[Netpolice Mission]:[Area 1]

The barren land of netfrica wasn't covered with much, especially this part. In the distance, there were vague signs of the usual viruses, as well as some flaring spirals of flame from the ground periodically.
Siren flew out of the portal and looked around. nothing that could be net navis.

"Keep on going siren, we still need to find them."

Siren then started right above the ground. flaping her wings slowly and looking around for anyone who could be with the net police on this mission.
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"Siren, lets go fight some viruses for now, you might find the netpolice on the way."
"Well......Ok, i guess...." Siren said as she started to fly into the air and look down, flying into a different area of netfirca.

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"Hm. She was supposed to have logged in somewhere around here, according to jack-in logs... I — Oh, I guess I took too long and she ditched. Dang. " The navi standing there paused. He was an exceptionally... 'pretty' was the only word for it. His brown hair hung over one eye, and with a costume that was- the word would be silly. It was shiny and parts looked like badly made tinfoil, but it was effective, for that navi, at least. Hopefully, anyway. His job was a tough one.

The navi waved his companions over, two were standard model netpolice units, one was a higher model than the others, having several augments placed upon him. There were three civilian custom model navis, one wearing an all-concealing cloak, another was a quiet female with a slightly crazy look in her eyes, and the final was a spiky black-haired navi with a slight goatee.

"Okay, guys, we didn't arrive in time for the final custom-person, we should get going, I guess." The navi sighed. He knew he would get-

"That will be an additional demerit upon your record. For a total of 7." Spoke the augmented navi, bringing up holoboards in midair and making a slight mark on one of them. The 'pretty' navi audibly sighed again, then ran a hand through his hair.

"Okay, okay, lessee... We'll be moving out now, guys... and gal." The navi rubbed his oh-so-flawless forehead and began to march in the general direction of yoka.

"To the hotsprings! And further justice!" The navi exclaimed with a grin on his face, before being smacked by the augmented navi.

"Patrol. Right, Right."

Let it be known that simple patrols attract LOTS of viruses.

Just like this one.

And I really do mean LOTS.

CactyA: 70HP
CactyB: 70HP
MagTectA: 90HP
MagTectB: 90HP
SpikeyEXA: 100HP
SpikeyEXB: 100HP
BoomerEXA: 100HP
BoomerEXB: 100HP
VolGearEXA: 120HP
VolGearEXB: 120HP
NinetailsA: 150HP
NinetailsB: 150HP
FirephoenixA: 110HP
FirephoenixB: 110HP
BagwormA: 150HP
BagwormB: 150HP
TubyA: 100HP
TubyB: 100HP
TeddyA: 140HP
TeddyB: 140HP

Mezzo: 1500HP
NetpoliceA: 200HP
NetpoliceB: 200HP
TechNavi: 400HP
Cloak: 160HP
Faerie: 140HP
Telum: 400HP

*pant pant*
"Oh-uh, Viruses. Guys, it's showtime! And gal!" The navi gesticulated at the viruses wildly, apparently indicating some sort of plan before snapping his fingers, remembering something.

"Right, right, those upgrades!" He gestured at his allies, then at the viruses, further elaborating on his not-so-obvious plan.

"I indicate that your plans seem to need describing. What Mezzo dot e-ex-e here is attempting to describe is that he will make the best effort to hold the viruses to their places while you folk lay a barrage of attacks upon them." The augmented navi nodded tersely before looking at each of the netpolice models in turn, as if making some sort of signal. The two didn't make any indication they had heard, but proceeded to the sides, kneeling as they opened precise fire. Their motions seemed slightly jerky and awkward, as if their attentions were on other things. The augmented navi raised its buster in turn, and sent out flaring bursts in turn, before its 'eyes' were half-closed in concentration, though it was doing nothing.

"Right, right, right, right." The pretty-boy navi swirled his finger around, and the protrusions on his cuff lengthened and became flexible but tough. They were ribbons. Seven of them. They undulated on their own, inviting the illusion they were alive as he raised his arm. They lashed out, each targeting a differing virus with an attack to be feared. Lashing the attack to the side, he disconnected from his targets, then swept forth with the tendrils, creating a form of cover fire for his allies.

The cloaked navi only grunted as he raised twin busters, loosing a stream of fire on the viruses all at once as the weapons emptied their cartridges, he unloaded the weapon, placing a differing cartridge in, this one red in color as he blasted strafes of flame into and upon the viruses, a spread of deadly fire, barely missing his allies.

"Don't be so unfriendly!" Telum grinned at the cloaked navi, who responded with another grunt, before Telum grinned, seemingly understanding that grunt as he took a wrapped weapon off his back, simply jumping into the fray with it and beating on all the foes he could attack.

"Uh- yeah. Being antisocial isn't cool and all that, but seriously, stop the grunting. What's the matter, can't talk?" The female commented, rubbing her eyes. She didn't seem quite awake as she stretched, then slashed her hands through the air, creating a mauve glowing sword she promptly stabbed into the back of the cloaked navi, who stiffened for a moment before turning and nodding to her, a certain glow covering him as he continued his actions, his aim seeming more accurate, and his motions swifter than before. She conjured a dagger the same way, this weapon being of a turqoise, and slung it at Telum, who caught it neatly out of the air and waved his thanks with a smile and a blown kiss, causing her to stare at him for a long moment before raising her arm slightly and beginning to charge something up.

"Right, justice, justice- Viruses..." Mezzo seemed quite occupied with his actions, as he leapt into the air, letting his other arm transform into the same tendrils, avoiding the fire of his allies while lashing downward with the weapons, sinking them into the ground before they tore their way out in differing spots, seemingly separating and grasping at several of the viruses and making a good attempt at tearing them apart.

"So, what do you think of the troops, Mezzo?" The augmented navi, the netpolice navis continuing their fire without speaking, although they paused for a moment while the augmented navi spoke, losing all motion for that split second.

"Hm. They seem like good forces of justice to me!" the navi exclaimed before dropping down precisely next to his ally, the look of the practiced maneuver indicating that he had done it many times before. Mezzo let the tendrils slither back into place, before crossing his arms across his chest, grinning at his ally.

"The support one is operating at 50% of her normal efficiency, according to our records. Do you really think she should be with us?" The technician commented as he brought up holoboards, each on a navi in the group.

"Well, uh- If she wants to serve the forces of justice, she should be here!" Mezzo exclaimed, making a pose that the augmented navi 'frowned' slightly at before resuming his review of the team.

"I do not see the efficiency of having this 'Cloaked Individual' with us as well. Although he has one of our weapons, he does not use it with any sort of expertise." The augmented navi indicated the cloaked one, who was now flailing at his weapon, which seemingly, had jammed.

"Well- uh, he's sufficient for the forces of justice?" Mezzo exclaimed weakly as he too, noticed the state of his allies more keenly. "But- Uh, Telum, that guy is pretty awesome, right?"

"...He does seem strong. Not even half my level, though. He seems to be flailing about with that wrapped spear of his. He does not seem to understand that every fight risks one's life." Those words from the navi's 'mouth' caused Mezzo to flinch.

"..." Mezzo paused, looking to the side. "Look, just because someone does that doesn't mean they're weak."

"We all do it, don't we?" The other asked rhetorically.

[Mezzo's Actions]
1] Hero's Justice: Honor Lash! [Bustershot+knockback*7 + Homing] [Random Targets]
2-5] Widesword [80*3] [Random Targets]
6] Dodge
[Passives: Haste, Tactical Movement*2]

[Augment's Actions]
1] Phoenixshot1 [70*3 Fire] [Random Targets]
2] Concentrate
3] Concentrate
4] Tripleburst [Spectral Buster*3+Break+Northwind+Piercing][Random Targets]
5] Dodge

[Passives: Haste, Tactical Movement*2, Charged Regen*3]

[NetpoliceA's Actions]
1-3] Weapon [50 Stun] [Random Target]
4] Shotgun [50, Splash]

[NetpoliceB's Actions]
1-2] Weapon [60 Slashing, break] [Random Target]
3-4] Rageclaw [40, slashing]

[Cloak's Actions]
1] Weapon [Bustershot*2 [32*2] [Random Target]]
2-4] Alt. Weapon [Charged Shot+fire] [128*3] [Random Targets]
5] Flail

[Passives: Charged Regen, 20 point Barrier]

[Telum's Actions]
1-2] Buster [50] [Random]
3-4] Prepped dodge
5-6] Unused

[Faerie's Actions]
1] Sword Supporter [Haste2, Regen2 For two turns][ Cloak]
2] Dagger Dupe [Decoy2, Haste1 for two turns] [Telum]
3-5] Dodge
Mezzo hits seven things, then cuts three things in half. Augment kills and injures things too. NetPoliceA guy blows some things up with NetPoliceB guy cutting crap to bits. Cloak nukes some shit too. Telum blasts something to bits too. Faerie does some support stuff. The viruses attack, but there are too many targets to hit, and they miss them all!

NinetailsA: DELETED
NinetailsB: DELETED
FirephoenixA: DELETED
FirephoenixB: DELETED
BagwormA: 150HP
BagwormB: 150HP
TubyA: 100HP
TubyB: 100HP
TeddyA: 140HP
TeddyB: 140HP

Mezzo: 1500HP
NetpoliceA: 200HP
NetpoliceB: 200HP
TechNavi: 400HP
Cloak: 160HP (20-HP Barrier)
Faerie: 140HP
Telum: 400HP