Cold Fusion Busting

A harsh wind blew slurries of snow and ice whirling in every direction. The tundra was barren and for the most part, snowbound, yet the odd patch of frozen ground or wizened tree broke up the bleak ice field to provide a sultry canvas of greys and browns. Mountains towered incalculably high into the clouds in the distance of either side of the professor and it was not for a good few minutes that the navi realised that fact. Nattering on about the relative merits of Yumlandian ants vs their Netfrican cousins, the old man was shocked to find the warm plains of his former surrounding transformed into chaotic scenes of hardship mixed with eerily still white canvas.

"Ooooooooo, Sharo, eh? Good choice m'lad! I was just talking of the ant species of the Net and had been confounded by my own ignorance to the Sharoan Tundra Ant!", Professor.exe announced with his usual vigour, "Shame about that Neddy fellow, he was most helpful",

"Nitro, Professor", Hal corrected,

"Nitro Professor? That another professor you know m'lad?",

"Never mind...", the man sighed as he reclined into the comfortable leather of the sofa, it wasn't even noon yet, this was going to be a long day.

In silence, the professor ploughed onwards, seemingly able to glide through the harsh snows unhindered, unflinching in the face of nature.

[Requesting Battle 1]
Trudging (or gliding) through the thick snow at a decent pace, Professor kept a wary eye out as he went. Not too long after he set off, he happened upon a trio of viruses waiting around in the digital cold. Perhaps they were waiting for something else? Regardless, the terrain did not afford much cover, and Professor was quickly identified. The viruses readied themselves for battle, with the Raingear lifting off the ground and shooting Professor a threatening look. The Dharma and Shrimpy, mostly incapable of such displays, settled for spreading out a little bit more.

Meanwhile, the light snowfall did nothing to help the atmosphere. Shame.

Dharma: 90 HP
Raingear: 80 HP
Shrimpy: 100 HP

100% Snow

Professor.EXE: 180 HP

"Simply fascinating!", Professor announced eagerly, his arms thrown aloft in a fit of spritely vigour; something as simple as subzero temperatures would not faze his old bones. Yet, the signs of the simulated weather's effect were becoming more apparent with each passing minute. The bushy, wild tufts of eyebrow that masked the professor's eyes to the world were slowly encrusting with ever expanding crystals of ice, weighing them down with a wet, white mass that caused them to sag listlessly. Inhospitable, barren and devoid of life, the old navi had entered a world in which only he and the viruses ahead existed.

"Be careful professor...", Hal warned as he straightened his suit, the most recent failure at joint busting had left him with a fiery spite for the navi but as much as he might hate the professor, he could not help but feel sorry for the old codger in the face of such a fight.

"Don't worry m'lad!", the professor replied, his hand waving the very elements from his personal space as he erected his signature barrier, the harsh elements no longer reaching him, simply cascading downwind across an invisible sphere about the navi's person. Dropping to a slightly lower position, the old navi adopted a rare edge of professionalism, "Send me the new chip, the big cannon and the sparkly one", yet the words showed no sign of improvement,

"Yes Professor...", the executive replied dejectedly as he inserted the battle chips, "Focus on that Shrimp, it appears to be the strongest of the 3", he concluded.

Hefting his arms to his right shoulder, the Magnum cannon quickly manifested, reaching full definition as his arms finally locked into place. The heat from the weapon caused the snow to melt in the professor's eyebrows, a steady stream of melt water dripping down his face in its wake. Without anything to hinder it, the weapon fired a ferocious opening salvo at the enemy Hal had pointed out, the shear heat of the attack causing the falling snow to fizzle and crack in its wake. Yet the attack was not complete, because no sooner had the first shot been loosed, the second and third were hot on its heels, soaring with a deadly warmth that juxtaposed with the immense cold of the surrounding land.

With a swiftness that would appear unusual for a navi his age, the scientist dashed with a dogged determination through the treacherous terrain that nonsensically provided the greatest obstacle, yet the least cover. Hard fought the manoeuvre might have been, the navi did not prevent it from stopping his follow up attack, which came in the form of an eager electrical wasp that, after a brief pause to gain its icy bearings, zoomed directly for the Shrimpy foe ahead of him. Although the first two attacks might have arrived before he did, the professor did not allow the fireworks to distract him from his final task. With a wild flourish of circular steel, a blinding slash of blue-white death extended in all directions around the old navi, his position deliberately trying to separate the other two viruses from one another. The snow might have been fierce but nothing bites quite as hard as cold steel on a winter's day. Especially when wielded by a madman.


1) Neutron flux (80 hp barrier, 2 TCD) @Self
2) Magnum1 (120 Fire + Break + Panel Break x 3 Targets, A acc) @Shrimpy, @Raingear, @Dharma
*Quantum leap (Passive Movement) Run towards a position between Raingear and Dharma
3) Arrow1 (100 Elec DMG + homing, B acc) @Shrimpy
4) Moonblade1 (90 Null DMG, Slashing + Spin Attack (Targets: 1-3 B acc, 4-6 C acc, 7-8 D acc)) @Raingear and @Dharma
The snow fell on the barrier that the Professor erected around himself, covering it in an icy sheen as the Navi leveled a great, fiery, triple-headed cannon at the three viruses. Two piles of ash and a Raingear remained after the opening salvo. First there was unbroken snow as far as the eye could see. Then there were two patches of ice as the snow was instantly melted away... And then there were two holes in the ground.

The Professor dashed toward the remaining virus as he unleashed an electrically-charged attack at the now-extinct virus as it melted away with the ground water. The Raingear caused a geyser of icy water to smash into the Professor, freezing over his barrier, but leaving the Professor unharmed. Then the Professor spun around in blue-white death. Deleting the Raingear and clinching the battle for the Professor.

Raingear: DELETED
Shrimpy: DELETED

90% Snow
10% Broken [two 5% patches where the viruses used to be]

Professor.EXE: 180HP [65HP Barrier]

~Battle 1: Victory!!
Rewards: 720z
"That was amazing!", Hal cried into the PeT as he watched the carefully orchestrated bust unfold, the blur of energy that was his charge almost filling him with something akin to pride.

Far below, in his own little world, Professor.exe was happily scooting around and collecting the left over reward data, the frost covered Zenny seemingly disappearing on touch, presumably into Hal's account. Yet when he heard his operator's praise, his perceptive gaze evaporated, his face glazing over into a warm stupor, coated arms falling limply too his sides with a light scattering of disintegrating coinage. "Amazing?", the navi replied with a warm smile, "It's only a few zenny, I wonder who left it here...". With that, the navi continued his tireless journey onwards into the tundra, the harsh winds howling in his wake.

[Battle 2 please]
Further into the Sharo network, the esteemed Professor stumbled on a neat plowed road in the rapidly falling snow, naturally leading him to follow it. Not a few seconds followed before he found the plowers to be IronShield viruses, using their shields as snowplows, chugging through the snow towards... apparently nothing? Well, not that he could see anything with the towering shields blocking his view forward. The IronShields appeared to notice his presence pretty quickly, though, and turned around, and in a brief moment, he saw two Penguin viruses behind the 'Shields. None of the viruses looked too pleased to see him, and fired a few warning bombs into the air, which landed in the snow god-knows-where.

// Enemies
IronShield A: 120 HP [Normal / Shield: Front]
IronShield B: 120 HP [Normal / Shield: Front]
Pengi A: 80 HP [Snow / Behind IronShield A]
Pengi B: 80 HP [Snow / Behind IronShield B]

// Navi
Professor.EXE: 180 HP [Normal]

// Terrain
70% Snow (Banks of road)
30% Normal (Road itself)

// Battle 02, Start!!