Sylk and Mach's adventures in Yumland

Mach, Aera, and Vector passed through the portal and into the Yumland area one after the other. The trio stopped, and stood on bustling grassy plains near the portal. Mazer's face appeared in a window, and addressed the group.

[Alright, we are meeting up with a Navi named Sylk.EXE. She is a new Navi, so she might now be as strong as some of the other Navi's we've met; but this is Vector's first time out, plus the last mission we had was quite taxing on all of us.]

Makes sense to me. Do you have a physical description of Sylk?

[The Netop didn't provide any information, all I know is Sylk is female, and likely new to the area. Hopefully she won't be too difficult to spot.]

I guess we'll just wait then. I'm fine with it, I always liked this network anyway.

Aera sat down on the soft grass, and closed her eyes as she felt the breeze blow through her hair. She looked over at Mach, who was blushing slightly. Aera gave him a weird look.
Why are you looking at me like that?

Machman away as he began to sit down next to her.
Sorry, you looked... cute sitting there in the grass.

Aera laughed and leaned against Mach's shoulder. All the while, Vector looked around the entire area, amazed by the interesting sights and sounds of the rather bustling network.
A flash of light, and a moment later the black colored navi slowly came into few, stretching her 8 limbs with a grin upon her face. The third time warping around for the day felt a little weird to her, but at the same time it was strangely fun. Dispite being ordered around she was kind of enjoying the scenery and she was getting used to the idea of battling.

"This place looks fun~. Do i get to play around for a bit?" Sylk spoke with a hopeful tone held in her voice. Her spider-like eyes began to explore the scenery, getting a full veiw of the area around her, as her humanoid eyes began to search for the crew she would be meeting up with.

"Maybe after your done your task here. Now that your used to your new body, we'll give you a bit of a test to see how strong you are." Rei of course still had curse on his mind, though for some reason he had this thought in the back of his mind that he was forgetting something, as sylk searched for the busting partners.

Suddenly Sylk began to call out, as her gaze caught the image of three others. Her lower 2 sets of arms were crossed above her waist and below her chest, as her upper right waved into the air, and her upper left placed next to her mouth. "heeeeeeey! Are you the ones i'm supposed to meet up with?" Her excitement could be read in her voice, as she began to walk closer with a smile.
Mach, Aera, and Vector saw the Navi approach and address them, and they stood to meet the Navi. Mach thought it was Arachne for a brief second, but noticed several large differences not only in her appearance, but her voice was different as well.

You must be Sylk. I am Machman, and these are my companions, Aera and Vector. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Aera waved with a smile.
Hi, I'm Aera. Nice to meet you.

Vector also introduced himself, but he sounded a little distracted, because he had never met any Navis other than Mach, not to mention one with such interesting modifications.

Good morning, miss. I am Vector.SP. I apologize for my behavior, I have never met a Navi like yourself before.
Sylk waved slightly, as the others rose to greet her. It was quite a warm atmosphere, and a lot more hospitable then what she had experienced so far today. Granted she didn't exactly think i'll of her Op, and she gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was really a good person, but that feeling of neglect was a mood killer.

"Yup, I'm sylk, heehee. Pleased to meet you all, I look forward to our time together. And no worries mister Vector."

Sylk's set of arachnid eye's all closed, seeming to hide within her hair as she scanned over the navi and sp's before her, with a pleasent look held upon her face. She was also thrilled that she wasn't the only female there, otherwise she might have felt a little more embarassed.

"I'm in your care, and i'll do my best. please treat me well" She spoke, bowing before them all. She could tell it would be quite the experience, today.

((ready anytime for battle 1))
Vector bowed his head as he was addressed by Sylk; Mach and Aera approached her.

We heard you are new to the area, so is Vector. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have, and give you some tips on fighting viruses and the like. How about we find a few viruses and get a good warm-up in?

The trio started to walk away from the yumland portal (with Sylk not too far behind) and searched for some viruses to practice on.

((Ready for Battle #1))
The quartet started off in a direction not too far from the portal. The Yumland areas were a land of peace and flowers and bubblegum. Wait no. Anyway, they came across a hilly place that they had to scale to move ahead. However, when they came to the top, some viruses ambushed them from behind the hills!!

ApplesamuA: 70HP
ApplesamuB: 70HP
ApplesamuC: 70HP
BoomerA: 60HP
BoomerB: 60HP
BoomerC: 60HP
BoomerD: 60HP

Terrain: 30% Grass (Hill the Navis are standing on) 70% Grass (The ground below the hill)

Sylk.EXE: 140HP
Machman.EXE: 120HP
Aera.SP: 70HP
Vector.SP: 100HP

Sylk was surprised as all eight of here eyes began to observe the enemy forces that had now appeared before them. It caught her off guard for a moment, before she shook it offand prepared herself to fight.

"Alright sylk, lets see how you handle this." Rei spoke as he slotted in a fireburn1 and a guard1. As sylk installed the shield to her lower left, and the flamethrower to her midright, Rei continued his little talk.

"This is a great advantage for you, here. Your fire attacks will became stronger by using the grass panels as a fuel, so even a weaker fire chip can deal a large ammount of damage. Try it out on the apples."

Sylk nodded, and her attention turned to mach and the others for a moment. " i'm going on ahead~" She cheerfully spoke.

Quickly sylk took off towards the applesamu, her eyes were watching for the best angle as she approached them with her gear. All but two of her eyes were focusing and looking for the best possible place to attack from, and with some effort it paid off. Seeing what she thought was an opening, Sylk's eyes aimed and lined up the attack, her middle left arm bracing and holding the gun steady as her own fires charged into the flames of the chip. Suddenly a stream of fire burst forth, aiming to roast the virii in one go.

All the while of course, two of her eight eyes were focusing on defense, her lower left arm moving the guard1 into position as she felt needed. Even if she was at an advantage the last thing she wanted was to get shot while not paying attention.


1) Take aim

2) Fireburn1 (50 + fire + line + 5 elemental boost, + 50 for terrain? more for elemental weakness?) @ applesamu A, B, C

3) guard1
Viruses Identified, count 7. Permission to engage?

[Take care of the boomers. You know how they work, warp in behind them and torch 'em. Engage.]

Aera, Vector, cover Sylk. I'll take care of the boomers.

Aera nodded as Vector lowered his head. Mach and Aera's shields raised in front of them, and they jumped into the action immediately. Mach's wing thrusters started to glow a bright cyan, before they discharged in a bright blast. Machman seemed to have completely disappeared, but he materialized behind the group of Boomer viruses. He held his hands close to each other, and a bright ball of flames started to flicker and grow between them. The light's intensity peaked as he adjusted his aim to get the best coverage, without accidentally catching his comrades in the crossfire.

Mach pushed his hands forward and released the orb of flames that exploded into a wave of fire that streaked towards the viruses ahead. The flames curved and formed into the outline of a gliding bird and left a smoky trail as it burned a large path towards the boomer viruses.

As Machman attacked the viruses, Aera and Vector quickly moved over to Sylk, who engaged the AppleSamu viruses with her flamethrower. As she guarded herself, the pair of SPs moved behind the protection of her guard, and a small patch appeared in Aera's hands.

Here, use this just in case.

She placed the IV patch on Sylk's back, careful not to put it somewhere where it could interfere with her movements. The patch remained on her back, secured by some invisible force, and started to gradually administer regenerative programs to Sylk.

Machman then shifted his focus to the Applesamus as well, and prepared the massive, triple-barreled Magnum that rapidly materialized over his left arm. The slides on the three barrels slid back and locked each of the large, explosive rounds in place before they slid back with a loud metallic clang. Three cross hairs appeared in Mach's vision, and they moved as he aimed the large weapon forward. As the cross hairs passed over the Applesamus, one of them stopped over each one and changed shape, to indicate a successful lock onto the location. After he targeted the trio of viruses, his arm aimed his weapon automatically to the first one, and discharged the weapon with a loud boom. The first slide slid all the way back to compensate for the recoil, and a large brass casing ejected from the exposed chamber and bounced several times on the grassy hill before it rolled to a stop. He then repeated the process two more times, and two loud booms and two bouncing pieces of brass later, he successfully fired his weapon. White smoke oozed out of the rifled barrels of his Magnum, and it quickly broke down as the program deactivated.

As soon as the Magnum disappeared, his thrusters kicked on and he flew up and over the virus group to head back to his starting location, somewhat near the rest of the group. Aera and Vector meanwhile stood ready to avoid incoming fire once Sylk's guard shield went down.

-[Plasma/[color=ff6600]Repulsion[/color] Shields: Facing Forward]-
SCRAM Boost: Teleport behind Boomer viruses (Teleport + 2TCD)
PhoenixShot1: BoomerA,B,C,D (140dmg Fire x2? + Wide Attack)
Aera: Strategic Action (Move to Sylk's location, behind her Guard1)
Vector: Strategic Action (Move to Sylk's location, behind her Guard1)
Aera: IV to Sylk.EXE (5HP Heal per action equipped)
Charge Magnum
Charge Magnum
Magnum1: ApplesamuA,B,C (240dmg Fire x2? + Breaking + Panel Breaking)
Vector: Dodge
Aera: Dodge
Strategic Action (Return to starting position in front of the virus group)
((Pre-battle interaction: +2FXP))

After finding the viruses, Sylk quickly fired up her FireBurn attack, just as Machman warped behind the Boomers. The fiery attack quickly torched two of the fruit-shaped apple viruses and Machman's PhoenixShot attack hit true on three of the Boomers. The last Boomer launched its boomerang towards Sylk, but had its attack reflected back at it. Then, Machman unleashed his powerful Magnum that hit practically EVERYWHERE, deleting the viruses in a quick instant.

Oh, and there was that large firestorm they started. That might be a little dangerous, or not.

ApplesamuA: Torched
ApplesamuB: Burned
ApplesamuC: Hawt
BoomerA: Singed
BoomerB: Smoked
BoomerC: Flambe'd
BoomerD: Died because of fire, duh.


Sylk.EXE: 140HP
Machman.EXE: 120HP
Aera.SP: 70HP
Vector.SP: 100HP

Battle 1 - Overwhelming Victory!
Sylk: 200z, +3FXP with Machman (+1 Friendly Guard!)
Machman: 600z, +3FXP with Sylk (+1 Friendly Healing!), 16 Bugfrags
Huh, didn't expect that to happen.

Machman and company were amongst the flames, but the immediate area was already torched and didn't provide enough fuel to feed the fires. Machman uploaded the dropped zenny data to the PET, while Aera started to gather up bugfrags. Vector followed her, curious.

M'lady, what are you collecting?

Aera turned and opened her hand towards Vector. Several BugFrags were glowing in her hands, and Vector's eye became fixed on the peculiar (and oddly appetizing) objects.

These are BugFragments, Vector. If we absorb these, we become stronger. Here, these are yours. We need to share bugfrags from now on.

You are too kind, M'lady. I hope to soon repay your generosity.

Aera smiled and placed the bugfrags in Vector's "hand," which were held in place by his floating finger-like metal plates. The fragments began to melt in his hand, and were absorbed into his body. The plate started to glow, but it quickly touched another plate, which touched another, and another till the energy was spread evenly among all of his body plates.

Good work, everyone. Hopefully this fire will die out as we move along and continue forward.

((Ready for battle #2))
Sylk ran one of her many hands through her hair, quite enjoying the nice warm flames around her, after the whole area was set ablaze. it was like the equivalent of a cool breeze to the fire navi, and she was enjoying it as much as she could, as she uploaded the zenny to the PET.

"That was great, wasn't it?" Sylk sounded happy with herself, as she just kind of talked to no one in general. The battles we're getting strangely enticing, like the moment just kind of drew her in, but she couldn't figure out the reason why. Either way, she was content, so there was no reason to figure out the answer just yet.

With a little smirk as she heard machman's final thought, she turned her attention to him.

"Oh? Don't tell me a strong navi like yourself can't take the heat, hmm? " She teased lightly, followed by a giggle. Seeing the expression on her face, one would know she was just kidding.

((ready for battle 2))
The party moved onwards through the Yumland plains, and found that a large canyon blocked their way forward. There couldn't be a bridge seen anywhere along the length of the outcropping. Then, a few viruses came up from the gap and saw the Navis heading towards them. They readied themselves to attack quickly!

--This Side of Canyon--
BombCornA: 70HP
BombCornB: 70HP
BombCornC: 70HP
BombCornD: 70HP
BombCornE: 70HP

--That Side of Canyon (1 Action to get to Shooting Range)--
MushyA: 80HP
MushyB: 80HP
MushyC: 80HP
MushyD: 80HP

- 45% Grass (This side of the canyon)
- 20% Missing (Canyon)
- 35% Grass (That side of the canyon)

Sylk.EXE: 140HP
Machman.EXE: 120HP
Aera.SP: 70HP
Vector.SP: 100HP

Mach, Aera, and Vector stood close together as the viruses appeared.

Viruses Identified. Count 9. Permission to engage?

[Battlechips uploaded. Concentrate fire on the Bombcorns. Vector, GATTAI!]

Yes sir!

Vector's body began to separate as the gaps between the plates of his form grew wider and wider, so much so that his humanoid form was no longer apparent.

Sire, I shall be your armor.

Mach turned towards Vector, surprised by his statement, but didn't flinch as pieces of Vector's body flew towards him and floated into place over his body. His shoulders, arms, legs, chest, and abdomen were covered by Vector's silver-trimmed dark blue armored plates, which made Machman look even more angular than normal. His shoulders, elbows, knees, and feet had sharpened points, so not only was his armor quite tough, but capable of dealing some significant damage as well. Vector's 'head' formed the front of Mach's chest armor, and his cyan eye slot created a large chevron shape on his chest. As Vector's red eye began to reappear, the final metal plates floated over to Mach's head and formed a crested helmet which obscured Mach's eyes. However, Mach could see 'through' the armored plate as if it wasn't even there.

Machman looked down at his body, and was surprised that he could move just as easily as normal.

Aera stared with astonished disbelief, she was surprised (and quite turned on) by Mach's new, knightly form.
[What better than a knight that [i]is[/i] shining armor? Don't get too distracted, and take down the enemy. Engage!]

Machman and Aera's shields raised in front of them, and small plates emerged from Vector's armored form and floated on the surface of the shield to provide extra protection.
Sylk, I'll take care of the viruses on this side. Aera will provide covering fire for you!

Aera snapped out of her daze and looked over to Sylk before she summoned a recovery patch in her hands and tossed it to the arachnid-themed Navi. The patch gently floated towards Sylk's back and attached just above her hips.
I'll fire on your cue!

Machman's engines (which were also protected by a layer of Vector's armor) ignited and Mach rocketed towards the BombCorn viruses. He rapidly accelerated as he approached the viruses, and the area was rocked by a loud boom as he quickly broke the sound barrier. Vector strained to keep himself from getting torn off Mach's body because of the strong acceleration. Machman tore through the enemy lines like a supersonic arrow head in an attempt to crush any viruses in his way. After he passed through the enemy viruses' positions, he turned in the air and went to a dead stop before he blasted back towards them at a slightly slower pace. As he approached, a long red barrel emerged from the angular armor covering his right arm. A small pilot light was held a few inches from the end of the barrel, and a large fuel tank appeared near the base of his forearm. He paused near the group of BombCorns as he aimed the barrel towards them, and started to pump fuel out of the tank and through the barrel. As it streamed out, it was lit by the pilot light and created a stream of flames that inundated the area ahead with fire.
While Machman engaged the BombCorns, Aera waited for Sylk's move before she followed her and leapt across the canyon to the other side. She tried to keep her distance from the viruses (and any possible large terrain changes) as she touched down on the grassy bank. She took aim at the closest Mushy virus and fired a bolt of electricity from her arm towards her target.
Mach's flamethrower ran out of fuel quickly, and folded back down into his default form. He then turned towards the rest of the surviving BombCorns and slammed his fist into the ground, which sent a rumbling shockwave through the ground and towards the viruses in a straight line. He quickly lifted his armored hand from the ground and his wing thrusters kicked on to send him up and away from the viruses. As he strafed backwards and moved quickly from side to side, his right hand transformed into a blue buster. He took aim towards the remaining BombCorns and fired a cannon round containing highly pressurized water. The projectile exploded in a strong spray of water, and hopefully finishing off the last of the viruses.

-[Plasma/[color=ff6600]Repulsion[/color] Shields: Facing Forward]-
Vector Armor Junction
Vector Reinforce Plasma Shield (+1hit)
Aera IV to Sylk.EXE (5dmg Healing per action)
DashAttack: BombCornA,B,C,D,E (90dmg + Impact)
Strategic Action: Move towards BombCorn viruses
Fireburn1: BombCornB,C,D (100dmg Fire x2 + Line Attack)
Aera Strategic Action: Jump across the gap
Aera Attack MushyA (35dmg Elec)
Shockwave: BombCornA,B,C,D,E (40dmg + Piercing + Group Attack + Ground Attack)
Bubbler: BombCornA,E (50dmg Aqua + Splash)
"Alright sylk, i'm sending you your equipment. dispatch of the problem." Was all Rei ahd to say. It was getting to the point that he would be completely useless if it wern't for the battlechips he was sending to sylk. The first thing Sylk received was a cannon chip, on her lower left arm, followed by a fireburn1 on her mid right.

Sylk nodded at machman's comment, and prepared herself for battle. Sylk quickly turned her attention to aera, with a smile.

"Thanks for the help. I'll be counting on you. Let's go~" her tone was quite amused, and somewhat playful as she spoke, adding a little wink before turning towards the virii. Quickly she darted towards to ledge of the gap and lept into the air. For added hieght and speed she fired off the cannon on an angle into the canyon, to use the force of the shot as a booster, helping her soar higher into the sky. She tried to aim the trajectory of her shot, to get the optimal angle for her attacks towards the mushy's, hoping to get them all in two blasts.

As she was in the air, the Fireburn's flamethrower charged up to full power, it's flames changing color as their intesitry increase from sylk's own body heat.Using her upper and middle left arm to brace the gun, Sylk continually shifted the barrel until she had a clear shot, and let loose a torrent of green flames at the mushroom like virii.

As the flames shot forth however, Sylk body became coating in a white energy, as the third chip was loaded up. Slowly the energy began to concentrate and move to her 6 arms, the intensity growing as the flame thrower dissipated. Putting each set of arms together, and facing her palms outward, she aim the glowing white towards any remaining virii on her side before shooting forth three large energy blasts. This chip really was a great stress reliever for sylk, as shown by the somewhat twisted smile upon her face, which was hidden by the light and the angle of her body.

"RAGE! heehee"


1) Tactical movement using cannon chip to get into shooting position

2) Fureburn1 (50+5 fire line attack, x2, x2?) MushyA,B,C

3) Elemental Rage 2 (90 null? dmg, 3 targets) MushyD, any two still living mushy (if any)
Machman and Vector merged ala some mecha anime, the Navi somehow avoiding being impaled by the SP's bladed form. The new and improved, Machman-V wasted no time in bringing the fight to the line of corny viruses. Machman soared across the battlefield, a sonic boom trailing in his wake, and tore through the ranks of the BombCorn viruses. Two of the cornlike creature were outright deleted by the force of impact while a third was sent tumbling over the edge of the canyon to its doom. Machman-V swerved around and made another pass at the line of BombCorns. The materialized cannon sent a stream of flame that burnt another virus to a crisp.

Sylk charged toward the lip of the cannon and leapt off the edge, firing a cannon in a bold maneuver that sent her flipping end over end to land amidst the surprised Mushys. The Navi unleashed her own wave of flame, bathing a trio of viruses in a towering inferno. Aera followed right after Sylk, leaping over the gap just as the flames died down. She fired a bolt of electricity that smashing into one of the wood viruses, knocking it off balance just as it was about to unleash a cloud of spores. Sylk finished the viruses off with a searing beam of light that tore through the remaining Mushys.

Machman took control of the remaining BombCorns, sending out a shockwave that throw the viruses to the floor before finishing them off with a concentrated blast of water that sent them tumbling over the edge.

Flawless Victory.

--This Side of Canyon--

--That Side of Canyon (1 Action to get to Shooting Range)--

- 25% Grass (This side of the canyon)
- 20% Normal (This side of the canyon)
- 20% Missing (Canyon)
- 15% Grass (That side of the canyon)
- 20% Normal (That side of the canyon)

Sylk.EXE: 140HP
Machman.EXE: 120HP
Aera.SP: 70HP
Vector.SP: 100HP [Junction'D]

Machman: CornShot1, 500z, 18 BugFrags
Sylk: Spice1, 300z

FXP: 4 each
Machman-V gathered up some zenny and a battlechip data packet before his thrusters kicked on and he easily soared over the canyon to the other side. He touched down and walked over to Aera and Sylk.

Good work, everyone. Great job taking out those Mushys, Sylk.

Aera worked up to Machman, she was blushing slightly as she approached. Vector's eye on Mach's chest followed her as she walked to Mach's side and ran her hand down the armor on Mach's right arm.
Wow, I didn't know Vector could do this. How can you see through that protective visor?

[I can answer that, Aera. That protective plate is very similar to Vector's eye slot; it is covered in sensors, but instead of transmitting those images to Vector's processor, it projects the image on the other side, so Machman can see what's in front of him, like an armored video screen.]

I was kinda wondering that myself.
[I know you two would like that, I designed Vector in such a way as to make him a very effective defense program.]
Vector remained silent, but couldn't help but feel good about himself for impressing both Mach and Aera.

Aera had already gathered up the Bugfrags, and a few floated towards Vector and were absorbed into his protective armor.

Let's continue forward, shall we?

((Ready for battle #3))
Sylk was absolutely enjoying herself at this point in time, even with her reclusive net op being as he was. She quickly uploaded all the data she had received from the battle, and turned to mach as he spoke to herself and aera.

"Heheh, thanks. You were pretty amazing out there yourself. Love the new look, by the way." Relaxing her posture and crossing each set of arm's as she spoke. "I'm surprised such strong busters like yourselfs agreed to assist me. Who knows where i'd be all on my own" She let out a little giggle, before turning to look at what lay ahead for them.

"I'm ready when you are.

*ready for battle 3*