The barrel of the rifle was suddenly enlarged, and the weapon itself shifted into a blue-ish hue. With one press of the trigger, Validus fired the weapon, a solid shell flying straight out of the barrel of the rifle. Without stopping, Validus then pulled a slide-lock and ejected the empty barrel casing, before the next chip data modified his rifle again. This time, the rifle turned into a shotgun, and fired off a hail of bullets instead of a single, solid slug.

Both of which flew straight for one of the lamps.

1. Give guard chip to Markerlight
2. Hi-cannon - Elemperor A
3. Shotgun - Elemperor A - possible splash to any other elemperors

1. Activate Guard
Rhea's swing of her Moonblade managed to cut down two of the spikeys with ease. However, the virus that got lucky from the attack immediately retaliated with a quick fireball...Which, Rhea also became lucky as she unwillingly sunk into the sand and saw the fireball just pass over her head.

Eternalis' little Air-to-ground seed bombing proved to be a success as he managed to land on a very small patch of unaffected soil terrain while the blue viruses began to feel the burn of the lava. All three of the Snowblows were instantly deleted with two shots, but this also left the navi open for an unsuspected attack by the Elemperor. [30/10 Lava (2actions)] Taking vengeance for her master's behalf, Aurora shot the wideshot and deleted two. However, this only provoked the other virus into attacking the SP as well. [30] She was lucky enough to dive for the sand...unwillingly like Rhea, and avoid further damage by the lava panel.

Validus' shot was straight and true as it pegged one of the Elemperors from afar while harming the other with the shotgun blast. The last Elemperor was furious, but it lacked any more juice to fire off more attacks. In the end, Eternalis' influx managed to heal everyone into their (near) tip-top shape.

ElemperorA: DELETED [V]
ElemperorB: 50 HP (on lava)
ElemperorC: DELETED [E]
ElemperorD: DELETED [E]
SnowblowA: DELETED [E]
SnowblowC: DELETED [E]
SnowblowD: DELETED [E]
SpikeyA: DELETED [R]
SpikeyB: DELETED [R]
SpikeyC: 90 HP (on sand)

Eternalis: 150 HP [Lava]
Aurora: 70 HP [Sand/Burrow]
Validus: 120 HP [Lava]
Markerlight: 40 HP [Sand] [Guard]
Rhea: 140 HP [Sand/Burrow] [Guard]
Harley: 40 HP [Sand] [1-hit Shield/Curse]

Terrain: [50% sand, 10% Lava], 20% lava (1 action away), [5% Normal, 15% Lava (2 actions away)]
"looks like one last virus remains..." Validus muttered to himself, smug with the kills. With a press of a button on the side of the rifle, it shifted it's shape once, this time back into the original appearance of the rifle. As Validus flipped a switch near the handle of the rifle, it began to emit a small humming noise. His free hand slotted a small bullet into the rifle's chamber, and pulled the handle, locking the bullet into place. As Validus placed his aiming eye on the scope, he placed the Elemperor in the middle of his crosshairs...

And fired a shot. The rifle made a thunderous clap as the bullet ejected from the barrel of the gun at neckbreaking velocity: The kind of shot that would pierce through armor like a hot knife through warm butter.

The armor of the virus would certainly not save it from this cocktail of a high caliber bullet and a fast speed.

Summary of actions:
1. Take Aim
2. Sig Attack - Guard Buster - 50 + Break - Elemperor B
3. Dodge

1. Dodge.
"That looks like quite the pinch," Harke commented, snickering at his Navi's hardships with the boiling rock terrain. Involuntarily, of course. What kind of sick guy would laugh at another's misery?

"You think?!" Eternalis retorted, trying to focus on not getting his feet burnt. For now, he wasn't jumping around attempting to save his toes (he had none to speak of, anyhow) but he'd have to soon. He liked his boots blue, not black. He also didn't like having his feet boiled.

"All right, I'm sending in some chips. Finish off the last Spikey, seems Validus already took a shot at that lamp virus," said Harke, slotting in a couple of chips.

Eternalis got into action quickly, throwing caution to the winds and sprinting through the searing heat of the molten rock like a madman, preparing his chips as they flowed through his systems. Gathering energy into the palm of his hand, he focused his sights on the Spikey, trying his hardest not to feel the heated pain coming from the soles of his boots. His hand glowed blue, and pulsed as the force gathered in the palm reached its limit. Then, he brought his hands together, clasping them tightly into a hammer fist. He leapt into the air, and brought it down onto the lava.

The energy immediately flowed freely into the ground, and the lava erupted in bursts as geysers from beneath cooled them down explosively, with the water headed straight for the Spikey. Seeing his attack go perfectly well, Eternalis brought up his hands, still slightly pulsing with energy, and moved onto the newly-cooled ground. His wounds were healing quite well, now that his passive recovery processes had taken over his offensive ones.


"I... don't think I can get out..." Aurora said, wriggling around in the sand.

[| [color=cornflowerblue]Eternalis.EXE[/color] || Aurora.SP |]
[1] Movement [Get Closer to Spikey]
[2] WaterLine1 @ SpikeyC [Aqua 80+20 + Line + Ground] [x2 Element]
[3] Movement [Normal Terrain]
[4] Prepare MagBolt1 @ Any Survivor [Elec 90 + Magnetic Pull]
[*] Influx Aegis @ Self [Heal 15 x3]
"Hey Rhea."
"Maybe, you know, I shouldn't have made you so... er... heavy. Ahahaha."

Rhea punched a hole in the sand, proceeding to get out of the predicament she was in. Her SP, however, made use of this chance to head over to where the master was, looking very imposing and threatening from Rhea's low-angle perspective. "My apologies, can't help you out here. I have to keep trotting to prevent myself from sinking," Harley quipped cheerfully, before trotting off. The purple burrowed Navi followed the equine, until he came to a stop right next to Aurora. "Need a hand, m'lady?" he offered charmingly to the fellow SP, holding out a hoof.

Petite Navi Rhea wanted to facepalm.

Summary of actions:
- Nothing at all!
Shit was destroyed. The end.

ElemperorA: DELETED [V]
ElemperorB: DELETED [V]
ElemperorC: DELETED [E]
ElemperorD: DELETED [E]
SnowblowA: DELETED [E]
SnowblowC: DELETED [E]
SnowblowD: DELETED [E]
SpikeyA: DELETED [R]
SpikeyB: DELETED [R]
SpikeyC: DELETED [E]

Eternalis: 160 HP [Lava]
Aurora: 70 HP [Sand/Burrow]
Validus: 120 HP [Lava]
Markerlight: 40 HP [Sand] [Guard]
Rhea: 140 HP [Sand/Burrow] [Guard]
Harley: 40 HP [Sand] [1-hit Shield/Curse]

Terrain: [50% sand, 10% Lava], 20% lava (1 action away), [5% Normal, 15% Lava (2 actions away)]

Eternalis: 600z
Validus: 100z + [ElemFlar] Battlechip
Rhea: 250z
Group: 5 FXP + 50 BugFrags
"Okay, thanks!" Aurora said cheerfully, grabbing the offered hoof and pulling herself up rather quickly. Smiling without reserve, she rubbed the horse's head, seeing Harley as a playful pet of sorts to, well, play around with. At least, she attempted to, for the head was currently searing-hot from the Netfrican sun. "Your head feels kind of hot, though, Harley. Have you thought of getting a mane or something? I don't think hot heads are very comfortable."

Her Navi, meanwhile, was having a little bit of trouble with lava scorching his feet, and was dancing up a storm. Luckily, he remembered his teleportation function, and used that. He felt better about that, having retrieved his well-being and not having his lower body partially cooked. Looking around, he saw a Guard being worn suspiciously like a hat of some sort, and ducked under it to find Rhea still stuck in the sand.

Holding out a hand, Eternalis offered, "Er, need a pick-me-up?"
Validus ejected the spent shell from his shot as the steam vents on the sides of the gun began hissing, cooling the rifle from the residual heat. That lamp certainly wasn't going to be moving again anytime soon. Markerlight, on the other hand, had already managed to crawl out of the sand hole by herself. "You missed the spikey."

"Yes. I did." Replied the dark blue navi.
"I didn't notice it. And furthermore you didn't alert me to it."

Markerlight sulked. Validus was right, Markerlight was still green and couldn't do much aside from setting out targets and identifying them. She intended to change that as soon as possible in order to make herself useful... if only she could do more.

"Relax Markerlight. Validus was pretty useless in the beginning too."
"What th-"
"I mean, he used to suck so much. At least he could start shooting and wounding things in a single shot today."
"Sir, that is HIGHLY inappro-"

Tsujsa hushed Validus, and instead set about to configuring Markerlight's systems. As she glowed in a faint blueish hue, she found herself slightly... augmented. THe world seemed to slow a little bit down for her. "Whoa... I feel... trippy..."

"Relax. The speed augmentation is bound to make you a little dizzy in the beginning. You'll adjust to the speed soon."
"Naw, I'm comfortable like this... For now. Of course, my appearance is still entirely up to the jurisdiction of the tiny over there," Harley commented, the head shifting to the side to notion at Rhea, Guard on head, accepting the hand offered by Eternalis. "That, and I'm hot because of the hot sun." ... And my physical attractiveness, of course, the equine mused inwardly as an afterthought.

"Thank you," Rhea offered, before eyeing Validus and Markerlight at the other corner, having a lecture of their own. "Are we moving on?"

[[Battle 2 Ready]]
"Yeah," Eternalis replied simply. Motioning Aurora to his side, he called out to the others. "Let's move, guys," he said, before leading the group forward or whatever it was he was supposed to do.

[Battle 2 - Ready]
Validus grunted in acknowledgement to his team members, and motioned for Markerlight to follow him. The SP seemed to start looking like a small child completely hyped up on adrenaline. It was no wonder. One peek into her mind and one would see...


((+1 FXP Between Rhea/Eternalis))

The trios walked along the exotic Netfrican network, seeing all sorts of vegetation and the unknown wonders it had to offer. However, it all came down to a screeching halt when they found them selves in a strip of land that was harvested from its trees. There was nothing but turned trunks and not a single sign of green could be seen...except one.

A tiny speck of green flashed somewhere in the distance, catching all the navi's attention towards it. When they got closer and closer, they realized that it was a Green Mystery Data that gently hovered above a dug up pit. Before anyone of them could try to pick it off the air, it conveniently dropped down to the ground, prompting everyone to immediately dive into the pit to take a closer look.

...However, it was nothing more but a trap laid down by the viruses. The moment everyone was at the bottom of the pit, viruses suddenly rose from the ground, placed on top of the pit so that they wouldn't let their prey escape at all. To make things worse, four Snakearms also emerged behind the group of viruses, constantly circling around the pit, watching for their moment to strike...

KillPlantA: 100 HP
VineyA: 80 HP
Swordy-F EXA: 120 HP

KillPlantB: 100 HP
VineyB: 80 HP
Swordy-F EXB: 120 HP

KillPlantC: 100 HP
VineyC: 80 HP
Swordy-F EXC: 120 HP

-Circling around-
SnakeArmA: 130 HP [North]
SnakeArmB: 130 HP [West]
SnakeArmC: 130 HP [East]
SnakeArmD: 130 HP [South]

Terrain: 100% Soil (40% Pit / 60% Outer Rim)
-Pit is 2 meter deep compared to normal ground level.
-40 degree slope
-Approx. 10 feet away from ground level from the center. [1-2 Movements]

-In the Mosh pit-
Eternalis: 160 HP [Facing North]
Aurora: 70 HP
Validus: 120 HP [Facing East]
Markerlight: 40 HP
Rhea: 140 HP [Facing Southwest]
Harley: 40 HP

GMD: 65 HP [Center of the pit/group]

"Loads of targets! I think you should go for those in front of you, Rhea," Camillia pointed out, picking a few ranged chips to slot into her PET. The said Navi, dusting off her frame from the soil, blinked from the lack of knowledge of the situation before her. She took a quick glance at the rim of the pit, picking out silhouettes of virii. "A trap, eh? Clever," Harley snorted, following Rhea's gaze to the edge. Almost with no verbal warning at all, Rhea mounted onto her .SP, her body emanating a familiar blue aura similar to a fellow ally on the battlefield. Acknowledging a quick pat on Harley's non-existent mane, the equine set itself into motion to avoid oncoming attacks.

Transformation done, the Navigator's blue aura subsides to reveal Rhea, now under the influence of EternalisCross modifications.

Downloading the chips provided by her operator, the water tankard of a program loaded the first one into the buster barrel on her right arm. Lifting it to aim at the Swordy, Rhea identified it as a first-priority in deletion; a Magbomb launched itself towards the Swordy's direction. Being secured on a moving horseback did make it harder than usual, but the petite Navi had no choice-- she needed to rely on Harley's speed now, even as she launched attacks on the enemy. Reaching to the pouch secured to her back, she dug out a LilBomb, inspecting the item before her. With a tap of a finger, the spherical object turned into a blue hue, as if the contents within were changed.

Once again aiming at the Swordy, she saw that the Magbomb had already landed and was giving out fizzles and making a commotion. Taking the chance of the distraction, Rhea threw the aqua-imbued LilBomb at the Swordy again, almost as if she was double checking that the virus won't survive the next round. "Excuse my ignorance, Rhea, but bombs? I'm disappointed," Harley noted, not entirely caring about the Navigator's new form. "I remove the most dangerous targets first... And they are too far to be reached with my blades," Rhea explained briefly, loading her buster barrel once again. Entirely not used to the blue tone on her arm, Rhea readied and shot another shell at the direction of the virii group-- this time not at the Swordy, but at the vine-like pumpkinhead of an enemy.

The barrel gave a tiny opening soon after the launch, puffing out absurd amount of steam from housing a HeatShot bullet.

Summary of actions:
1) Mount Harley.SP
2) Enter EternalisCross - Aqua/Recover, HP+20, Action +1, Aqua chips +15DMG
3) MagBomb1 - Elec 30DMG, Blast2, Stun - Swordy-F EXC, KillPlantC, VineyC
-) Imbue Aqua - LilBomb chip
4) LilBomb - 50DMG + Aqua element + Blast2 - Swordy-F EXC, KillPlantC, VineyC
5) Heatshot - Fire 40DMG + Spread1 - VineyC, Spread to KillplantC

1&2) Dodge