Snow Time


As Meltdown landed in the new network, he was instantly hit with a stinging wind to his face.

Geez, that's a little cold. he shivered as he headed to the NetSquare portal. This'll make the battles interesting.


Landing back in Sharo again, Meltdown looked for the data path he'd left behind. Alan, you there?

Of course. I've taken care of some decorations, but there's still way too much time to kill yet.

Good, coz I'm bringing company. A navi and operator duo. They're right behind me.

Excellent. Introduce me to them.
"So this is Sharo Net..." Validus whispered to himself as he looked around after warping into the area. He felt a slight chill in the area, but it wasn't anything that could cause a concern.

"You must be Meltdown's operator." Tsujsa said on a floating screen with a smile.
Yes, I reluctantly operate Meltdown. Alan said in a cold voice. Meltdown turned to face his operator and Alan couldn't hold back the laughter.

Sorry Meltdown. My name's Alan Ishlington. You may or may not know me, I own an international chain of demolition sites. Inbetween operating Meltdown of course. he added with a quick smile.

Come on, let's get busting already! Meltdown mumbled at Alan.

Oh, alright, alright. Let's go then. Just remember, you're working as a team, not solo. Alan reminded him.

The two enthusiastic navis hurried into the thick snows to reach a big puddle of frozen waters. As they needed to get across to continue their journey, couple of viruses appeared out of thin air, obstructing the two! Bunch of Pengis and Shellgeeks was in front, but there was a peculiar box in the middle...Looks menacing!

PengiA: 80 HP
PengiB: 80 HP
PengiC: 80 HP

-Middle of the Ice-
VacuumFan: 100 HP
ShellgeekA: 100 HP
ShellgeekB: 100 HP

Terrain: 60% Ice, 40% Normal

Meltdown: 120 HP
Validus: 120 HP

Woah! yelled Meltdown as he slid onto the icy terrain. Alan, did you expect this?

Alan smiled. Not really. However, it'll give you a challenge. Just remember to hold still for your attacks.

Easy for you to say, it's slip city down here! Meltdown complained as he turned to Validus. I hope you're up for this, it could get nasty real quick. Turning back to the enemy, Meltdown felt he had to have the first attack. Shotgun time. he said as Alan loaded what was quickly becoming one of his favourite chips. As the data assembled onto his arm, Meltdown changed his mind. Send Heatshot as well.

Heatshot? On Ice panels? Are you mad? replied a confused Alan.

It'll be fine, I've got an idea. As the data took form on his left arm, Meltdown took aim with his Shotgun in the right arm. Alright, keep it steady. If you don't move, your aim should stay true. A one-two combo will make short work of these guys, and I'll let Validus start on the others. he said to himself. Focusing on the middle Pengi, Meltdown released the shotgun blast and watched it fly towards its target. It was quickly followed by the Heatshot, charged up to high temperatures and ready to burn its victims. And wouldn't you know it, that cheeky little flame pulled itself out of Meltdown and chased down the Heatshot again.

I thought we were going to get that fixed. Meltdown told Alan.

We haven't bought a Process Upgrade yet, have we? Until then, deal with it. replied Alan.

Looking at the rest of the field, Meltdown spotted a VacuumFan and two Shellgeeks. If I was alone, I could use the suction to flip myself across the field. That won't help protect my ally though. Meltdown meditated. Guard please. he requested of his operator. As the familiar yellow shield took its place under Meltdown's arm, he immediately deployed it, ready for any counter-attack.

He turned to Validus. Your turn.

[Fire Lv0-5] All Fire-type Battlechips +5 Damage
[P.Ab] Mass Destruction (+1 Spread To Battlechips)
[1] Shotgun [50 Damage + Spread (1+1=)2] => PengiB => PengiA + PengiC
[2] HeatShot [(40+5=)45 Damage + Spread (1+1=)2 /Fire] => PengiB => PengiA + PengiC
+==> will possibly change some Ice panels to Sea panels
[3] Guard1 [0-60 Damage, Reflects 1 Attack]
[Passive] Heating Mismanagement [10 Damage /Fire] => Random Enemy

Meltdown: 120 HP / 120
Raising The Heat [2/2] Charged
Potential Fuel Source [1/1] Charged
Validus almost felt himself slipping off the ice. "Careful, Validus. Those ice panels won't let you get a firm grip on the surface." Validus acknowledged that and proceeded cautiously. The viruses appeared. Penguins and an... airbox? No... it seemed to pull Validus towards it.

Maybe this could be used to his advantage. "Captain, send me a close combat chip." Validus requested. Tsujsa immediately acknowledged the Navi and slotted in a fireburn chip. Pulling the weapon up to bear, he allow the wind to bring him closer to the Vacuum box, and then, as the weapon morphed into a Flamethrower, he unleashed fiery hell upon the machine. "Continue the assault, captain!"

Tsujsa nodded and sent data for a shotgun chip. The weapon began to morph into the Shotgun configuration, shortening the barrel. Validus took aim at the Vacuum box's position and fired a hail of bullets upon the virus. "That should be enough to keep it down, watch yourself!" Tsujsa remarked. Validus then began to move from his position, while carefully avoiding himself from slipping and falling flat on his face on the slippery surface.

"Okay, kinda wishing I have floatshoes now." Validus muttered.

1. Fireburn [50 Dmg + Fire @ VacuumFan]
2. Shotgun [50 Dmg @ VacuumFan, possible splash to any nearby viruses.]
3. Doj!
As Meltdown took care of the Pengis, Validus decided to handle the problematic Vacuum. The navi first fired the shotgun, which only hit up to two of its target. Few of the Pengis moved onto the Ice, causing their body to freeze rock solid, but they didn't plan on Meltdown using the heatshot to melt right through it! The attack also caused the ice panels underneath to thaw and reveal the deep lake water underneath.

Validus tried to get as close as possible to the Vacuum to fire the flamethrower, which he did, but he was sucked right on the slippery ice! Despite the change in the situation, the navi continued his attack with the shotgun. As soon as he pulled the trigger, his feet slipped slightly and only hit the Shellgeek that was next to his original target!

Coming back the Meltdown, the navi put up a shield just in time to counter the Pengi's attack. The icy wave was redirected and pushed the navi onto the ice, causing its body to freeze over!

PengiC: 10 HP [Ice Body]

-Middle of the Ice-
VacuumFan: 50 HP
ShellgeekA: 90 HP
ShellgeekB: 50 HP

Terrain: 40% Ice, 40% Normal, 20% Sea

Meltdown: 120 HP [Guard Destroyed]
Validus: 120 HP [On Ice!: +1 Dodge / -2 Accuracy]
As the Guard dissipated into nothing thanks to the barrage of ice, Meltdown was a little worried. W....w....water? You know I can't swim...

Well I tried to warn you, didn't I said Alan sternly. You didn't want to listen, did you?

Oh well, I'll survive. Watching Validus slide on the ice, Meltdown wasn't ready to move around too much. He didn't like not being in control of his feet, and with a pool of water ahead, Meltdown wasn't prepared to take the risk. The only problem with his plan was that he was now open to attack.

Well I'll be damned said Alan as he spotted the Pengi, alive, even though his comrades had been deleted. How did it manage that?

Easy. He's using the ice to defend himself somehow Meltdown pointed out. The Heatshot melted the ice underneath them, but the Guard pushed the Pengi back onto new ice. We can't hit it with something weak.

That's fine. I think it's time to try something new said Alan as he inserted the Vulcan. I know you haven't used this before, but I'm adding something else to it to strengthen its impact. It should take care of the ice.

As the Vulcan uploaded itself onto Meltdown's arm, he took aim at the remaining Pengi. The Vulcan began to speed up, whirring like a high-speed engine. Well that's pretty neat. I hope this works he mumbled to himself as he locked the pellets into the tube. With any luck, I'll catch some of the virii behind that stupid penguin Meltdown laughed. As the spray left the tube, Meltdown felt a feedback he wasn't used to: he kinda liked it though. Next chip?

This next move you're not gonna like, but it's better than the alternative said Alan as he jammed two chips into the PET. Meltdown's frame quickly changed to resemble the new additions: a standard Cannon on his right arm and a static charge buster on his left. The latter he'd not seen before.

Is this the Thunder data we collected? Meltdown asked.

You bet. Jam the Cannon into the ground and use the force of the blast to send yourself into the air, and send the Thunder down at the healthy Shellgeek. Whatever you do, make sure you don't land in the water.

Check. Bending down, Meltdown shoved the Cannon between his feet and onto the ground. You come up with the craziest ideas. If I was a regular navi you could kiss this idea goodbye.

Yeah, exactly. If. Alan laughed.

As the explosion cracked the ground Meltdown was standing on, the navi flew into the air. Targeting the enemy just below, Meltdown attempted to release the electricity that was residing in its arm. Repelling itself out in the form of a glowing energy ball, it flew straight for the enemy. It's not very fast. Meltdown commented.

Not a problem, that Shellgeek hasn't moved yet. Alan replied. Did you clear the sea panels?

Looking at them below, Meltdown wasn't sure. I think so. When gravity kicks back in I'll know.

[P.Ab] Mass Destruction (+1 Spread To Battlechips)
[A.Ab] Smash {Once Per Turn, Add Break-Effect To Battlechip}

[1] Vulcan1 [3x10 Damage + Spread (1+1=)2 {+ Break}] => PengiC => ShellgeekA + ShellgeekB
[2] Cannon [To Ground, Use Knockback To Push Into Air]
[3] Thunder1 [40 Damage + Stun 1 + Homing /Elec] => ShellgeekA[#]
[Passive] Heating Mismanagement [10 Damage /Fire] => Random Enemy
[#] x4 Damage (Aqua Element + Ice Panel)

Meltdown: 120 HP / 120
Raising The Heat [2/2] Charged
Potential Fuel Source [1/1] Charged
"Bluagh!" Exclaimed Validus as he found his aim suddenly slipping away from the Vacuumbox and towards the shellgeek. It hit the thing, but the box was still there, being an annoyance. "I told you to watch your step." Tsujsa said, facepalming. Validus shot the image of Tsujsa in cyberspace a glare that practically said "Zip it."

Tsujsa said nothing but slotted in an aquaneedle chip. The weapon morphed again, this time into a Lance-like configuration. Validus looked at the screen and tapped his fingers on it, designating targets. All three shots aimed at the VacuumFan. He took the time to make a precise aim, following the recommended trajectory path. He aimed, and unleashed all three of the aquaneedles as they launched from the weapon in Validus's hands.

"I'm running out of ranged chips here, Validus. Looks like you'll be going into melee soon if you and and Meltdown don't finish them off soon. I'm going to send you a guard chip just so you don't get yourself injured while avoiding the enemy." Tsujsa said. Validus scowled and muttered "Joy." as his weapon morphed. It's front becoming a large, domed shield.

1. Take aim
2. Aquaneedle - 3 x 20 dmg - VacuumFan
3. Guard
As usual, Meltdown took the lead and Validus took supporting fire, which turns out to be a great combo. As the viruses began falling down one by one, few tried to attack Meltdown, but BARELY missed the navi. Validus fired the array of needles at the box, which took all the hits, but it was still far from getting deleted!


-Middle of the Ice-
VacuumFan: DELETED
ShellgeekA: 30 HP
ShellgeekB: DELETED

Terrain: 40% Ice, 40% Normal, 20% Sea

Meltdown: 120 HP
Validus: 120 HP
The battlefield lit up with explosions as the wall of virii took the majority of hits that both Meltdown and Validus dealt it. As Meltdown fell to the ground, he breathed a sigh of relief: he'd cleared the sea panels. That could've been nasty...

It's not over yet, Meltdown. There's still one virus out there. Alan pointed out.

WHAT?! growled Meltdown angrily, turning around to face one lone Shellgeek. How is it possible you survived so much crossfire? Not to worry, I'll take you out now! he yelled as he charged forward.

What do you need? Alan asked.

Fire, and lots of it! Meltdown responded.

Only one left: Firehit. Downloading now...

As the Firehit took form, Meltdown charged his own energy, once again calling on the power of his programming to provide him with intense flames which burned inside him. Add to that the intensity of the Firehit, and Meltdown was practically on fire in mind and spirit. No more! he cried as he pulled his arm back and flew the flame forward. Taking no moment to stop, he instantly fixated his gaze on the virus and let the force of nature work its way out of the ground and up into the air. The result was an explosion of magma, once again engulfing the enemy with nothing but fire with both attacks bearing down on its position.

Hey, where's that little flame? Meltdown asked Alan. It always follows the heat.

I may have fixed that. Not too sure yet. Let's just sit tight and see how this works out.

[Fire Lv0-5] All Fire-type Battlechips +5 Damage
[1] Raising The Heat [40 Damage + Spread 1 /Fire] => ShellgeekA
[2] Firehit1 [(60+5=)65 Damage + Impact /Fire] => ShellgeekA
[3] Celebration dan... I mean...

Meltdown: 120 HP / 120
Raising The Heat [2/2 => 0/2] Depleted
Potential Fuel Source [1/1] Charged
Validus removed the shield. There were no more viruses in sight, and Meltdown was taking care of the one last virus.

He sighed. Looks like his partner gets te Coup d' Grace on the enemy.

Summary of actions:
None! LOL.
Meltdown shot out a jet of fire while the Shellgeek launched a pair of spears to counterattack. Raising the Heat singed the Shellgeek lightly while its sharp projectiles whizzed past Meltdown. One of them struck Validus as he let down his guard but the other spear just flew off into the distance. The Firehit finished off the virus and the battle. The ice quickly melted back into a small lake and a treasure chest of zenny floated to the surface.


-Middle of the Ice-
VacuumFan: DELETED
ShellgeekA: DELETED
ShellgeekB: DELETED

Terrain: 40% Normal, 60% Sea

Meltdown: 120 HP
Validus: 95 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Meltdown get: 360z + 3 FXP
Validus get: 300z + 3 FXP
Meltdown watched as the spears flew past. Although he had expected this and dodged the spear that flew at him, there was nothing he could do to stop the sharp projectile heading straight for Validus. Oww... that had to hurt... Meltdown whispered to himself as the attack connected.

As the final virus finally got what it had coming, Meltdown breathed a sigh of relief. Sharo net's not too bad, as long as you're prepared... he said to Alan. Meltdown then turned to Validus Great work man, we finished 'em off. Okay, what's next, Alan?

Silence. Alan? Meltdown asked again.

Meltdown. Alan's voice suddenly came through. I need you to head over to SciLab net right away. We have a problem.

Problem?! Turning back to Validus, Meltdown extended his hand. Sorry to leave you like this, but it seems my operator needs my help with something. Bust again another time?

Running to the Sharo portal, Meltdown's data disarranged itself, ready to head to NetSquare, with SciLab as his destination.

Zenny: 2200 => 2560
Validus FXP: 0 => 3

Validus grunted in pain, but pulled the projectile out of his body. "Argh, that hurt like a cast iron bitch."

"Well, the viruses are dealt with, so I don't think you'll be hit with anymore needles." Tsujsa said, shrugging. Validus ignored Tsujsa's comment and turned to Meltdown. "I see... well, take care of yourself." The navi said as he accepted Meltdown's hand, shaking it firmly, before the other navi disappeared in a flash as he jacked out.

"It's just as well. She should be arriving here any minute."
"She? Who?"
"Remember when I said I had something to do? My cousin's arriving."
"What? You never told me any of this!
"Doesn't matter. Come on, let's go pick her up."

[Jack Out]